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Nothing like the Hitachi for forcing orgasms!

Alright, as anyone who reads my blog will know, a couple of weeks ago Master hurt his back.  I became stressed only a few days after that, which was very odd for me.  I’m the type of girl who really just doesn’t stress out easily.  It takes a lot to get me really stressed, but if that happens, I’m not too far from “depressed”.  Depression for me equals no motivation.  This is bad. 

During these two weeks I learned something about myself which I hadn’t realized.  My personal form of stress relief is sex.  Maybe this was obvious to everyone else, but not to me.  I guess I had not realized that the main reason why I don’t get riled up is because Master provides me with a regular stream of sex, and that those “good feelings endorphins” always seem to be rolling.  I suppose to many of you the obvious answer of how to de-stress when Master is out of comission is masturbation.  I am not limited by Master as to how often or when I may masturbate, so this seems the reasonable option.  Masturbation really doesn’t work all that well for me though.

For starters, I can’t really cum without pain, and I don’t really get turned on when I’m all by myself.  Sure I can cum, if I use the Hitachi, but outside of that it’s mainly nipple clamps in painful places and vibrators.  The orgasms I get when I am alone with myself are rarely to never the sort which “relieve stress”.  But more just my body going through the motions.  In fact, if the Hitachi wasn’t such a beast of a machine, I doubt I’d be able to cum very often if at all, on my own. 

Exercise is wonderful for helping me sleep at  night, which in turn leads to less stress.  I find that the best exercise to put me to sleep at night is strength training.  If I strength train enough during the day, I fall to sleep with little to no issues at night.  There’s just one problem.  If I’m already feeling stressed out, this is likely to just make things worse.  If things are fine and dandy then I can strength train all I like with no problems. 

Thinking about all of this lately has lead me to one more thought.  I don’t want to have to rely on someone for my stress levels to be relieved.  This isn’t fair to the person I am with, and it’s not fair to myself.  When I’m stressed out, I’m not serving Master at my best, and he deserves my best.

My question is this:  what do YOU do to relieve stress?  Please let me know what you do when things get too hard, in the comments section. 🙂 

And just to let you all know.  I am feeling miraculously better now.   I am back to my normal, perky self again.  I am just looking to prevent future stress-fail. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Suggestions Welcome!

  1. I’m pretty much in the same position you were before. Master hurt his leg again (previous injury ‘tendent’) and we haven’t had sex for about 3 weeks now. I get a bit depressed when I don’t have it and I do get a little stressed out along with concerns about him because he can still walk so he has to go to work unless he is in extreme pain. I find cleaning helps me as strange as it may sound. But I know he is happier with a clean house so in turn this makes me less stressed knowing he is a bit happier and more comfortable. Also I like to bake when I am stressed, particular cupcakes 🙂 or fudge browines which are Master’s favourites. We love fresh baked goods and I suppose they act like comfort food. mm cupcakes I wish I had some now lol

    1. @MomoNoHanna *Hugs* Sorry to hear about your Master’s leg injury! 🙁 I really hope it heals quickly. Master is like YOU! When he gets stressed out, he “cleans”. I can always tell if he is really stressed out though, because he tends to rearrange furniture as opposed to doing things like washing dishes. 🙂 Baking huh? I may need to give that a try. I used to love baking, but since we moved to Colorado the high altitude is making baking so hard for me to figure out. 🙂

      @Frank Good one! 🙂 Exercise definitely helps me, though I’ve never done any martial arts. I have a friend who says he is going to take me out shooting sometime though. I held a gun once, and LOVED it. I wanted to shoot it so badly! I have a feeling that when I finally get around to shooting a gun I won’t like it anymore. lol. We’ll see. 🙂

  2. What do I do to relieve stress?

    I prefer the martial arts. I have studied a wide variety of martial arts; from Tae Kwon Do to Boxing to MCMAP (Marine Martial Arts) to Aikido to Kenjutsu to MMA (Kick-boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    I think that its a combination of dishing it out and taking it, that helps me de-stress.

    I also think that spending some time at the range, with one of my many firearms (usually my CCW, an H&K .40 Semi-Auto USP Compact; or my Colt .45 1911 Semi-Auto), helps me de-stress.

  3. I would love to be able to offer suggestions but I suck at stress! My shoulders and neck have been cracky and painful for nearly 2 years now because of it! Let me know if you find something!

  4. Let’s see, things I do for stress relief:
    -hot bath/shower
    -masturbation (though I have the same issue sometimes around it feeling like it’s going through the motions)
    -tea- sometimes chamomile, sometimes mint
    -baking bread (lots of punching!)
    -going for a walk/bike ride
    -get a massage or other body work
    -go out dancing
    -spanking someone (prob won’t work for you 😉 )

  5. For me…. it really depends on what the stressor is. If it’s something I can “fix” then I typically spend most of my time working on solutions.

    If it’s something I have no control over then I do whatever I can to take my mind off of it, whether that’s going outside, working, cleaning, cooking, etc.

    If my stress revolves around D, like if he’s ill or stressed then I do whatever I can to make things better for him, if that’s cooking his favorite food, cleaning, or whatever.

    For “general” stress or stress coming from multiple places… I often clean or do something that’s spiritual for me.


  6. You know, something else I do is I complete tasks that are on my to-do list, even if it’s as quick and simple as replying to an email. But if it’s getting a review done, writing emails, doing the dishes, completing tasks on my to-do list helps me feel productive and gives me a bit of that happy chemical rush.


    1. @Nikki I know pot helps a lot of people (which I why I’m pro-pot), but I don’t personally smoke. Aside from allergies to nearly everything, I don’t even like taking ibuprofen, so recreation drugs are out (for me, but if someone else finds this comment helpful, then ROCK ON!) 🙂

      Hot showers sound like a plan though. 🙂

  7. I am like you, masturbation isnt such a turn on if there isnt someone else there. Some things i like to do are:

    Martial arts- i took Karate as a kid an it takes my mind (and body) off of things to remember the moves of a particular kata. Doing them extra slow is almost like a moving meditation and helps you stay focused when your too stressed to even think the words stationary meditation.

    guided meditation CDs- again there is a focus that helps you zero in on when too stressed.

    Punching bags- get to beat the crud out of something that wont complain about it. nuff said!

    Giving someone a massage- for me i get tense instead of relaxed when someone tries to give me a massage, but if im the one giving i turn myself into a puddle.

    do something you have never tried/learn a new hobby-sometimes this works and sometimes it just backfires.

    baking- sometimes a sweet for the sweetheart, sometimes a sweet indulgence just for you.

    sowwy you so stressed.

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