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Gags?  I adore gags.  Ball gags, bit gags, fabric gags, tape gags, ring gags, penis gags, as a slave with an oral fixation, I like ’em all.  Browsing the Fascinations website, I found this little beauty.  It looked like a spreader gag combined with a ring gag!  I had to try it out for myself.

The gag arrived in speedy fashion, as all packages from Fascinations do.  The box was plain with no markings indicating what was inside.  It even said “Apple Distributing” as a return address, instead of “Fascinations”.  Discretion is Fascination’s middle name.

Here is a view of the toy in its box.  The box is actually very well done, and very colorful!  The back of the box shows a “patient” in a straight jacket wearing the gag.  It is clear not only from the brand name, but from the box and advertising that the products in the Asylum line are catering to those who have a medical fetish.  I want to state up front that I do not have a medical fetish, and that medical procedures in general scare me in a bad way.  However, gags themselves are incredibly hot to me, and once you remove the packaging of the box, there really is nothing to make you think “medical fetish” just by looking at this gag.

The construction of the gag is on the better side of average.  They used a nylon cord instead of a leather one, and there are a couple of seams in the metal of the gag.  Also, the buckle that secures the gag in place needed to be pinched shut at the bottom of its “hinge” because it kept coming undone.  Once we did that though, it was golden.  The gag is very adjustable, and will fit from 12″-26″.  This should cover a wide variety of people, and once you get this on properly, it is very comfortable.

In order to get this on, you’ll want to go tighter than you think you normally would.  Metal can chip teeth if it slips around in your mouth.  What we do is place the gag gently in my mouth, as far back as it will go.  Then, Master Pravus tightens it one notch tighter than we usually do.  It’s not uncomfortable, but gives me a bit less chance of the gag accidentally sliding around.  Word to the wise: you are going to drool a ridiculous amount with this gag in. 

Once the gag is in properly, I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort from wearing it.  I cannot swallow at all with the gag in.  The ring in the center of the gag is only about 1.25″ in diameter.  For me, I feel like this is too small.  Not only can Master Pravus not fit his cock through (ouchies!), but it doesn’t feel like it stretches my jaw open at all.  Part of what I really like about gags in general, is that they force my mouth into uncomfortable positions or make my jaw feel “stretched”.  This isn’t really a good gag for that unless you have a very small jaw.

When the gag is removed, I get a couple of pink lines along my mouth where the metal lines rest against my cheek.  (See picture).  These never last me more than a thirty minutes to an hour, but it is something to be aware of if you’re going to go out somewhere right after you use this. 

Metal is not porous, so if you want to share this with a partner, you can.  Just be sure to clean it properly first.  The box recommends putting this in the washing machine.  I did this without much issue.  A few things to keep in mind:

1- There are some rough edges to the metal part of the gag.  Because of this, you will want to make sure to put the gag in a lingerie bag so it doesn’t snag on anything.  You will also want to make sure the only thing in the lingerie bag is the gag, or else risk snagging your delicates. 

2- The gag is going to clank around like mad in the washing machine, even if you put it in there with a full load of laundry.  However, I didn’t notice any damage done to either the gag or the washing machine when I washed it this way.

3- The Asylum gag straps are made from nylon.  Nylon is sensitive to heat.  If you put this in the dryer, put it on delicate to prevent shrinkage.

You can also use more traditional methods to clean your gag such as: plenty of soap and water, 10% bleach solution, or a toy cleaner. 

Overall, this is a fun little gag, which would definitely have been improved by a better strap.  It is still quite inexpensive, and a totally unique gag to own. 

I’m giving it four paws.

Thank you so much, Fascinations, for allowing me the chance to try out this intriguing gag in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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