Anniversary Sappiness And Fucks

We had an amazing anniversary.  Master has half days all week, so to start things off he got home early.  When he got home, I asked him if he had seen the blog post I made.  (It posted at midnight!)  He said no, and he turned on his computer and looked.  While he was doing that, I was working on the dishes.  I looked up from the dishes as I heard him “Awwww” ing.

He was crying.

Those are “I Love You” tears. 🙂

He told me that the post was beautiful, and he was so happy.  I told him I was so happy too.  I ran over to him, and started taking pictures of his tears.  Hee hee. =)  He laughed.  We kissed and snuggled.  His back is really improving.  We ate lunch, and then Master had me set up the massage table.  He wanted me to set it to the highest settingso that he would not have to bend his back much if at all.  After that, he had me strip and get on the table.  Master and me have been unable to have sex since he hurt his back, two weeks ago.  Most days we weren’t even able to do minor things or play at all.  We couldn’t snuggle, and kisses were rare too, because it seemed like getting too close to him I’d be clumsy or something and hurt his back by accident. 🙁

He had me get on the table, and boy did I miss his touch.  He used the cane on me, put in my new metal gag, and even spanked and caned my tits.  It was amazing.  The massage table is not built to take much motion (but it is very sturdy in general, and can handle a lot of weight), so I was able to climb up on it while Master teased and tortured me, but it’s not strong enough for him to climb up there with me and have sex.  No matter!

Love <3

Master had me jump off the table when I was getting really close to orgasm, and bent me over the table (my waist was too low, so it was mostly my upper body and arms) and proceeded to fuck me.  We were worried about the strain on the table initially, but this seemed to work out just fine.  The table did not so much as wobble.  Nice.

I will say that climbing up on the table while Master was just playing with me (before the fucking) was a bit scary.  I’m afraid of heights, and as it turned out kneeling up there was scary to me!  It felt like I was a hundred feet off the ground, as opposed to just three.  The fear didn’t affect my cunt though (or, maybe it did, but in a good way!) and I came so hard around Master’s cock.  He just looked at me afterwards and said “Thank God we’re fluid bonded!”  HA!  Too cute. <3  He knows just the right things to say to a girl.

After that Master played video games for an hour while we were waiting for it to be time to go to the restaurant.  Unfortunately, about fourty minutes in, there was a knock at the door.  Thinking it was probably just another package for me (UPS or FedEx or somthing) I answered the door.  Turns out it was maintenance, and they had to come in to do fire alarm inspections.  If this happened yesterday, I think I would have gotten really angry and screamed.  Feeling a lot less stressed after a bit of a beating and one Hell of an orgasm, I just grinned and said “Hey, sure.  Can you hold on for just one moment?”

They agreed, and I threw a pillow over the Hitachi (which was on the floor in front of Master, so I can Masturbate in front of him while he is on the couch), ran into the bathrooms and put the dildos on the counter in the bathroom drawers, and ran right back to the front.  I let the maintenance people in, but while they were in each room looking at fire alarm things I noticed that both my anal dildo and strap on dildo were out, there was a blindfold hanging off the blender, and the bondage tape was out.  Oh, and did I mention the massage table was not only out, but had a blanket bondage taped to it?!  Yeah, the people who were doing the alarm testing laughed.

After that Master laid down for a bit and I played Dragon Age.  An hour after that we went out for dinner!  We have been having bad luck with Buca’s, (kept getting cold leftover food!) so we decided to try Pasta Jay’s.  We both love Italian, and with spaghetti being my favorite food it seemed like a fun choice.

*Sigh* Master took this pic. Do you think I had enough cleavage? 😛

Master ordered me a margarita to start things off with, and also spaghetti with mushrooms in it.  I don’t actually like margaritas.  The one they gave me was really strong, and I tried to drink it without making a face (I don’t choose my own food when we’re out, Master does) but I couldn’t help it.  It totally burned going down.  Master felt bad that he forgot I don’t like tequila, and he decided to drink it instead.  He ordered me a cosmo.  As it turns out, the cosmos at Pasta Jay’s are made with tequila too, and I couldn’t help making a face again (though I tried not to!).  Master wound up drinking that too.

Kitty Food

My appetite in general has been so-so over the last couple of weeks with all the stress, etc.  Yesterday, I had a good long cry and it really seemed to help.  I’ve been perking up and I think the sex today helped too.  Regardless, I seemed to have gotten my appetite back because I ate the whole bowl of spaghetti!  To put that into perspective, I’m the type of girl who normally eats about a quarter of what I’m given in restaurants and eat the rest all week long for lunches.  Master told me I was a “good kitty” for eating it all. 🙂

Master Food 🙂

Master got a meatball sub, and he didn’t really like it.  Unfortunately, it was too spicy for him, and it had artichoke hearts and garlic pieces which he doesn’t really like. 🙁  Poor Master.  Still, he said the meatballs were good at least.  We paid our bill, and then while we waited for the waitress  to come back we tried to take a few pictures of ourselves, one handed.  It’s harder than it looks!  I got a couple of good ones though.

Kisseh Face
Pardon the MySpaceangle here. As I mentioned, I was takingthis pic one-handed. It’s hard taking one handed pics. 🙂

We went home, and got in the hot tub.

I snapped this picture of Master’s foot. <3 Seriously, this gets me wet every time I look at it. OM NOM NOM! I AM THE TOES MONSTER! <3

We snuggled, and held each other, and kissed, and talked to each other in there.  It was lovely.  After a bit, we went home and Master decided to practise fisting with me.  We decided to use the silicone lube this time, and it worked well.  I didn’t manage to get his whole fist in (we still can’t get past the knuckles) but we got further, and it was sooo fun being full of Master’s fist.  I know we’ll get there some day.

After that we spent some time relaxing together.  I really had a great day, and I feel so lucky and grateful to have met and found Master. <3

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  1. Sweet kitty! Glad you two had a awesome aniversary! We have our first year marriage aniversary in 4 weeks 🙂 Apparently Master is following the ‘traditional’ aniverary gift list hehe. The first year one is something made of paper lol.

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