The Best Kind Of Friendships

…Are the kind where you can all play with each other while casually video gaming too.

Am I right?  Am I right?

Bound Tightly With Ropes And Belts

You guessed it.  This past weekend we were so very lucky to have our favoriteplaypartners over for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.  We all had a rough week leading up this this, and two out of the four of us were not feeling well.  That meant that fifty percent of our “team” (Hereafter known as Team Awesome.  Wait, no, just kidding.) was “down”.  We weren’t even 100% sure we were all going to be up for getting together, but both sides decided to go through with things anyway.  I am so very glad they did. 

I will say that I do not deal well at all with stress.  As far as most people I know, I just never was good at handling it.  The good news is that I do not get stressed out very easily, but it does take me a while to be able to get back to my happy space one I hit my “stress levels too high” zone.  I’d been weeping and crying all week on and off, and not always for any good reason.  This past week was nothing but me having no appetite (and thus, not really eating), on top of the crying and still trying to maintain my usual duties.  Little things that do not normally make me cry (since I nearly never cry outside of a BDSM setting) were just bringing me to my kneels curled in a ball and bawling my eyes out.  Ridiculous.  Needless to say, the idea of having some people over and being able to unwind somewhat was very welcome, and when jenpet and Masterofslavej showed up at the door I was beyond thrilled.

This weekend we were lucky enough to have them show up much earlier than normal, since they had stayed in Denver the night before.  They showed up just before noon, and we had an entire day to be together.  Master had prepared a five pound pot roast that morning to put in the slow cooker.  Masterofslavej loves meat, so we figured this was a good way for him and Master to be able to feed their “meat tooths”.  (The slow cooker means you can leave the food out all night and all eat meat at 3AM if you so desire.)   

Masterofslavej and jenpet had a present for each of us.  jenpet gave Master a picture she had painted herself, and I got Hello Kitty feetie pajamas!  They are so soft and nice and I just love them.  The picture jenpet made for Master is beautiful, and we’re trying to figure out where exactly to put it. 

Once things got settled, jenpet sat by her Master’s feet, while I sat by my Master’s feet.  We all just chitter chattered and talked about all the things which we had done since the last time we saw each other.  Within an hour, I could feel myself start to really relax and feel happy again.  Something I hadn’t been able to do or feel for most of this past week, unfortunately.  In fact, my hunger even returned!  Hooray!  After a little bit, Master went away to work on the gravy for the pot roast, and Masterofslavej, jenpet, and me just kept chattering away.  When the pot roast was ready we all devoured our portions.

After the pot roast, we decided to play some video games.  Our friends had brought a couple of games from home for us to try.  Masterofslavej and me started out with Left For Dead, and I was surprised to be far less scared of the zombies than I have been with past games.  I’ve never really been a fan of zombies, and got scared when I watched Master play games like Resident Evil or Dead Rising, so I was expecting to not like this game either.  While not my favorite game (I’m more of an RPG gal), it was actually pretty fun!  They left it here for me and Master to borrow, so I’m sure I’ll give it a good run or two.  =^.^=  After a couple of levels, Master and jenpet played while me and Masterofslavej made out a little bit.  (Master and jenpet were making out while Masterofslavej and me played).  I think it was during that time that I was fingered to orgasm twice.  MMMmmm. 🙂

After we played zombie games for a little bit, we decided to go down to the hot tub.  Unfortunately when we got there, the water was warm and not hot.  We had just been in the night before, so we were totally unhappy about this.  Master went away to alert the office people and I just floated along while poor jenpet shivered half to death.  When Master got back, he continually pointed out things like how my nipples were hard from the cold, or how much he loved my ass in my swim suit.  Normally (see above) these things wouldn’t have gotten to me, but for some reason they did and just did the opposite of what they normally do.  Instead of feeling humiliated, I guess they just made me feel self conscious.  I think that being stressed makes me far less happy and able to be humiliated.  >.<  We hung around in the pool for a while despite the cold, because the wind was insane and nobody wanted to get out of the hot tub.  Eventually we got up the nerve though, and decided to go back inside. 

