Tilted Kilt

Yesterday we had plans to meet up with someone for lunch.  I’m not sure whether or not I should reveal her identity, so I’ll just call her M for now, and if she decides to reveal herself, she is welcome to. 🙂

We left the house around noon, and were headed for a place called The Tilted Kilt.  We got there early, so Master and me wandered around the surrounding area, and he took this picture of me by a fountain.

Kitty, in the snow, by the fountain.

I thought it would be fun to wear my school girl skirt, since all the waitresses were wearing red plaid skirts.  Once I got there, I felt a bit silly.  Why would you wear the uniform of the waitresses?  Still, Master and M thought the skirt was cute, so I guess that is a major win right there. 🙂

We’d never been to the Tilted Kilt before but basically, it is a restaurant with a Scottish Theme.  The women and men who work there all wear sexy kilts, and the women wear a tiny little bra top with a shrug.  Think Hooters, but just in a different theme.  We figured that, worst case scenario, if things didn’t go well with M we’d at least have eye candy to oggle.  Luckily for us things did go well with M, and the eye candy was a happy bonus!

We all had a lot of fun just chatting, and at one point Master and M went in the men’s bathroom of the restaurant.  (I had wondered why he packed a set of latex gloves.  Wait.  No I didn’t.  I knew why he was packing a set of gloves.  He he he).  I wasn’t there, so I don’t know all the details, but I know there was a definite “inspection”.  Both parties had a good time.  Yay!

At one point both Master and M got pictures of me eating the orange slice from my drink.  I’ve got no idea why, but they said it was sexy.  Really?  Honestly, I don’t see it – but considering the pictures I share normally, I suppose I can share pictures of me eating an orange, eh?

Orange eating picture 1. See? Not sexy.
Smiling and giggling, but not too sexy here either.
If this picture gives you a boner, you're a complete freak. 😉

Don’t misunderstand – I do think I’m sexy.  Just, not when eating. 😉

While we were hanging out in the restaurant a storm was a-brewin’ outside.  It kept going back and fourth between super snowy and lighter snow.  I think around 3:30 (three and a half hours after we had sat down to begin with!) we decided we should get going, while there was a break in the snow.  Master and me still had some errands to do, and we didn’t really want to be out in a storm.  We gave M a hug goodbye and headed out, but we can’t wait to have her over and hang out sometime.

We decided to go to the grocery store, and on the way there Master had me lay my chair back so he could rub my clit while we drove around in the car.  I’ll admit I got a bit nervous!  There we were, in the car, and anyone with a car up higher than ours who drove next to us wouldn’t have a hard time seeing his hand rubbing my clit, with my skirt around my tummy (pulled up out of Master’s way).  I was a little bit too nervous to have an orgasm, but the rubbing felt great nonetheless, and the fear of getting caught was also a big turn on to me.  I don’t think anyone saw us, but whenever we were stopped at a light and a car pulled up next to us, I was terrified! 🙂 

While we were at the store, we found a couple of fun things in the discount bin.  One of them was some plain blue plastic clips.  When we got home, Master closed the curtains and had me undress, and then started putting those blue clips all over me.  He had to get a picture (You know how Masters are.  Wait.  Maybe you don’t.  Well trust me, they like taking pictures. 😉

I thought he was getting my face in the picture too. Apparently not. Those silly Masters. 😉

We had a lot of fun later on too, when Master set up my old massage table, and then fucked me silly while I was bent over the side of it. 

My life?  It does not suck. <3

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