Nosy Yellow Toyfriend

I fell in love with the Toyfriend Series the minute I got my first one, and knew I had to eventually own them all.  Right now, I’ve finally added the Nosy Yellow to my collection of the standard sized Toyfriends, thanks toGoodVibes, and only need three more rockets.  Which Toyfriend will I be going on about today?  The Nosy Yellow, which is one that I wasn’t sure I’d like, but which Master was excited about.

Nosy Yellow ToyFriend In Box

To be honest, the odd angle of the toy’s head made me look at it and wonder “What the heck do I do with this?!”  Master looked at me and said “Don’t worry, I’ll show you.”  He had this evil grin on his face.  You know the one.  Ah, of course!  It is a g-spot toy, he shows and tells me.  Unfortunately for me, this didn’t exactly work that well for that purpose for my body.  More on that later.

To give you a couple of stats, every toy in the Toyfriend series is completely and reliably waterproof.  You can completely submerge them which is wonderful because you can take them into either the shower or bath, and you won’t need to worry about splashing water around while washing them.  The toy is 7″ long, and the insertable part is about 2″ long, and about an inch wide.  When it comes time to clean your toy, you can use soap and water, a 10% bleach solution, or a toy cleaner.  Silicone is not porous, so you can share this if you clean it properly between users.  You could also use a condom.  Do NOT use silicone lubricants with this toy, because it will degrade the silicone material.  Water based only please.

A bit of good news?  Like all Toyfriends, this one comes with its first set of batteries.  Free batteries?  Rock on!  When your Toyfriend runs out of batteries, it takes two AAs. 

Using this toy didn’t work out quite as well for me as I had hoped.  The first time I used it, I tried it on my own.  The strange shaped head didn’t work out too well for me as a clitoris only toy.  Oddly, I noticed that the vibrations of the toy do not seem to distribute well into the head.  This means that it just doesn’t have the power I need to get off from this method.

We tried using this internally, and I had a bit better luck.  I noticed that the handle of the toy rested perfectly well on my clitoris, but unfortunately, the insertable part was too short to reach my g-spot.  I have a pretty shallow g-spot, and when a toy can’t reach mine, that doesn’t bode too well for other g-spots.  So while I found that my clit got better stimulation, I was disappointed to find out that in order to do this I must put the bent head of the toy inside me (or else it doesn’t lay flush) and having the head inside me isn’t all that stimulating.

Master also gave this toy to me to hold while he had me bound once.  The problem we kept running into is that it is far too heavy for my wrist to handle comfortably like that, and I had to keep putting it down to take breaks.  This got me nowhere quickly. 

This is an interesting toy, and if it had another inch on the head, I’d probably like it a lot.  Unfortunately, this toy just didn’t really do it for me.  I’m giving it two paws.

Thank you so much, GoodVibes, for allowing me to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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