Bound and Wet

Waterproof suction cups restraints box.

When you are looking for adult toys, MyPleasure has got you covered.  They have so many different kinds of things, that sometimes I am shocked at the unique toys they have.  The Suction Handcuff Restraints by Sportsheets are one of those things which just looked so different to me, and with my love of bondage, I had to try them.

Usually when Master puts me in the tub or shower, he has me adhere to specific tub positions.  Now, with the suction handcuff restraints he doesn’t need to worry about me being able to get away.  (Not that I’d want to!)  They are very strong, if you use them right.  You’ll need a tile which is at least four inches by four inches.  Any smaller, and the grooves of the tiles will not allow the suction to work correctly.  Next (and this is the most important part!) make sure that you apply the cuffs before you put the shower or bathtub on.  What Master likes to do is to adjust the neoprene cuffs to fit my wrists, and then stick the suction cuffs to the wall.  If you get the tiles you want to secure your partner to wet, then the cuffs slide around and will not stick.

We also found another fun use of these.  You can use them like handcuffs.  All you need to do is apply the cuffs, and then stick the suction cups to each other.  This will give you a huge suction cup in the middle of your wrists, but aside from that, it really works quite well.  You won’t have to worry about getting these wet in the shower either, so it can be a fun way to experiment with cuffs in the shower.

A close up of the actual cuffs, on our shower walls.

 You also won’t find that your partner will be able to get out of these just by pulling on the cuffs themselves.  These are very sturdy, and once they are stuck (to a non wet surface!) they are actually quite secure.  We found that if I was going to be hanging my wrists from them (i.e. not using them as handcuffs), then it is best to make them slightly looser than normal so that my arms wouldn’t fall asleep.  Aside from that, these are really great little bathroom restraints, and will fit anyone with a 5″ wrist up to 10″ very comfortably.

Cleaning these can be a bit of a pain.  Since they are velcro, you’ll want to first make sure they are secured as though they are on a wrist (velcro touching itself).  The best thing to do, since you can’t remove the suction cups is to put these in the washer in a lingerie bag on delicate, and then allow them to hang dry.  It’s kind of a pain in the bum,  (They will clunk around like crazy!)  but it works very well.

If you are someone who is nervous about trying bondage, or just enjoys bondage but wants to be able to continue your play in the shower, these are great for you.  They are also wonderful for anyone who is vegan, or otherwise can’t or doesn’t want to play with leather.  Master and me really love these.  We are going to give them 4 paws:

Thank you so much,, for allowing me the chance to try these cuffs in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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  1. Wow I would not have expected these to be any good at all — my instincts told me the suction cups would never be secure. But now I’m thinking i might have to try them someday. Thanks!

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