Masterofslavej and jenpet (Act 2)

Step One: Become maids.

Usual Disclaimer: This post is written with much more detail than my scenes usually are because we got over 500 photos, and hours of video.  Most of my sexcapades are not written with this much detail because when I go into sub space I loose track quickly.  Please don’t expect posts like this often. 🙂  On with the fun!

Well, lucky kitty that I am, Master and me hadMasterofslavej and his lovely slave jenpet come visit again!  They arrived earlier than expected, and Masterand me were both more than happy to let them in. 😉  As always if you would like to see the pics with jenpet or Masterofslavej in them (and there are some HOT ones!) please check out my fetlife profile.  My username there is Faete. 

Once they were there we all embraced each other, and things quickly progressed into something quite kinky quite quickly.  Master and me had prepped the house a little bit, so there were toys out in strategic places, as well as all the cameras we could muster.  I was actually a little bit surprised by things turning kinky so quickly (but not in a bad way at all).  Master had made dinner, and for some reason I had the notion in my head that we were all going to sit down and eat first.  I’m kind of glad we didn’t.  It was definitely more fun this way.

Kitty In Chains, Using The Litter Box.

After we were all done with the meet and greet, I ran over to Master and whispered to him to ask if I could give jenpet her present.  He told me I had to ask Masterofslavej.  I did, and Masterofslavej said it was OK.  I got all excited, and got jenpet’s pressie for her.  It was a pink corset with bows on it.  My own is on its way here now (my size was out of stock when I ordered jenpet’s).  She was very happy, and so was Masterofslavej.  The plan is for us to have matching corsets for the next time they visit.  Matching slave girls are just so cute.  (For further proof, check out my fetlife pictures! 🙂

Good kitties drink from a dish on the floor, you know.

After I gave jenpet her present, I was told to undress jenpet and to dress her in her maid outfit.  I did so (happily!), and then she was told to undress me and put me in my maid outfit.  It was definitely kind of awesome that we had the same maid dress.  The only difference was that jenpet’s dress had a red bow in the front and mine had a black bow.  Afterwards, Master told me and jenpet to go into the kitchen and serve dinner.  I decided to scoop dinner into bowls and jenpet brought the bowls to the men.  I had actually started scooping bowls for jenpet and myself, and Master told me we weren’t allowed to eat yet and I’d better come and kneel in front of them. 

jenpet and me went back to kneel in front of the men.  I knelt in front of Masterofslavej, and jenpet knelt in front of Master.  We all talked fairly freely (but still, respectfully) while the men ate dinner.  I tried very hard to keep my eyes gazed downwards while I was kneeling there.  (I am not allowed to look up while I am kneeling), so I have no idea what jenpet and Master were doing.  Masterofslavej kept teasing me with his feet while I knelt there.

Then, we were allowed to eat.  I wasn’t actually hungry since I’d eaten a very late lunch, so I was permitted to have a bowl of water while jenpet ate.

His name is Andrew.

After dinner, I was given a wonderful chance!  Both our Masters has conspired ahead of time for me to fuck jenpet with my strapon.  I’d never ever used my strap on with anyone else before.  I bought it a long time ago, and unfortunately have only had the opportunity to use it in my chat room.  Yes, I’ve been with other women before, but it seems like we’ve always just used hands and tongues, or vibrators. 

I do not know how to describe the intense feeling that I got when I was fucking her.  It was just amazing.  Since I’ve never used a strap on before, I had nothing to compare it to.  There was this moment, when I’d lubed up the cock, and her cunt swallowed the head of it.  I felt like she was sucking me inside her.  It was a very intense feeling for me.  I know I looked both my Master and Masterofslavej in the eye and yelled “Wow!  That’s incredible!”  Masterofslavej looked at me and grinned like he’d swallowed a canary and said “It’s even better when the dick is attached to you!”  Sadly, I’ll never be able to experience that.  But this was something altogether different and amazing to me.  I was terrified I was hurting her (which is why I’d make a bad man, I think!) but she seemed to enjoy it.

