Whinge Monster

Master asked me to take a picture of myself in pigtails licking my own nipples today. So that this is not an entirely whingey post, and also because he told me I could post it - here it is for you to see as well. Oh, and yes - my web cam is insanely better quality than my hand-held cam. Go fig.

I’ve got a couple of gripes that I want to get off my chest (my chest is big enough on its own.  See: proof via the above picture), and what better way to do it than publicly?  The first thing which is really really bothering me lately, is the heat system they put in place here.  It’s ridiculous.  Our heat works fine unless it is negative degrees outside, and then it can’t catch up.  However, even when the heat does work, as long as the heat is running, there is no hot water.  Considering we live in Colorado, which can get pretty darned cold this is ridiculous to me.  We absolutely love living in this complex, except for the very bad heat system.  Master and me were talking last night and we have to stay here until November at least (because that is how long our contract is for), but in the meantime we’re going to shop around to possibly find a place to move.  The heat problem is just a real issue in the winter, and while I don’t relish the idea of moving again – I would rather that than to be stuck in a place without decent heat.  Grr.

The other thing which is bothering me is this: I’m a great friend.  I’m the type of friend you could call at midnight if you had an emergency, and I would be at your house with cocoa and bells on as soon as I could to help you out.  Assuming you needed cocoa and bells.  Who doesn’t need cocoa and bells?

A few months after we first moved here, we met a really cool nameless person who we hung out with a few times.  This person had us over for a total of three, maybe four times, and we all would have fun and just relax and hang.  Of course, me being the loyal friend that I am, the first time that this person asked me for a favor, I did it gladly.  I don’t mind doing favors for others, and I do not need reciprocation, though that is always welcome when I (inevitably) need help with something eventually.  The problem is, we’ve known this person for about nine months now, and every single time since that first time they asked us for a favor that is all they want from us.  This person never calls to hang out, they won’t hang out if invited – and they only contact us to get us to do or buy them something.

This “friendship” has gone from friendship to “using” and it hasn’t taken a whole lot of time to do it.  The problem is, after not hearing a peep from said person in a few months we got a phone call last night.  This person wants yet another favor this weekend.  If it were up to me, I would ignore that request so fast said person’s head would spin.  It is just so rotten that someone would try to take advantage of us in this way constantly.  The worst part is, I’m not even sure she realizes she’s doing something wrong here. It’s just really obnoxious to me, that the nicer you are, the more advantage people try to take.  And you know what’s even more frustrating?  The fact that there are people out there who assume that if you do something nice for them once, then you are now a “giving tree” who is there only for their “use”.  Sorry.  You’re not my Master, (who has freedom to “use” me for anything he wishes!) and you’re not using ME anymore. GRRR.  >.<

6 thoughts on “Whinge Monster

  1. Boy do I know that feeling, kitty. I’ve a few friends here that are really starting to get to me, always taking, never giving, and acting oblivous about the whole thing. Hope things work out for you *hug*

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