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I’ve recently begun to get more and more into anal play, and I’ve “outgrown” the few small plugs I had initially.  While the few plugs I had were designated to the “recycle” pile, I went off to EdenFantasys in search of a new plug which would challenge me, but still be comfortable to get in.  Unfortunately, the first plug I got was a bit on the big side, and wound up being larger even than the description had said.  Not at all deterred, I continued searching until finally I stumbled upon this little beauty, the (AFF) Ceramic Bubbles.

The one I got was black, but there is also a purple one which is very pretty looking, and has multiple shades of purple.  This is the first ever ceramic toy I’ve ever owned, and I was relieved when it came with a little piece of paper instructing you on how to clean and care for it.  It also comes with a cute little storage pouch.  The pouch is little more than a decorative bag, there is no padding to it, so you may feel more comfortable with purchasing a padded bag for it.  Personally, I think the bag is fine.  As long as you don’t go throwing it in the toy chest, or throwing anything on top of it, you should be OK.  It should prevent things from rubbing against it that could chip or scratch it in your dresser or toy box.

Ceramic Bubbles is compatible with any type of lubricant you’d like.  It’s a good size for the intermediate anal player, and sturdy and easy to care for.  It measures 4.5″ insertable, with a 1.5″ diameter.  I find that I need to take my time, use plenty of lube, and go really slowly to get this plug in.  Once it is in though, I don’t feel any pain or discomfort.  The base is very safe, and I even like to do chores or just sit around playing video games or watching TV with this in. 

The one thing which I find this plug is not suited for, is sex at the same time as you’re wearing it, or even using a toy vaginally while you have this plug in.  The weight and length made sex a bit painful with this in.  Outside of that though, this is a great toy which will help warm you up for larger anal toys, or for anal sex.  The bubbles are very stimulating and “filling” while being pretty non-threatening.  There aren’t any seems or rough ridges that you could possibly “snag” your butt on.  This is just one lovely piece of ceramic fun.

When it comes to travel, this is one toy I would just leave at home.  It’s made of a breakable material, so for that reason alone, I would be too nervous to bring this anywhere.

Ceramic can be used for temperature play!  You can run it under warm or cool water, or place it in the oven on a low temperature.  Make sure you do not use the microwave or freezer to warm or cool your new toy!  Also, it takes a couple of minutes for Ceramic Bubbles to heat up to body temperature. If you like a cold toy, this one starts out chilly.

Cleaning this is a bit different that I’d expect, only because the paper that came with mine recommends against boiling.  Plenty of soap and water is highly recommended instead.  You could probably also use a (AFF) toy cleaner.  Any type of lubricant is safe with this toy so silicone, water based – if it’s slippery, go for it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this toy, and I know it will be in my toy bag for a good long time.  I’m giving it 5 paws:

Thank you so much, (AFF) EdenFantasys, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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