Domesti-Kitty Rides Again!

Domesti-Kitty Sweeping Up 🙂

As many of you know, domestic servitude has never been a big thing for me.  Sure, I see reasons for doing dishes and making the bed and doing laundry and watering plants.  No one wants to live in a sty.  Well, I don’t anyway.  Generally I spend a lot of time in the “kitty cave“, and therefore the chores get put on the back burner.  Master and me work all day long, and then on the weekends I play catch up on everything.  This is the way he prefers it, and I don’t mind. 

Due to some various random fails, I’ve been caming a lot less lately.  Do not fear, fellow perverts.  I’ll be back to my normal full time cam schedule very soon, I’m sure.  This is more of a bunch of random and temporary “problems” jumping up.  Master and me do have a rule when I’m not caming though.  The first thing I complete is my Mewtique orders.  This goes without saying and happens even when I am caming.  After that, I must complete the household chores before I have any relaxation or downtime.  I understand this, and of course I adhere to his rules.

Since I’ve been spending the time off cam lately, I find myself doing all manner of other chores: laundry, dishes, even finding detail work to do like scrubbing the kitchen floor by hand, or looking up new recipes to try.  Sometimes I get a bug up my ass and wash the windows.  I dust.  I work on Master’s blanket. I vacuum.

I find that the more I do these things, the more fulfillment I am finding in them.  They are starting to feel far less like chores and far more satisfying.  No, I still don’t get wet ironing.  My nipples don’t get erect thinking of scrubbing the floors.  But my heart does feel more pleased each time Master comes home and sees that something he didn’t expect to be done (or even think of asking me to do himself) was done.  I enjoy making him smile when he realizes that no chores are piling up for the weekend.  We can both spend a lot more time on just being together, and our nights have been more relaxed.

I think sometimes that seeing the chores pile up after we were both done working made things more stressful.  Somehow seeing a pile of dishes would subconsciously affect our moods, and make us each a bit depressed.  Nothing serious, but more that – after all the work we both did neither of us wanted to think of what still needed doing.  I think that being a domesti-kitty has more rewards than I thought it did, even if they are not sexual.

A while back I made a post about my theory that if there is a chore or exercise I do not like to do, that it just means I need to do more of it.  I think this is another example of that.  I didn’t like being so domestic before, and now I am finding lots of pleasure in it.  I think Master is enjoying it too.

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