Gimme A Hand

Gimme a hand

Master and me have spent a lot of time spanking, paddling, cropping, and otherwise beating my ass.  I’ve had a couple quasi-hands show up on my ass or thigh before, but nothing like this!  We had to get a picture.  It was even darker, but the flash destroyed that, naturally.  Still, it felt even better than it looks.

This week, my ballet boot training has been going very well.  I managed to stand still for a full two minutes at a time without needing to lean on anyone or anything!  Nice.

Today, Master was home from work.  He had a back ache, which has turned into something terrible.  I’m not sure what’s up with it, really, but earlier today Master could barely stand up.  Neither of us understand.  He had a couple slight twinges in his back, but nothing major, and then this morning he woke up and it got progressively worse.  It got to the point where I had him snuggled on the couch and I was feeding him Motrin like they were bacon and using the heating pad on his back.

We called the doctor, and she phoned in a prescription for a really high strength muscle relaxer.  A few minutes after that, we got a phone call from Game Stop.  See, we had ordered our Dragon Age 2 game online, and they royally screwed our order.  Instead of one special addition copy, they had us down for two PC copies.  Our receipt only had one listed though, and it didn’t say if we ordered a PC or xbox 360 game.  We both were so sad when we found out that the computer had us down for a PC version of the game.  They promised us that if someone cancelled their order they’d let us trade in our regular version for a limited edition one.  When Game Stop called they were letting us know that they had one copy of the game, but that we had to come down and get it *today*.

I told this to Master, and he insisted we go.  I tried to tell him that a couple of extras weren’t worth his back being hurt worse, but he wouldn’t hear it.  We had to drive down and get his medicine anyway, and the game store was close enough.  I sighed, but helped him get dressed.  No joke, it took us about twenty minutes to get a pair of sweat pants on him, and his jacket.  Walking from the house to the car took us another thirty minutes, and it was so painful to witness.  Master had to keep stopping and standing still, and his steps were inch-sized.  Watching his face grimace in pain made me feel so bad inside.

If I was able to drive, this wouldn’t happen.

Yes, I do have my license, but I haven’t driven in SO long because of that car accident we were in, and I still panic (and sometimes scream out loud) when we go driving anywhere.  It’s terrible.  Today, I promised myself that as soon as Master’s back is better, I’m going to re-double my efforts to learn to drive.  I do not want something like this to ever happen again.  Master should have stayed at home on the couch surrounded by pigs and blankets, not inching along on the ground trying to get to the store. 🙁

I ran into the pharmacy to get his muscle relaxer, and then he drove us to the game store.  I ran into the game store too, so luckily he was sitting the whole time, which wasn’t too bad.  We got him home, and the pills have helped him a bit, but he is still couch bound.

I’m hoping that tomorrow he is markedly better.  It is just so scary though.  I really hate seeing him in so much pain, and with no explanation.  I want to help him, I want to remove his hurt.  I can’t bear to see him this incapacitated.  I feel so helpless, and like I am failing him. 

Unhelpful kitty is unhelpful.

2 thoughts on “Gimme A Hand

  1. aww I hope he gets better soon! I know how you feel though. My Master had a strange mistery virus one year that left him so weak that even after the virus left he was so weak. 🙁 All I could do was provide him with extra healthy food; no sugar or carbs (makes the virus worse). It took him about 6months to recover. Do you think your Master hurt his muscle? I fell down the stairs once at the trainstation and injured one of my tendents (I think that’s what it’s called) in my back muscles. It took me about 3months to recover fully. Was in pain for the first 24-48 hours but advil and pain killers helped alot. After that I did alot of walking and back strengthing/stretching exercises and it all came back to normal.

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