Neck And Wrist Restraints

As a major fan of the Sportsheets company, I got a little quiver in my cunt when I saw this Neck And Wrist Restraint Set by Sportsheets, at Fascinations.  Did I really need another set of soft cuffs?  Nope.  But you know what?  I did need that long, thick nylon cord with all the D rings in it.  Now that?  That I could think of uses for.

Sportsheets Neck and Wrist Restraints Set Box

Here’s a view of the box.  The set comes with one smallish G-Clip, one neoprene collar with a 2″ width, and one set of neoprene wrist cuffs.  While the box has two sets pictured, I wanted to be clear that the set only comes with one.  The set also only comes with one G-Clip.  However, you can always pick up some at your local hardware store for .50, they are really inexpensive.

Soft Bondage Neoprene Cuffs

Here’s a view of the cuffs that most Sportsheets equipment come with.  They are soft, and neoprene, and great for anyone who likes to be incapable of getting away, yet would prefer a more quick-release style bondage.  These definitely feel less strict than they are, so if you’re new to bondage these are a good first set.

Neoprene Collar

Here’s a view of the collar.  The collar is made from neoprene and nylon, same as the cuffs.  This is wonderful if you’d like to do a bit of bondage in the shower, since you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.  Vegans can also enjoy being bound without the use of animal products.  In use, this collar worked really well.  I could put the entire weight of my head on it (leaning back against my bonds wearing this) and it never even came slightly undone.  As I said about the cuffs, this is much more sturdy than it looks.  Also, due to the fact that the cuffs and collar are both velcro, they will fit a wide range of wrists or ankles, and necks.

One of the most basic things you can do with the neck and wrist restraints

Here’s a view of the first thing Master did with me and the restraints.  We wanted to show you the restraints first only with things you could get from the box.  There are five pieces with the box: the collar, two cuffs, the nylon piece in the middle, and one G-Clip.  You can also switch where the wrists are placed, anywhere along the length of the nylon piece.  The nylon piece is 19″ long, and 2″ wide.  It is very thick, and very sturdy, and also built to last.

Neck and Wrist Restraints Set

You can (if your partner is flexible enough) attach G-clips to the wrist and leg cuffs of your partner, to make them pretty helpless.  As you can see here, you don’t have to stick with the wrist cuffs which come with the set.  While they are more than adequate, feel free to substitute your favorite pair!

With rope and extra g-clips

You are not limited to the items which come in the set.  Feel free to experiment and have fun!  Pictured above* you’ll see Master strung rope through the D-rings and used the g-clips on my nipples to make it even harder for me to move or escape.  I loved this.

Neck and wrist restraints on the porch

If you’re adventurous and brave, you could even use this set outside on your porch railing.  Watch out and make sure you’re not in view of children though.  This just works really great to attach yourself to other items.  The nylon strap can be folded over items to create a sort of “tether”.

Close up of the nylon strap.

Here’s a close up of the nylon strap on the railing.  As you can see, we used two G-clips to anchor the strap to the railing.  Colorado is windy, and we wouldn’t want it to blow off!

On the porch, in my neck and wrist restraints by sportsheets.
We really had a whole lot of fun with these restraints.  They are incredibly versatile, and there’s so little that I can think that this strap would NOT work for.  While not pictured, this would also be great as a hogtie restraint.  You could decide where to place the feet of the person you’re working with, based on their flexibility.  You needn’t use the collar the set comes with if you don’t like, as it is easily removable to put your own favorite collar in.
Neck and wrist restraints as a leash.

Master got a lot of amusement out of sliding his belt through the part which the collar was meant to go through, and then cliping the base of the nylon strap to my collar, like a leash.  Then, I was stuck to him wherever he wanted to go!  It doesn’t get much more fun than that. 🙂

Cleaning is a bit of a chore.  If you happen to get this dirty, you can put it in a lingerie bag in the washing machine, but do NOT put it in the dryer.  The dryer will melt down the nylon, since nylon is heat sensitive.  Instead, you could just hang this up to dry, or clip it to your porch for a while, like we did above.

Really, when it comes to the Neck and Wrist Restraints, it is hard to not find tons and tons of uses for it.  This is a versatile piece of equipment that will last you for years to come (if taken care of properly), and will bring you plenty of joy.  I am giving it 5 sturdy stars:

Thank you so much, Fascinations, for allowing me the chance to try out this great set in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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