After a bit Master had me sit on the couch and had jenpet mount me.  I felt so bad for her!  While it was incredibly fun to play with her tits in my face, the dildo we put in the strap on was my largest.  I personally have a Hell of a time just getting it inside of me, and usually I need a whole of a lot of warm-up prior and tons of stimulation during to make it more comfortable.  The look of pain on her face made me feel terrible, but it was not up to me to let her get up and off.  In the meantime, I tried to console myself with her huge boobies.  It wasn’t too hard.  After a couple of minutes, they allowed the poor girl a reprieve and she jumped off my dick. 

While she was in the bathroom cleaning up, I decided to have a bit of water.  Neither Master nor Masterofslavej would give me permission to remove my cock, so I had to kneel on the ground with it still on to drink.

Those mean men wouldn't let me take my dick off, but Hell.. It looks kind of hot while I drink doesn't it.

While I was down there drinking, my neck had a very sharp muscle spasm that pulled it directly to the left to my shoulder, leaving me yelping and near tears.  Master came over and helped by pressing into the muscle directly, and after a few very long minutes it gave way and relaxed.  After that, Master and Masterofslavej decided it might not be a bad plan to go down to the hot tub.  jenpet has a bad shoulder, and who doesn’t like a soak in the warm water, anyway?

Master and me in the hot tub.

We all got our suits on, and then Master had me hold the door open and start leading Masterofslavej and jenpet down to the hot tub.  We started walking, and Master quickly caught up and he held my wrist as we walked down.  We got to the hot tub and everyone piled in.  At first jenpet and me each stayed with our own Masters, and then pool mingling began.  I kissed jenpet a few times, Masterofslavej pulled me to him, and my Master pulled jenpet towards him.  From this moment on, things began to feel really fuzzy to me.  I started to slowly drift to sub space, and it was hard for me to keep rooted in the here and now.  I do remember one thing (with a bit of a smile!) Masterofslavej gave me lots of deep neck bites in the hot tub, right over the muscle which spasmed so hard at home, and you know what?  Maybe there is something to that, because my neck has been in great shape since then.  No muscle spasms. 😉

After some very intense play (and I am unsure how many orgasms I had in the hot tub.  3, 4?) we got our towels back on and headed to the apartment once again.  This time, jenpet was on Master’s arm and Masterofslavej had his arm around me.  We all seemed to walk much slower back to the apartment than we did to get to the hot tub!

Once we were back in the house, I know some of the things which happened, but not the order.  At all.  The rest of this post will be a bit scrambly.  I had an awful lot of my cherries broken though, so there is plenty to talk about!  🙂  We had the house set up a bit differently this time, and Master wound up taking jenpet away for most of the night and using her on the massage table.  (Massage tables make great torture tables, don’t you know!)

Back when we were in the hot tub, Masterofslavej had whipered in my ear about how he was planning on testing me that night.  And then, there was so much hot tub fun that the thought had completely slipped my mind until well after he went home.  Here is hoping I passed.  I do not remember which order things came in, but, one of the things we did was to have him bring out all of his beating implements, and he tested each of them on my ass.  He had me on all fours and would show me each implement and have me kiss them before I got beaten with them.  He also used each implement on me until I cried.  It was very, very intense for me.  Very difficult, but also very pleasurable.  My cunt was so wet and excited.

Tears. Masterofslavej caught these on camera, as they happened.

While he was testing his implements on my ass, he actually broke the handle of his ping pong paddle!  It was an old paddle, but kind of funny at the time.  I had to chuckle a bit to myself.  At one point, Master and jenpet went out to 7/11 to get some energy drinks, and me and Masterofslavej were left alone.  That’s when he decided to put chains on me.  I had never ever been bound with chains before (although I do have a permanent steel collar), and I was looking forward to it.

All chained up and nowhere to go!

The chains felt really good.  In fact, before he put the bottom chains on, I think we put one of my anal plugs in.  You know what?  I don’t remember the order.  But at one point, an ass plug went in and was secured there with locks.  It felt so amazing.  The chains were tight, they restricted my movement quite a bit, yet I was able to carefully crawl around.  Standing was impossible, and so was drinking water, until Masterofslavej released part of the chains to let me drink.  They felt like an unforgiving delicious hug.  I really, really, really loved it.  The feel of the chains as they rubbed back and fourth on my clit as I crawled?  Delicious.  The noise of the chains as I moved around?  Amazing.  <3  Happy kitty.  As you can see in the pictures, the chains were padlocked on.  I was entirely helpless and unable to get out without someone else’s help.  So very hot.