Once we were back inside we switched off between playing video games, and watching movies.  At one point, Masterofslavej pulled me to him, and we kissed a bit before he asked me if I’d like to be bound.  I said I would love that, and then I closed all the windows.  The windows being closed, he told me to get my favorite vibrator and also to get undressed.  Both of these commands confused me as I thought we were not going to be doing much play, and I really thought I was very, very lucky to get the two orgasms I had already.  I was very grateful nonetheless.

I stripped down, and Masterofslavej started tying my tits up with rope.  They started feeling good and “squeezed” before he brought out the belts.  He began fastening the belts to me one at a time, and things began to feel very surreal to me.  I remember him getting up from the side that was blocking the T.V. to get his camera, and noticing the familiar red lips at the beginning of a certain movie.  I was somehow bound while the Rocky Horror Picture Show was playing.  Sorry, but that’s got to be the perfect background movie ever for this situation.  I giggled to myself, thinking that no one would believe this if I tried to retell it later.  Being bound tightly with a cruel sadist hovering over me, and Rocky Horror on in the background?  Priceless. 

Here's A Close-Up Of My Bound Tits

I’m not entirely sure how long I stayed this way.  I think Masterofslavej mentioned that it was a whole hour this time (But, to be fair, I was not on edge all that time).  He teased me with my favorite vibrator, Celia, and we did some breath play.  I’ve only done a very, very little bit of breath play with him before, and Master has done a tiny bit with me as well.  That night was the most I’d ever done though.  It was remarkably hot. An amazing experience for me.  I’ve never experienced such a mixture of sheer panic, and blissful trust before.  As much as I have trusted past partners, I’ve never trusted anyone with my airway.  (Aside from Master, I mean).  It was intense but so very fun. 

After a little bit, my vibrator started to die!  Damn you to Hell, Celia!  🙂  Luckily, Master was right there and picked up my newest toy, Thumper (and a glove too!) to give Masterofslavej so the fun wouldn’t have to end.  Next thing I knew, my cunt was swallowing up his fingers and a few minutes after that, I came so hard and so long.  I do not know how long my orgasm lasted, but I remember hearing most of the “Time Warp” in the background while I did so.  In fact, I was still cumming when the vibe was taken away!  This was actually probably a good thing, because once the belts and ropes were released I don’t think I was able to sit up and get to the bathroom for about twenty minutes or so.  At least, it felt that long to me.  The speed of time somehow changes when you’ve cum that hard.  *Grin*

As I lay there, I felt jenpet holding my hand.  She looked so beautiful laying there next to me.  I was very happy to have Master, jenpet, and Masterofslavej all there for such an amazing experience for me.  I felt so grateful, so happy, so blissed.  I also wanted to return the favor to everyone.  Unfortunately, that will have to wait for next time.  Still, I will make up for the pause between “thank yous” with a vengeance. 🙂  Mark my words. 

After I was able to stand again, I took a showerand when I came out I laid on Masterofslavej’s leg while we all watched the rest of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  When the movie was over, Masterofslavej went into the kitchen to find something to eat, and I have no idea what happened – but while he was in there I found myself in another compromising position.  My mouth was on Master’s cock, and jenpet’s was making out with Master intensely.  Masterofslavej saw us all there, and he came out with his camera to get some shots of us all.  Soon, Master told me to take off my panties and mount him.  I paused only to get a condom (in case I was to play with anyone later.  Master and me are fluid bonded, but we use a condom when others are around for easy clean up) and then jumped on top. 

I got on top and began riding as best as I could (my knees don’t reach the ground, so I have a hard time on top!), and after a while it became apparent to me (and also Master) that there was no real way I was going to be able to finish Master off this way.  My legs were just totally wiped out.  After a bit, Master had jenpet move and he told me to go on my side and he lifted one of my legs and pounded me until he came.  He ordered jenpet to kiss me while he was fucking me.  Holy shit, that was amazing.  I’ve never kissed anyone else at the same time as I was being fucked.  Did I mention amazing?  Because it was.

