Hot Tub Butt Plug Fun

It is hard to think that at one time, back in the day, anal play of any sort was a hard limit.  While I’ve admitted to Master Pravus that I do enjoy anal play, I’m still really an anal fledgling.  I have used plugs and anal probes, I’ve used small vibrators and anal dildos.  I’ve done this on cam and off cam.  Recently I got to do something which I’ve yet to do.  This may seem simple to most but to me it was new, exciting, and oh so fun.  I got to wear my butt plug outside of the house.

Yesterday I received a box of two butt plugs.  One of them is huge and scares the crap out of me (and I lovingly named it Gigantor!) and the other one is somewhat smaller, but still around the limit for what I’ve been able to handle butt-wise so far.  I had opened the packages and “Ooh-ed” and “Aah-ed” over them before Master Pravus came home.  My eyes drank in the luscious soft shapes, the high quality materials, the pretty colors, and the idea of these beauties going in my all-too-eager ass.  I put the toys aside to show Master when he got home.

When he got home I showed him my new beauties, as I always do.  He picked up Gigantor and laughed.

“What have you gotten yourself into?” He said.  (I’ve got to (AFF) review that one!)

“I don’t know!” Said I, “But, it’s really pretty, isn’t it!”

“Ooh!  I love this other one though.  It’s so cute.  It makes me think of a ‘trainer’.” He tells me.

I laughed a little bit.  I don’t think of 1.25″ as a trainer, but like I mentioned, I’m still new to this.  What one person could easily get in, I could not.  Although, after about a year, I’ve finally outgrown my pretty (AFF) Tantus Ripple.  Once a challenge, now designated to the “I will probably not use this toy again, but it is built to last forever, so I’ll just keep it over here” pile.

We went out to do errands, and we came home and made dinner.  Homemade pizza.  Friday nights are pizza nights, don’t you know?  Afterwards, Master told me I could play some Shrek on the 360 if I wanted.  Of course I did.  I settled in to play while Master went to work on his computer.  After a little bit, Master got up and went to where the new toys were.  He handed me one of my new butt plugs (Thankfully, not Gigantor!) and a bottle of lube.  I grinned as I looked up at him, and eagerly took the plug and the lube from him.

He went back to sit down at his computer, and I lowered my panties to my ankles and slathered the plug he had given me (hereafter known as Casper.  The shape of him sort of reminds me of a little ghost) with lube and slowly worked it in.  I had no problems, until I got to the widest part.  It didn’t hurt much, but there was a tiny little bit of pain as the widest part of the toy passed into my butt.  Once I got past that, it felt great.  No discomfort whatsoever.

I laid there on my side for a while, playing Shrek and occasionally reaching down to touch the little ring that connects to the bottom of the plug.  I don’t know why, but I always get a little nervous when I’m using a new anal toy.  I always worry that if I’m not careful, it’ll slip in or something.  This is completely irrational, especially since most of my toys (all but one, actually) have a very safe base.  I think it’s just a bit of paranoia I need to get over.  Newbie, remember?

After a little bit, Master asked me if I would like to go to the hot tub.  I said I would.  At that point, I was really comfortable and happy with the little plug in my bottom, and didn’t really want to take it out.  As if he could read minds, Master asked me if I would like to wear the plug to the hot tub.  I said I would like that.  We changed into our bathing suits, and got ready to go drive down (it had gotten cold and windy)!

Once we got to the front office, we started walking down the walkway.  I had no problems whatsoever up to this point.  Then, we noticed someone was over at the hot tub soaking.  Oh boy.  This little public outing with a plug in just turned into a social public outing with a butt plug in.  What was I to do?  Mostly I just laughed to myself a bit, looked at Master and said:

“Oh great.  Now we have to stop talking about anything work, recreation, or anal play related.”

We both giggled.

Nearing the hot tub, we noticed someone we’d met the other night.  Neat.  So, not only were we going to be social, but we were going to be social with someone we already kind-of-sort-of knew.  I do not know why, but this scared me a little bit.  Of course it was impossible for him to see that I had Casper securely lodged within the confines of my ass.  Of course he had no clue that I’d been wearing this plug for at least a half hour already.  Of course had no way of knowing that beneath my swim suit there was a small, pink, silicone sex toy. Of course he had no idea I had been experimenting with anal play with my Master as we were all soaking in the hot tub.  Of course.  Right?

We all chatted, for maybe twenty or thirty minutes.  The conversation never once strayed into the sex realm.  Never once did we talk about anything kinky.  Master kept looking over at me with his “Cheshire Cat grin”, and I was just sure somehow that our new friend understood the looks that Master was giving me.  After a little bit, our friend had to go, so he got up and walked away.  When he got to the gate, I giggled and leaned over to Master and said:

“He knew!!”

Master laughed and said:

“Knew what?”

I couldn’t believe he had forgotten.

“That I’m wearing a butt plug.”

“Oh that.” He scoffed.  “No he didn’t, Kitty!”

“I know.  I’m just joking.  It just felt like he knew.”

We both laughed again.  The plug was really quite comfortable, and I really had no issues with it at all.  It felt good in there; not too big, not too small.  We were both getting hot so we decided to go back home.  Once we got home, we decided to take a shower.  We washed ourselves off, and then gave each other a salt scrub (it helps with dry skin from the lack of moisture in the air, as well as going to the hot tub constantly).  Master had me keep my butt plug in for our shower.

Sometimes I just have these weird little “out of body” experiences.  I saw myself, giving Master this little at home “spa treatment” with the butt plug that has been in for over an hour, and which I wore in public for the first time, while we chatted with someone we knew. I couldn’t believe I was doing anal play for the first time in public, only to come home and give my Master a spa treatment.  This is my life.

And I fucking love every moment of it.

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6 thoughts on “Hot Tub Butt Plug Fun

    1. @Faydreh Oh, I’ve done other things in public, but we don’t do public things often. It is sad that my Ripple is being retired! It is a great little toy, and has served me well. 🙂

      @Lada Thanks! 🙂 We had a blast.

      @Fyremane Foxx Keep those evil thoughts coming! 😉

  1. Color me envious 🙂
    Sounds like a nice new toy and a fun time. 🙂
    Plus, you got me to try searching on a topic I haven’t had much luck on again.

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