Orgasm Evolution

Well, MY orgasm evolution, anyway.  I was not going to post this, but about two weeks ago I was trying to describe to Master how my orgasms are changing over time, and he told me he thought I should write a blog post about it.  Here it is!

It seems that, lately, the sorts of things which bring me to orgasm as well as the way in which my body responds to orgasm is changing.  I still remember the first time I “discovered” my vagina for the first time.  To be honest, I never really paid a whole lot of attention to it until I was about ten or twelve.  I remember feeling down there one night and noticing it was wet, and after a little bit of “exploring” all I remember thinking was:

“Holy shit, what was that, let’s do that again WTFBBQ?!”

My first orgasms were very simple.  I never used to put anything inside my cunt.  The only thing I did was rub my clit. No toys at all, including vibrators, until I turned about fourteen or fifteen.  Orgasms definitely felt good then.  They were very “local” orgasms which seemed to stay in my clitoris.  I would masturbate sometimes up to fifteen times per day, because it just felt so good.  Though admittedly the more orgasms I had the longer they would take to achieve. 

My orgasms didn’t change a whole lot when I got my first boyfriend.  He would put his penis inside of me, but I didn’t really get a lot of pleasure out of the act of penetration.  I enjoyed having my uterus pounded, but nothing else really felt “special” about penetration.  The orgasms were, again, pretty local in themselves even though I was very turned on.  He also was the first person to pinch my nipples, and I honestly was reeling for days from that.  I had no idea whether to ask him to do it again!  It felt good but I was ashamed to admit it.  I think this was my first experience with pain play.  Mild though it was.

Nothing substantial happened after that until I dated my first serious girlfriend.  I remember being very jealous of her, because she came in a completely different way that me.  She would never rub her clitoris and instead she was able to cum entirely from penetration.  I wanted really badly to know what that kind of orgasm felt like.  She also had something called a “g-spot” which I didn’t understand, but I knew she liked it when I pounded it with toys.  The first time I ever experienced g-spot play was with her, and I remember being completely shocked by it.  She would finger me, and I remember thinking:

“OMG!  What the fuck is this?!  This is AWESOME.” 

But having no way to convey that to her, because I was very quiet and shy in the bedroom at that point.  I also did not know what she was doing to me was playing with my g-spot until much later.  I didn’t know how to describe it, but the feel of her fingers against my g-spot felt completely rapturous in a way in which clitoral play was not.  Yet, I could not orgasm from it alone, and still needed my clitoris played with.  Aside from my g-spot and having my cervix pounded, penetration itself still did not feel particularly wonderful or great at this point.  I still needed my clit played with at least a little bit to get off.

Side NoteMy first serious girlfriend was also the first experience I’ve ever had with squirting.  I felt like a freak for doing it then too.  I was talking with Master about it last night, and we think we figured out the reason why I feel this way.  It’s actually not that complex, and there’s nothing anyone can say to me most likely to make me feel better about it.  Basically, while I know there are lots of women out there who can squirt, I’ve never played with any.  I think it all boils down to being in the bedroom and having my body feel like it is vastly different to other girls I’ve played or am playing with.  I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb, which is not something I want.  Not in the bedroom, anyway.

Things changed a bit later, when I met Master.  He was big on fingering, so I got a lot of it.  One night when I went to visit him, he had a present for me.  I was totally shocked but it was a book about how to find your g-spot, and a small g-spot toy, with a curve on the end.  I was in for it for sure!  We spent all night experimenting with my g-spot, and I had a lot of fun.  This was the first time that we really heavily incorporated g-spot play into our sessions.  Master would play with my g-spot a lot, and I would get really wet and horny, turned on, etc but you could do it for hours and I wouldn’t cum from it. 

Things stayed the same for me as far as my orgasms went until the past year.  It all started just before Valentine’s Day when Master got me my first Hitachi.  At that point, we didn’t have the Hitachi controller, so I had to just do my best using it on the “LO” setting.  It took me a long time to learn how to use it, but the orgasms I got from it were INTENSE.  When I say intense, I mean that they were entirely different from any orgasm I’ve ever received prior.  What would happen to me is that my whole vagina felt like it was “lit up”, my whole body would jerk in very violent ways (compared with any other type of orgasm I’ve ever received).  Also, my orgasms would last about ten times longer than normal, and the only reason I would have to stop them is that they would get too intense to handle anymore.

About a month after that happened, I started reviewing sex toys.  I started getting dildos, which were something I was never really interested in previously.  The more I used them though, the more something else started to happen to me:  my cunt began to get excited in different ways.  It is hard to describe, but the inside of my cunt felt the same way that my clitoris feels when I rub it.  It was an amazing feeling, and I use vibrators a lot less now.

About a month and a half ago, I noticed a very drastic change with the way my Hitachi orgasms feel.  I now have the Hitachi controller, so I can change the amount of power at any given moment without all the way too strong vibrations.  It’s very hard to explain but  I’ve noticed now that when I’m about to cum, I feel a warm sensation reaching down my legs and back up again.  At the same time, my lower abs contract hard and I get those same very violent convulsions I mentioned earlier. 

It’s so strange to me, how a few toys change the way I can orgasm.  I’ve still not had a g-spot orgasm (but I’m getting close!) nor have I had an anal orgasm (but it still feels amazing and enhances my vaginal orgasms.)  That’s how they’ve changed over time so far, I wonder if they will change even further later.

Sweet juicy pain.

5 thoughts on “Orgasm Evolution

  1. My orgasms have changed too; though it happened due to my surgery and so I’m missing parts of my cervix and thus have a different shape and size in my vagina.

    What I’m working on right now, orgasm wise, is to allow my orgasms to last longer. I’m super, super easy to get off so I can orgasm within seconds, literally. As such my vagina can get worn out really quickly and easily.

    I can last for a long, long time, so long as it’s done right. So I’m working on ways to angle my hips, breathing exercises, etc to help me last longer ^^

    1. @Jessica Elizabeth *Hugs to you!* I’ve read a lot about your surgeries, and I’m sure that’s really hard. That’s cool that you’re working on lasting longer, some days I feel like I could use the opposite training. 😉

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