Redi? Seti? Go!

Dammit, Apple Pig! Get back here and gimme back my Seti Toyfriend!

Ugh, sorry about that everyone.  Apple Pig seems to think that my Seti Toyfriend is his new satellite dish for his ship.  I keep telling him it isn’t, but he will insist on continuing to steal it from me at every opportunity.  ::le sigh::  After trying the Coney Toyfriend, I could not resist the chance to try the Seti, when the wonderful woman-friendly people at Babeland gave me the chance.

I’ve got a lot of things which I like about this toy, but really, this toy isn’t designed to work too well for me for solo play.  Overall, this wound up being a better toy for Master than me.  We’ll get to that later though.  First things first!  This toyfriend is an external toy only, it was simply not designed for internal stimulation.  (Plus, I think that the “point” would just plain hurt inside!).  The toyfriend is made from a very smooth silicone, and luckily doesn’t collect much hair or dust.  If some hair happens to get on it, it brushes away quite easily due to the smoothness of the finish.  It also takes two AAA batteries, which come with it!  The length of the handle is about 5″, and the neck of the toy is about an inch long but very flexible.  You can easily bend it this way or that.  The satellite dish itself is about an inch and a half wide at it’s widest part, and is shaped more like an oval than a circle.  The “point” in the satellite dish part of the toy is about a half inch long, and PERFECT for pinpoint stimulation.  You can only use water based lube with this toy, because silicone lubes will degrade its finish.  Oh, and did I mention that this toy is waterproof?  Because, like all toyfriends, it is.

Close up of Seti Toyfriend, sorry it is a bit blurry, the finish doesn’t show up very well with my cam.

In order to turn the Toyfriend on, just push the bottom button.  You can cycle through its many patterns by continuing to press the bottom button.  Press and hold the bottom button down, and your toy will turn off.

As you can see in the above pic, the Seti Toyfriend also comes with a small plastic base, just like the Coney Toyfriend.  This is seriously one of my favorite parts about the toy hands down.  It is just so wonderful to be able to store this on the bedside table by the bed, or on the bathroom counter without worry that it’ll bump into other silicone toys.  Plus, standing up it takes up less space.

Seti Toyfriend on its side

In use, this toy had mixed personal reviews.   Before receiving the Seti Toyfriend, I wasn’t entirely sure how soft that pointy bit in the middle of the dish was going to be.  It’s definitely got a “hard” texture, and if you’re the type of person who enjoys pin-point stimulation, you will LOVE this.  Unfortunately, I’m not much for pin-point stimulation, but the toy has decently strong vibrations, and I do enjoy putting the side of the satellite dish on my clit.  It feels great, especially underwater.  I do wish that the satellite dish was more round than oval though, because it would get more of the labia with its amazing vibrations, and feel great.

Since this toy is kind of a hit and miss toy in use for someone who doesn’t like pinpoint stimulation I decided to see if there was anything I could do to make this toy work for Master.  The “nook” where the neck of the toy is looked like the perfect spot to nestle a penis right in.  Master and me worked with the toy a bit, and this is what we came up with:

Penis Trick! 🙂

The neck of the toyfriend is pretty flexible, so it can expand to “hug” pretty much any size cock.  What I like to do, is keep the toy at the bottom of his cock and then use my mouth on the rest.  He LOVES this!  I’d never really thought to use a vibrator during oral sex, but this toy works wonderfully for that.

We had a lot of fun exploring this new toy, and finding different uses for it.  I’m going to give it 4 paws:

Thank you Babeland, for allowing me to try out this great toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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