Soft Blindfold

Soft Blindfold

Our favorite blindfold isn’t going to last much longer (but, seven years was a pretty good run!) and Master Pravus and me have been on the lookout for the perfect one.  This, unfortunately, is not it.  There was so much wrong with the Soft Blindfold and so little to like that I highly doubt this will be coming out of our toy bag any day soon.



When it arrived I was excited, because it looked so soft and nice right out of the package.  The packaging itself is a thin cardboard box with a woman on the front who is wearing the blindfold.  Not exactly discreet, but it is recyclable and will work just fine if you wanted to store your blindfold in it.  Though, it would definitely store easier in a drawer.

When I first put this on, I noticed that it felt a little bit tight.  I don’t see myself as having a “large” head (most blindfolds fit me just fine, or a bit on the loose side) yet, the elastic isn’t as stretchy as it looks and it puts undue pressure on my eyes to wear this.  Unstretched the blindfold measures about 9″ wide (including straps).  It will comfortably stretch about another three inches.

The blindfold itself is not lined, and because of this light gets through it easily so that you can see what your partner is doing.  Advanced users will not like this.  A nervous beginner might find it comforting that they can peek through the blindfold a bit though.  The blindfold comes in pink and black, and is made of a fuzzy material similar to velvet but much sturdier.  It is soft, yet stiffer than velvet would be.

One thing I do like about this blindfold is that it has long patches where the eyes are, so that it misses the nose and comes up pretty high on the forehead and cheeks.  This is a great design, because it makes it impossible to look “under” the blindfold, if there weren’t so many other things about this that I didn’t like.

Overall, this blindfold is really not ideal for any type of play, and unless you’re a nervous beginner you’ll probably want to check out one of the many other blindfolds at GoodVibes.  2 Paws:


Thank you so much, GoodVibes, for allowing me the chance to try out this blindfold in exchange for an honest and fair review. 🙂

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  1. I came across a neat looking sleep shade/blindfold while looking for filtration masks for my Master.
    I don’t know if this would work for you but I thought I’d mention it

    Before I got my CPAP or when I was using nasal pillows I also liked the sleep mask that Bed Buddy makes. Not sure it is a good choice for contact lens wearer tho. I got mine at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

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