Happiness, In Picture Form

Master Pravus snapped this picture of me last night, when we were playing with our new (AFF) Neck and Wrist Restraints.  It isn’t every day he breaks out the rope, so I was pretty excited.  (I love bondage of all sorts, but I absolutely adore being tied by rope!)  I will say, we had a lot of fun, and the new restraints made me pretty helpless.  Master Pravus secured me into a sort of “kitty ball” and I was completely unable to move.  In order to move, he kept “rolling” me from one side to the other so he could beat my ass.  It was very hot!  I just love that feeling of being completely incapable of moving, of being roughly tossed around like a rag doll, of being used, being a toy.

What is joy?  What is happiness?  What is bliss?  Master Pravus standing over me, using the handle of the crop to beat my tits until they turn black and blue, all the while telling me how much more attractive I am when my tits swell..  Being so secure in my bonds, that I truly could not escape if I tried (but also, having no desire to try!)…  Being so happy and aroused as he mounts me that I last about thirty seconds until I cum all over his hard dick.

That’s what joy is made of!

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