Well On The Way To Recovery

New Bathing Suit

An odd way to start off this post, but Master and me have been looking for a one piece swimsuit for me for a good long while.  They never seem to have any in stock anywhere.  While I like my bikini and all, it doesn’t work out so well when I want to swim laps in the summer.  (I don’t really like jogging in the heat!)  While I’m sure the men at the pool likely have no issues with my titties popping out when I round corners, it definitely messes up my strokes.  *Ahem*.  A few weeks ago, we were in a Dick’s Sporting Goods (I swear, I couldn’t make this shit up if I wanted!) looking for a replacement punching bag chain.  For *clears throat* perfectly innocent reasons.  While we didn’t find the chain, we noticed they carried swim suits year round.  Seriously!  One pieces, too!  So, when I got my allowance, I asked Master if we could go back there for me to get a swim suit.  His erection in response was pretty much a “yes”.

(For those of you who don’t know, Master has a huge spandex fetish.  I’ve struggled with this in the past, but I enjoy it now, and can play along and enjoy it too.)

Teasing Master In Spandex At The Hot Tub

So, we picked out this Speedo in pink and black.  Let’s just say that Master is in love with it.  His back has still been under the weather, but I’ve been really horny and teasing him pretty much everywhere we go.  The hot tub is no exception, especially with spandex on.

The hot tub is also the only place at the moment where his back doesn’t hurt him at all.  He can walk, swim, anything – without pain.  It’s a great change for him, so he’s been having a bit of fun with me in there as well.  We’re both too scared to go too far though, since all the apartments face the hot tub.  (Of course they do.)  We stayed for a bit and then went home.

Since Master has been down with his injury, we’ve been unable to do much play.  Hell, he’s been unable to even sit straight up in a chair most of the time.  I’ve been a reasonably good kitty, I suppose.  I do everything he asks, and I’ve been taking very good care of him.  The past week and a half has gone somewhat like this though:

Kitty:  Master do you need anything?

Master:  (Who is laying on the couch).  No, I’m fine kitty.  Thanks for asking.


Kitty:  I miss your cock, Master.

Master:  I know kitty.  My cock misses you too.

Repeat three or four times per hour, no matter what we’re doing.  Cooking, eating, cleaning.  Constantly reminding Master how much I miss playing with him.  He hasn’t reprimanded me or told me to stop.  In fact, he has admitted to me that he likes it.  Whew. 

Last night, bed time came around again and as Master was tucking me in, I reminded him how much I miss his cock.  He reminded me how much his cock misses me back.  He tucked me in, put my wrist cuffs on, and I snuggled into bed.  I started to slide off into dreamy land, when I felt his fingers in the little crevice between my hip and leg.  He squeezed.  I moaned into him, encouraging him to continue.  Several bites, scratches, nibbles, tit spankings, and some heavy fingering later, he mounted me and began fucking me hard.  In a few different positions.  We both had a couple of happy sighs, and then went to go clean up.  I giggled a little bit, andMaster asked me what I thought was so funny.

“Well,” I said “That was awesome.  I don’t think I’ll believe you if you tell me tomorrow that your back is still hurt though.”

We both giggled.

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