A better view of the chains themselves, with padlocks.

The chains came off, I’m not sure exactly when, and the marks they made were very pretty!

The marks the top chains made, when removed. Actually, just a few moments ago we noticed a dark blue bruise in my upper left shoulder where the bruises were sitting. Something to remember the chains by. <3

At that point, I believe we started working with the sisal rope.  We had a bit of a fail here, but I think it was just bad luck, really.  The sisal rope itself felt great.  I found it to be almost more restricting than the chains were.  Masterofslavej went to work securing my breasts in it, and all was fine – but when we went to secure my arms behind my back, I started to lose sensation in my tits.  It was unfortunate, and we wound up taking the ropes off.  I hope we get to try again another time.  I really liked the scratchiness of the sisal, and the fact that when I breathed it would not yield.  It was very sexy and very much a turn on.  Masterofslavej thinks it just wasn’t a good tie for my body at that point, because the sisal is a lot less adjustable than most ropes. 

I do not know what was next.  I do remember that later in the evening, I had yet another very intense experience with Masterofslavej.  He had bound my whole body with leather straps, with my arms bound across my chest.  I couldn’t move anything really.  I don’t believe I’ve ever been bound so thoroughly, and I could feel my cunt dripping before anything really happened.  Then, he asked Master for a favorite vibrator of mine.  Master’s eyes lit up and he ran to get Celia, my little seal vibe.  Damn I love that thing.

Masterofslavej's skillful work on my ass. 🙂

Masterofslavej held Celia, and put her down on top of my clitoris.  He teased me with it until I asked him for permission to cum, then he denied me orgasm again and again, and watched the clock.  He decided to make me wait eleven minutes for my orgasm, and made me ride the edge.  It was an amazing ride.  Amazing.  When I finally was allowed to cum, I came longer than I think I ever had.  The length of my orgasm would rival my Hitachi orgasms for sure.  I even pulled a couple of muscles.   I don’t know how long I laid there after the belts were removed, but it seemed like a long time.  A long, amazing time.  Fuck yes.  Fuck yes.

I think after that, Masterofslavej and me went to take a shower.  When we were through showering, Master brushed my hair while jenpet and her Master snuggled up a bit.  It was clear by this point that we were all quite tired, and so jenpet, me, and Apple Pig were permitted to snuggle up in the middle of the room with a blanket.  (This time, we got a full sized blanket!  Yay!)  The men played video games, and before me and jenpet knew it, we were out like a light.  Master woke me up at 4AM, and put me in the bed.  I really did not want to leave my spot on the floor with jenpet though. <3

I actually managed to fall asleep much faster this time around, and I awoke the following morning to the sound of the fur lined paddle.  I crawled into the front room, and saw that I was correct about the paddle.  I said good morning to everyone, and then I started making breakfast.  I knew that was what Master wanted me to do, as he had told me to earlier, and I didn’t need to be asked.  I made everyone scrambled eggs and bacon, and juice and toast.  They all really seemed to enjoy it.  🙂  I had more Kix.  It’s funny, later Master confessed that he felt bad that I spent so much time cooking and then I only had cereal.  I’m not a huge bacon and egg person though.  I was content.

Unfortunately for poor jenpet, as I started to cook the bacon, Masterofslavej decided he was not going to let jenpet cum until the  bacon was done.  Also unfortunately for jenpet, neither her nor her Master knew that I cook bacon on low (it comes out better that way).  Poor jenpet had to ride the edge for (I think) 45 minutes before she was allowed to cum.  Everyone thought that jenpet was the one being tortured the most through this time.  I disagree.  I think I was being tortured the most, because I had to watch from the kitchen and not be able to play with jenpet while she was being teased!  *Smiles*  The men were nice to me and let me come kiss jenpet now and then in between cooking the bacon.  How good of them. <3  Watching jenpet cum after all the waiting she had to do was so hot.  She came so hard and for so long.  What a beautiful girl, and I am glad I could watch the experience.

