We have been looking for clothespins for a while now, but we never seem to find any.  Lots of places near us only carry the plastic kind, which I don’t think are very painful, and if they do not transmit pain, I just don’t really want them.  (What’s the point?)  A few days ago we finally managed to find a package!  Hooray! 

I have played with (AFF) clothespins before, sort of.  When I was first starting out, I bought a package of tiny clips.  They were less than a quarter of an inch wide, about an inch and a half long, and rainbow colored.  They were really pretty, but they didn’t last too long.  I’ve never had full sized ones before though.

Master Pravus seemed to really like these.  He started clamping my tits all along the outside, and even clamped my nipples.  At first I was disappointed.  These didn’t give me very much pain at first, and I scoffed to myself thinking that I’m better off with clover clamps.  Of course, I’d have to buy a Hell of a lot of (AFF) clover clamps.  A few minutes into wearing these though, I began to experience a different kind of pain.  I found that these clothespins actually burned.  I don’t think I’ve used any other restraints which gave me quite this sensation, and I really warmed up to it.  I felt my cunt dripping, I tried to rub myself up against Master Pravus hand or cock whenever they got close.  I felt myself drifting off to another place, and then I felt myself pulled sharply back as Master Pravus removed them.

Master Pravus never does something which we’ve not done before for very long.  He likes to do just a little bit the first couple of times to give me a taste, and so that he can hone his technique before he moves to the next level.  I think I had these on for fifteen or twenty minutes before he took them off, and I was loathe to remove them.  The following morning, I still had little pink lines all around my tits where the clothespins were.  I look forward to using these more and more, and I can tell he does too.

Who knew that $3 would be so fun?

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5 thoughts on “Clothespins

  1. Hmm, you don’t mention how it felt when the circulation returned.
    For me, that’s the most painful part. The clothespins hurt when they’re on, yes. But the pain gets at least double when they come off.
    But we’ve never left them on that long either.

    Then again, I don’t think we’ve used any sort of clamps since I got my diagnosis. *sigh* So, I could be remembering wrong.

    1. @Lada, No, you’re right! They do hurt when they come off. I don’t know why I left that out. I did find that taking these off felt a lot less painful than my clover clamps for example. I think that it’s because the tension is so spread out across such a wide surface. 🙂

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