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Happy Spring!

Hey everyone!ย  We haven’t had a contest here in a while, and something is coming up exactly one month from now.ย  If you’re a close friend of mine, you might no what it is, if you don’t, let me clue you in:

It’ll be my birthday!ย  It’s not every day you turn 26. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, because I’m so generous, I’d like to give someone else a present.ย  How very kind of me. It’s easy to enter, and only requires a comment on this post.ย  Tell me your favorite birthday memory.ย  That’s it.ย  It’ll earn you one entry, and you needn’t do anything else to enter.ย  The winner will win one pair or green and black (spring colors!) kitty OR puppy ears.ย  Winner chooses which they’d prefer.

Since I’m so generous, I’d like to offer you more ways to enter if you want.ย  You don’t have to do them all.ย  You could do one, two, or none, it’s up to you.ย  REMEMBER:ย  None of these will count if you don’t do the mandatory comment about your favorite birthday memory.


*Tweet once per day about the contest.ย  You must include @The_Sub_Mission and a link to the contest page.ย  You can use any wording you like.ย  Then, come back here and leave a comment leading to your tweet.ย  You may do this only ONCE per day.

*Write a blog post about the contest.ย  Again, make sure to link to the contest post.ย  This will earn you ten entries.

*For super extra credit, make a video about the contest and upload it to youtube or your website.ย  You needn’t show your face or even appear in the video at all if you don’t want.ย  This will earn you 15 entries.

*Follow @Mewtique on twitter.ย  Comment back here letting me know you’re following. (1 entry)

*List my website on your blog roll or links page.ย  (3 entries)

*If you own a pair of Mewtique ears, and have uploaded a picture somewhere, link in the comments section with a picture of them, and you’ll get (5 entries).ย  (Also, please note:ย  I will post the link to your ears up here in the entry form, so don’t post the link unless you’re comfortable with everyone seeing you in your ears!).

*Leave a reasonable comment on any of my blog entries or reviews past or present, and then comment back here with a link to the post you commented on.ย  You may do this as many times as you would like, but bear in mind that if your comment is one word or obviously spam I’ll delete it and your entry.

Please leave a comment for each entry you’ve earned.ย  I will be checking each entry by hand, and if any of them are false, I’ll remove your comments.ย  Also:ย  please remember that if you’ve never posted on my blog before your first few comments will require my approval.ย  I’m not censoring you, just keeping spam at bay.ย  If you don’t see your comments, it’s OK.ย  Your entry will be posted shortly.

The contest will end at midnight Mountain Time on my birthday (May 14th).ย  I will announce the winner via my blog and the Mewtique twitter account on the 15th!ย  Winner will be chosen using Random.Org. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Have fun, and get to entering! =^.^=

75 thoughts on “Mewtique Contest!

  1. My boyfriend wrote me a letter everyday for my birthday month for my 17th birthday (30 in all) and had different people deliver each one. e.g. i was sitting in maths class and my teacher came over and say “i think this is for you” and give me a letter ๐Ÿ˜€ on my actual birthday he gave me a giant collage he’d been making which included pictures of things i like, notes we’d written to eachother years earlier and movie ticket stubs etc. he also organised a scrapbook of my friends writing letters to me telling me why they loved me.

  2. Happy (early) Birthday!

    My best isn’t that exciting, but it meant a lot to me. I was sick the day of my party, which I had already planned to invite only a few people because I wanted something fun with my closest friends. I called and canceled because I felt like a demon’s TV dinner warmed over. After sleeping all day I started to feel better, and wanted to go out because it was my birthday damnit! Sent a quick text and went out for a drink. I was surprised that anyone came at all on such short notice, but it made me appreciate my friends that came without hesitation to wish me a happy birthday.

    Hope yours is memorable!

  3. My favorite birthday entry is my birthday in 2009; it was the first time my boyfriend and I held hands, went to a movie, and made out! =^^= My birthday is basically our anniversary ๐Ÿ˜€

    MEW! I think I also might have a gift for the pretty birthday kitty around here someplace too…

  4. My favorite birthday was when I turned fifteen. My family has always been a bit on the poor side and it was the first birthday I had after my father had gotten a really good job. I had this huge Star Trek themed birthday party with a bunch of people from my local fanclub. I had a huge birthday cake with a model of the Enterprise on it. Lots of presents from my friends and I was sang Happy Birthday in Klingon! =D

  5. My favorite birthday memory is when my Master surprised me with getting my butterfly tattoo done. I had no idea up until the appointment time that it was getting done. It’s one of the most beautiful tattoo’s and I’m proud to wear it for my Master. ๐Ÿ˜€ A terrific birthday memory.

  6. Hey it is me willful (enslaved) from Twitterland!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite birthday is probably going to be my 29th birthday, but that’s a very extremely x-rated story and I’m not sure if that is the best thing to share here!!