While we were eating breakfast, Masterofslavej let me look through one of his sketch books.  He is really very talented, and it didn’t hurt that most of the pictures were kinky in nature.  🙂  After breakfast, I offered to show Masterofslavej my pony tack, since I had told him ahead of time that I would show him.  He did want to see it.  I brought it out, and he seemed to like it.  Before I knew it, I was wearing my harness, but no other gear – and we didn’t do any actual pony play.

Pony harness 🙂

After a little bit, Master and jenpet went to take a shower, and Masterofslavej removed my harness.  He leaned with his back against the couch, and with me in his lap, with my legs sitting quasi-indian-style.  He took out his white plastic spoon and slowly worked my inner thighs with it.  My head was just rolling backwards on his shoulder with the intense pleasure – and then he tookout (what I like to call) “the clackers”.  He started wailing on my thighs one at a time, taking me from fives in intensity to tens.  I know that I twitched a little bit (muscles contracting involuntarily from the harsh blow, as opposed to trying to get away from him), but in general I just felt absolutely like I was floating on cloud 9.  After a bit, he started punishing my already abraded nipples, and I was having a hard time with sitting still (abrasions are one type of pain I have difficulty with.  I hope to get better with time though!) but after a few minutes I began to relax into it more.  After a bit, he had me roll over and allowed me to ride his leg until I came, and when I did he held his hand over my mouth and pinched my nose shut.  It was absolutely amazing.  I do not know how to describe that feeling, but it was just so intense, and made everything feel so much more pleasurable.  At first I panicked, because I wasn’t expecting it.  But, something inside me told me to relax.  I knew I could not physically get away, and I also knew that as soon as he wanted me to breathe, he would let me.  Amazing.

Inner thigh bruises. They are very surface, but look so pretty, don't you think.

jenpet and Master got out of the shower, and jenpet got her tits fucked three?  Four times?  It was amazing to watch.   It felt so surreal to be watching my Master tit fuck this beautiful girl while Masterofslavej and me were standing in each other’s arms and taking videos with our camera.  Compersion 101 people. 🙂 

I feel so lucky and happy right now at this stage in our relationship.  Master and me were talking the other day about how neither of us could ever have handled this type of relationship a couple of years ago.  Jealousy would have eaten away at us.  I would have been terrified that Master would want to run away with jenpet, and Master would have been terrified that I would want to run away with Masterofslavej.  I know without a doubt, that neither of us are worried at all.  We adore playing with our new play partners, but at the end of the day – we definitely love, want, and need each other.  Knowing that fact really has helped us to be able to explore our new found compersion kink.  It turns me on so much to see Master with jenpet, and Master tells me that seeing me play with Masterofslavej turns him on very much too.

One thing which I absolutely adore about our new play mates?  They never, ever turn our play into a competition.  In the past, I’ve been very turned off by play sessions turning into a “let’s see whoose slave is better” session.  I don’t want to be better or worse than anyone, least of all the beautiful jenpet.  I love that we are all seen as equals in this regard, and the emphasis is placed on the fun and enjoyment of everyone, rather than just who can do what better.  I am such a happy kitty that words do not even begin to describe it.  ::blissed out sigh::

After that last orgasm, I gave Masterofslavej a couple of long, slow hand jobs while jenpet’s tits were wrecked beyond oblivion.  Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  They were fucked quite intensely though.  We all took showers and slowly started getting dressed after that.  It was terrible to watch our lovely friends begin to pack, and I could feel myself begin to crash out of sub-space.  Not fun.  We all exchanged kisses and hugs and I think everyone is looking eagerly forward to the next visit.  Dear March, would you hurry up?  None of us want to wait.


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  1. I’m jelous of your harness lol I’ve wanted one for a while now because I love any type of bondage 🙂 But the harnesses we have looked at are a bit on the expensive side 🙁 One day I’ll have my harness 🙂 Maybe we can find some nice chains 🙂 Looks like you all had so much fun!

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