Polyamorous Love Songs

It’s no secret that Master and me are polyamarous, and are looking for another person or two to share our hearts with.  The other day, Master and me were driving in the car to pick something up, when Master mentioned to me that he was annoyed with music lately.

“How come?”  I asked him.

“They’re all about finding one other person to love!  What about us poly people?  Why are all the power ballads about finding the “one” for you?  I mean, really!”

I thought about it for a few minutes, giggled, and sang out in my loudest voice:

“I want to know what love is!  I want several of you to show me!”

We both burst out laughing, and Master said:

“Yes!  Like that!  Where are my polyamory ballads?!”

Truth be told, I don’t know!  I’ve always been slightly bothered by how all movies and music seem to portray love in one way.  Why do all the princesses in the movies I adore so much all have one man for them?  Why not one man, and one woman?  Or two women?  Or two men…?  To combat this, I usually just imagine that the curtain sets on the first lover she’s found.  No, I’m not saying polyamory is for everyone.  It certainly isn’t.  But in the meantime, this is what I have to do to cope in a culture which is mostly monogamous. 

My question for my readers is, do you know of any polyamarous love songs?  Let us know what they are in the comments section!

6 thoughts on “Polyamorous Love Songs

  1. Neither me or Master listen to love songs we are more into old rap and Asian pop. Though a polyamory love song does sound cool 🙂 we are not polyamory but I often dream of a polyamory relationship. However with my introverted personality I wouldn’t be able to have one in real life because my introvertness would drive me crazy. Sometimes I wish I was a socialite, I have a tone of friends but don’t go out with them to often because that is just my introvertness -_- Master is introverted to which helps alot 🙂 Maybe you should write your own movie or love song for polyamory? *^^*

  2. i believe its on the way, hey i just got “i kissed a girl” and “all the things she said”. still waiting for my movie knight in shining armor to be a girl. but i agree there needs to be a change in the definition of “normal” (considering some old definitions of normal are now kinks and the norm is a lot kinkier)

  3. oooh interesting point! I don’t notice but now you mention it I can’t think of even one song that poly folks could sing. Maybe you should branch out and become a pop sensation?!

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