Longest Weekend Ever

 This past weekend was total fail from almost every angle.  Thursday morning, we packed up our blu ray player to send it away for repairs.  We probably won’t be seeing it for six weeks or so. We can still watch DVDs in the xbox 360 though, so we figured we’d be fine.

Friday morning I woke up with my period.  Yes, again.  One of the perks of having cysts on my ovaries means that I have the least predictable cycle.  I decided not to whinge about it, and tried to get on with Friday.  That night we were able to play with the xbox, and we even had some sex in the bath tub.  (When I’m on my period, the only place Master Pravus will fuck me is either the shower or tub, since he’s not a fan of the sight of blood).  I was feeling pretty good about the whole night and went to sleep.

The following morning, we woke up, and the xbox wouldn’t work.  The DVD drive had been slowly going and it decided to pick Saturday to give up on us completely.  We ran all around town looking for the part we needed, and no one sold it – although we did find one store which repaired xboxes.  We dropped the xbox off, and went home.  A bit sadly.

Here was the situation: almost no sex since Master Pravus doesn’t fuck me as often (or on dry land) during my period, no xbox; which meant that we had nothing to play DVDs on, or our entire library of movies and tv shows that are stored in the xbox, and no blu rays.  Repeat: no sex, no xbox, no movies of any kind.  What kind of weekend was this going to turn into?

Normally, I’d probably get creative and work on my assignment in my sketch book that Master Pravus assigned me, but I couldn’t do that – because he accidentally spilled water all over my sketch book. 🙁  This left us with the Wii (which is pretty fun, but moreso in groups), and not much else.  Had I not been curled up in a ball for most of the weekend in pain we might have gone for a walk on the trails near our home, or a bunch of other fun outdoorsy activities, but we couldn’t.

I think the funny thing is, that if you take away our sex, video games, and movies, we both kind of stare at each other sadly and have no clue what to do with ourselves.  Normally we have sex, then relax with video games and movies until we’re ready for more sex.  Being unable to do that was… unnerving.  It also made me a bit sad.  I started having to get creative about what to do with myself.  I sat around and read a book.  I worked on my website a bit (which is something I normally do not do when Master Pravus is home, as I try to spend as much time with him as I can when he is here.  I snuggled with the piggies.  I napped.

Technology has become such a massive part of my life now, that I truly have no clue what to do without it.  I can deal with not having it – if we can fuck like bunnies, but if not we both just get depressed and unimaginative.  Is this a sign of the changing times?  Maybe we should turn off the electronics more often. 

Eventually, Master Pravus was able to hook up his computer to the T.V. so that we were able to watch movies, and play board games with each other.  (We love Monopoly!)  And I think things really started to improve.  Sometimes though, when I look at my situation, and take a step back – I am just amazed at how much the computer, xbox, and T.V. take over our lives.  Do we avoid social situations to sit at home and play video games?  No.  Still, I think this weekend made me realize how heavily we rely on the entertainment center.  (I already know how heavily I rely on sex to keep happy).

This morning we are still xboxless, but we’re supposed to be picking it up this afternoon.  We’re also going to watch Stargate Universe tonight, and then follow it up with a midnight trip to the local Game Stop so that we can get our copy of Dragon Age at midnight. 🙂  Awesome.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to it.  It’ll probably be a fairly dull week for us.

4 thoughts on “Longest Weekend Ever

  1. LOL We’re technophiles too 😛 Just without quite as fancy technology as y’all have ^^

    I just got my period last night. BBooooo!!!

  2. That’s really sad 🙁 *hugs* I watch a shed load of TV but still really enjoy doing other things like reading, writing, in the case of this weekend spring cleaning the house!
    You need to stock up on some good books, maybe you and Master could real allowed to each other so that it’s a joint experience? Or maybe tell each other a story that you make up as you go along? It could star a beautiful kitty girl and her handsome, but sometimes stubborn, Master!
    Orrrrr….you could craft something? Maybe grab some odds and sods from around the house and build something for Apple Pig to play in?
    I’ll wrack my brain for more suggestions!

    1. @Livi You’re so cool! I know. How completely lame is it that we were all alone without electronics, and couldn’t figure out what to do with ourselves? 🙂 I’m just glad that things are up and running now while Master is bed-bound. I think he’s be terribly bored without the xbox. >.<

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