All Alone, Kitty

Master has only gone away on business trips twice before now, and one of those times he brought me along.  That was with a different company though, and this new company doesn’t want me going.  The first time Master Pravus went away, I wasn’t really alone.  I would go visit friends and family, and while it wasn’t the best week ever (I still had to sleep alone at night) I managed to get through.

This time, I can’t go with him.  I’ve been trying not to worry about it too much, since there’s nothing I can really do about it right now.  I will have access to the car, but it will likely be just in case of emergencies; I am still not ready to drive alone yet (but, I’m working on it though)!  Unfortunately, while in Colorado Master and me haven’t really met too many people.  I guess that’s unfair to say, we’ve met plenty of people, but the bulk of them wound up disappearing either because we were sick of being used, or because they disapprove of our lack of any “morals”.  (I.E.  not religious).  I’m honestly the type of person who doesn’t mind others having their differences, but not everyone is, and I guess that’s a rant for another day.

The other night, Master Pravus and me were laying in bed, right before tuck-in time.  Master kissed me, and reminded me that it was only five days.  He says he doesn’t want to leave me alone, but he has to, and I have to be brave and good.  I sighed.  I tossed and turned a lot that night, and had a hard time getting to sleep.

Everyone is telling me that it’s really no big deal.  It’s only five days, Faete.  For goodness sakes, can’t you be alone for a few days?  Of course I can.  It’s just that I’ve never once in my life been alone for this long.  I’ve always lived with room mates before I lived with Master.  Once I lived with Master Pravus, he took me everywhere, including errands and silly things like that.  He likes having me with him, and I feel the same way.

I know I’ll get through this coming week, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, or be excited about it, because I won’t be.  I have a couple friends who live close-ish to me who offered to come visit, but I still don’t know them too well, and I got a bit shy and said no.  I still feel like the new person in town in a lot of ways, and I do have a tendency to be shy.  I do appreciate the offers to hang out though.

I’ve decided to be as positive as I can through this (though, like I mentioned, I’m still not going to be excited).  I was thrilled when a friend of mine asked Master if he could task me through my five days away from Master.  He agreed, so I will at least have that to distract me.  I’m also planning on working extra to help take my mind off of things, and also we’re expecting a large piece of furniture soon for the Kitty Cave, so I’m going to try to re-organise things so that it’ll fit when it gets here.  I’ve also got a pile of clothing which needs altering which just gets bigger and bigger since I almost never sit down to work on it.  At least this alone time will give me a chance to work on those things.

I plan to write one blog post at the end of this, when Master gets home.  I don’t want to write a bunch of “I’m missing Master soooo much” posts each day, but I’ll write about how things went at the end.  We’re also expecting a visit from Masterofslavej and jenpet that Saturday, so I have that to look forward to as well.

Master Pravus is leaving tomorrow morning, bright and early.  He’s going to let me sleep in as late as I can, because waking me up just to say goodbye will likely mean that I won’t get any sleep, so we’re going to do our goodbyes the night before.  It’ll be a long week, but I’m armed with friends and things to look forward to.

Still, I’m looking forward to Thursday already.

9 thoughts on “All Alone, Kitty

  1. aww poor kitty. My Master used to go on long trips for work and then holiday after them (because they were in Europe) and I never went for those. Sometimes he used to be away for a whole month! He doesn’t have to do that now because of his new job 🙂 but he still goes away for holidays. Which is happening next week for a whole week 🙁 I used to go visit my parents or just stay at home but now we have kitties to keep me company and we are quite friendly with our neighbours so if I get into trouble I can ask them. I’ve only been on one overseas business trip with Master and that was Malaysia/Singapore. And I know about how much more fun chores can be when you do them together, I love groccery shopping with Master 🙂

  2. I’ve got Skype installed. This kind of thing would make me miserable. I hate it when my Master is gone for one night.

    I feel for you. It’s good you have things you can do to stay busy. I hope they help.

    1. You guys are all so awesome! I have such an army of online support, and I feel so lucky! Thank you all!

      @Lada Thanks Sweetie! I hope we can skype at one point. 🙂

      @Lucid Obsession Thank you. <3

      @Jessica Elizabeth I sooo would if you lived closer! *hugs*

      @Lost_Maverick Thank you. 🙂

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