Domesti-kitty, Tape Gags, and Cereal

I don’t get to make new recipes all the time, but yesterday I made one from my Veganomicon.  It was basically a potato and spinach soup with a potato crouton which was baked, and then lightly fried once I “battered” it with cornmeal.  I really liked it (which is good, because there are a ton of leftovers), unfortunately, though Master Pravus was eager to try it – it wasn’t his thing.  He had peas, and the rest of the potato croutons.  He did like the croutons, at least.  We came to the conclusion, that I can make this for myself if I’d like, but I won’t serve it to him again.  It’ll make good lunches for me, anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the same food vein, a few weeks ago Master Pravus let me pick out any one cereal that I wanted.  I don’t eat cereal very often, but I do like it from time to time.  I picked out a box of Kix, and, being a silly kitty – this is what I did to the box once I got home.

I was going to post a picture at the time, but I didn’t for some reason.  I had cereal this morning, and I just couldn’t resist.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night we realized that it had been over two years since I’d filled out a BDSM checklist.  For a while, we were doing them once every six months.  Feelings on activities change, and so do curiosities and interests.  For example, my last list had anal sex down as something I was not interested in!  Amazing how things change!  I did have anal plugs and toys down as things I liked, but it was just funny to me how anal sex was a “Don’t want to do, but will if asked” thing.  Anyway, Master Pravus was filling in a list for himself, when he realized that he had not tried tape gags.  (Giving).  We’re all out of regular tape, but he decided to tape gag my mouth with bondage tape.

And there I was, tape-gagged and filling in my bondage checklist.  I had to smile to myself (though it is hard to see beneath the gag!).  I adore my life, and everything in it.  From the mundane, to the kinky.  Everything we do has an air of “fetish” in it.  Everything we do, Master Pravus adds a bit of “kink” into the mix.  It doesn’t matter if I’m doing laundry with a clit clamp bell, or making dinner while chained to the stove.  I just adore being owned.  Being loved.  Belonging. <3

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