Good Kitteh

I’ve been sick for a few days now, as I had another cyst decide to rupture.  I’ve been a very good kitty about it though and have been doing a lot of resting and working on the site instead of being mopey and depressed.  Because I was so good, Master Pravus took me to the store yesterday and let me get anything I wanted for dinner.  I had the choice of *anything* in the store.  I chose: shell pasta with meatballs and a baguette (since spaghetti is my favorite food!).

pasta shells

I am such a cheap date.  >.<

Since I can’t have sex for a few more days, I’ve been trying to be a good kitty and not focus on the negative.  Having no sex right now is killing me, but at least I can practise my oral skills on Master Pravus.  I think I’d go NUTS if we couldn’t be intimate in some way.

In other news, my Dad was in a minor car accident two days ago.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, but since he can’t talk it is making things really hard on my Mom getting things together for a police report.  I don’t envy her position.  I’ve been not calling my Mother on purpose lately and waiting for her to call me.  She chastises me for not calling, but at least she’s in a better mood when she calls.  I’m still trying to decide what to do with her (whether or not to cut myself off).  I’ll see.

We had a pretty mild snow storm come in last night.  The only thing which was intense about it was the cold air.  The house has yet to warm up properly, and there is even a thick layer of ice on our windows.  >.<  The crazy thing about Colorado though is that it’ll be 50 degrees in another couple of days.  Today though, I’m huddled under sheets and I think I’ll probably chill with the xbox and relax.

12 thoughts on “Good Kitteh

  1. We get that but we live in a metal box that’s older than i am. Still, Brrr.

    *mega hugs* about the cysts. Congrats on doing a good job distracting yourself. I *so* wish I could get to the xbox on my bad days.

    *mega hugs* about the parent stuff too.

  2. So sorry you haven’t been feeling well and glad your dad’s okay and only a bit banged up. Sorry I haven’t been around much either; I’ve gotten sick too, plus work being nuts, just been so exhausted.


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