After Master was done fucking me, I went into the shower again to clean up.  I decided to put my feetie pajamas on when I got out of the shower.  I was tired of putting my bra and panties on and off, and at this point I figured the pajamas would be much easier access in the event anyone wanted me to play with them or vice versa again.  Master and Masterofslavej decided we should all play some video games for a while, so we played Modern Warfare and jenpet started getting sleepy.  Poor girl.  Her Master put her to bed, and then me and Master and Masterofslavej played video games for a bit.  I started to get sleepy, but I didn’t want to go to bed yet.  I really just didn’t think I could sleep without Master, so I mewed when Master tried to tuck me in until he said I could stay up.  Thirty or forty minutes later though he put me in bed.  (And went with me too. 🙂

The next morning, I thought I was the first up.  I snuck into the front room and jenpet waved at me and said “Good morning Kitty!”  I said good morning back, but curled up on the ground with my Itouch trying to be quiet while Master and Masterofslavej were still sleeping.  Everyone got up around ten, and Master told me to go make pancakes.

I started making the pancakes, but could not find the tablespoon measure.  I figured I would just guess what one tablespoon of sugar was, but Master told me that I shouldn’t do that, and that I’d ruin the mix if I did.  Too late, I said.  The sugar was already in the bowl with the flour and baking soda. 🙁  jenpet tried to come into the kitchen to help, but at that point, I realized it was too late, and I’d screwed up this batch of pancake mix.  Under normal conditions I would have just scrapped it and started over, but these weren’t normal conditions.  I felt really, really bad about it and I guess that the stress just got to me and I started crying again.  See what I mean?  Nothing to cry about, but for some reason, there I was – crying in the kitchen.  I excused myself to the bathroom, and got a hold of myself before returning to the kitchen.  I was hoping that the “embarrass yourself for no good reason” portion of the morning was out of the way. 

I restarted the pancake batter, but this timewith jenpet helping.  She even offered to do some dishes, which was incredibly kind and which she really didn’t need to do.  I put the first pancake in the pan, and wouldn’t you know it?  For some reason it decided not to come out.  I mean, despite spraying the pan, it was completely stuck and the first pancake was ruined.  Honestly?  This was sort of a “straw that broke the camel’s back” and I started crying again, although, a Hell of a lot quieter this time.  Sobbing really.  I hand washed the non-stick pan, but at that point I didn’t want to risk trying the pancakes again.  I packaged up the batter to cook another day.  Two strikes, and I decided to just make eggs and toast for everyone. 

The eggs and toast seemed to come out much better and without much fuss.  At that point though, I was feeling terrible about the whole morning and just didn’t feel like eating anything.  Master, jenpet, and Masterofslavej said they enjoyed their breakfasts though, which perked me up again.  We chatted a bit before everyone left and I started to feel a whole lot better.  A bit embarrassed, but better. 

All in all, despite my feeling self conscious, and totally wiped out from the week, I had a really great time.  Sure, there were a couple of bad bits, but that’s life.  With any luck I’ll get some well deserved de-stressing now that Master’s back is on the mend and we’ll all have a total blast next time too.

As always, if you’d like to see pictures of me with Master, jenpet, or Masterofslavej, please check out my fetlife profile. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Best Kind Of Friendships

  1. Kitty, we had a lovely time, and i totally understand about stress and how it can so drastically impact the strangest things. You’ve been quite amazing and so strong helping your Master get on the mend, and i’m sorry the pancakes gave you such a fuss.

    i cannot express how awesome you and your Master are, and how much Master and i enjoy you both, as friends and play-partners!

    1. @jenpet *Major hugs* Thank you so much for that, Sweetie. I was just so mortified to have melted down like that when you were both there. Thanks for being so lovely and understanding. 🙂 We are both so grateful that you two are in our lives now. <3 Mew! *Purrs*

  2. You were a very good Kitty all weekend. I know my back injury has seriously upped your stress level. I hope you know how much I aporeciate all your doing for me.

    It was a great weekend and your have done another great job capturing it with this post.


  3. I would have to agree with you there kitty, those are the best kinds of friendships;) We had a great time, very laid back and relaxing. Don’t worry about the break down moments, we all have them;). Until next time, take great care of your selves…

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