    Oddly, for the far more vanilla birthday events, I think my favorite was my 16th birthday. I was grounded for it (nearing the end of a two year grounding I received from my parents as punishment for getting alcohol poisoning as a 14 year old). My youngest sister, only 6 at the time, knew it was my golden birthday so she searched the house for something gold. She found one of those Whethers Original butterscotch candies in a gold wrapper and gave it to me. Something about the thoughtfulness in her youthful action was so heart-warming I still think about it fondly to this day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will go follow @Mewtique now! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I was turning 10, and my mom made a sheet cake for the nine MILLION friends coming to swim in our pool (which was the first in the neighborhood, and honestly more popular than I was). Star Wars (the first one) had just come out, and she worked all morning to draw R2-D2 on the thing, and it hit me how much work this must have been, and I just felt very lucky.

    I mean, everyone OVER the age of 10 or so knows that parenting in general is a buttload of heartache and effort, but this was the first time it really struck me how much was done for me on a daily basis, and I was just intensely grateful.

  8. Ear, Ears, I loves my Ears
    I follow @mewtique on twitter, and i wears the ears you made for me too,
    And fravorite Birthday memories, hmmmm
    Going to San Diego zoo as a chiled with 5 other friends
    or was it going to Disneyland for my fathers birthday when i was 5?

  9. My cousin and I both had birthdays in January so my family decided to double up and have one party. We had extra candles on the cake and when we bent over to blow them out my hair caught fire. All of the kids started screaming and it was complete chaos but I stayed calm while my mom tossed a towel over my head to smother the flames. I was not hurt but it was very funny and to this day everyone talks and laughs about it whenever there is a kids birthday party in my family. Also, I never had to share a party with my cousin again.

  10. Kitty ears!!

    My favorite birthday memory….

    Well, my birthday is so close to Christmas so it was never really a big thing growing up. I got my birthday cakes and presents but I can’t remember an actual birthday party or anything like that.

    So….my favorite birthday memory is when Daddy and I went to Vegas. Getting tipsy in the hotel room after being out on the strip all day and having fun in the big comfy bed!!

    I follow @Mewtique on twitter my name is @daddyskitkat

  11. Facebook!/permalink.php?story_fbid=212937898735033&id=100001781426936


    My favorite birthday memory.
    I tuned 18, about to graduate from high school. I had a small party for gifts and cake, among those who actually showed up from high school were my best friends Jesse and Maggie. They bought me a “Happy Birthday Grandpa” card and “grandpa” was crossed out and replaced with “best friend.”
    It was super cute, and makes still makes me giggle.

  12. My best birthday memory is last year. I ended up having my birthday on our local community rope night. I ended up getting my 27 birthday spankings and had many toys broken over my ass. I then got a homemade cd and a birthday card sprayed with my boyfriend’s cologne. I was so happy and couldn’t ask for anything more from someone who loved me.

  13. Favorite birthday memory… hmm.. I’m sure there’s something cool from when I was little, like getting my first bike or something that I was really excited about, but I don’t remember much from when I was younger. I suppose my most amusing memory was my mom asking me what I wanted for my birthday about a year ago and I told her a Carhart and she just shook her head at me and mumbled something about her daughter being a redneck.

  14. I think my favourite birthday memory was actually from this year; I had a night out with friends and I got to dance the night away in my favourite dress! It’s not kinky or exciting but it was a good night!

  15. My favorite birthday memory, huh? This is definitely the most memorable birthday. I would say probably my 21st birthday. I spent my 21st birthday in the Baltic, on a war games exercise with NATO… sea….no alcohol to be had. On my 21st birthday! Talk about bad timing. So, the first land we made port at was Kiel, Germany a week later. Of course in Germany it doesn’t matter that you are 21 in order to drink. Since their drinking age is quite a bit younger. However, I went ashore with some close friends, who I still keep up with pretty regularly, and we went to a micro-brewery. It was October-fest at the time. October-fest in Germany, we saw that many of the locals were walking around with these pint-size kegs of beer. Like hand-held kegs. We went to a micro-brewery and forgetting that we were in Germany and that they brewed the beer right there, we looked at the menu (which was in German) and order, pretty randomly. I ended up with a platter of different sausages and different sauces to dip them in. I LOVE sausage so it was great. We saw that they had kegs for about 3-5 Euro, (its been 9 yrs now) pretty cheap, right? We thought (funny Americans) that it was the pint-size kegs that we saw everyone with. There were 12 of us, only 10 were drinking. So, we ordered 10 kegs, the German waiter looked at us uncertainly. We thought there was a mistake in communication, that we had made a mistake ordering, so we re-affirmed that we wanted 10 of these, what we thought were, pint-size kegs. He shrugged, nodded, and left. Coming back out, he and several others started unfolding tables and brought out 10 full-size kegs. We were pretty popular that night. My birthdays are usually pretty uneventful, but that was probably one of my favorites.

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