Dream Come True!

In pajamas, with my xbox controller, and with my penis gag in.

Yesterday, a package arrived for me, from (AFF) Eden Fantasys.  You see, I’ve been dying to try a penis gag for a long time.  Its just always been a fantasy of mine.  Seeing as how I’ve got a pretty big kink for being gagged, the thought of being (AFF) gagged with a penis sounded hot to me.  I had no idea though just how much it would excite Master too!

I took it out of the package, and his face lit up.  He wanted to put it right in my mouth, but I had to go wash it first! *Laughs*  I washed it and went right back to him, and he put it in me.  I was surprised by just how big and strange it felt in my mouth. It’s so big that it blocks my airway partially!  I liked it though.  Master told me to go sit down in my kitty bed and play Xbox while he finished up dinner. (I had started it, but he likes to cook and wanted to finish).  I went to my kitty bed and settled in.

Right now, we can’t have sex (see last post if you want to know why) so this was a bit of a tease to me.  Gags turn me on, but I like it when Master plays with me even if he denies me an orgasm or if I can’t get off for whatever reason (like right now!).  I really enjoy the feeling of just being aroused and turned on.  It doesn’t always need to lead to an “O” for me.  And I love mixing kinky elements of our lives with simpler or mundane ones (such as, wearing (AFF) nipple clamps or bells while I do laundry, or a penis gag while I get to play xbox). 

Every time Master looked over at me: mouth crammed full of silicone cock, wearing one of his shirts as a nightie, playing oblivion, utterly unable to communicate – he smiled.  Beneath my gag, so did I – though you couldn’t see.

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