Peepshow Princess Wonderland

Hey kitty, what you got there?  Are you trying to show us your panties?  C’mon, give us a closer look!

Ooh, they’re lacey, are they?  I like that.  You’re looking pretty good there.  I’m getting horny.  Let’s just take those panties off, and…

*I don’t have to take them off you?!  That is just perfect.  Now we don’t have to slow things down with removing all of that pesky clothing.  Wait, what are you telling me?  Oh?  These are unlike any crotchless panties you’ve ever worn because they have lots of cloth down below to cover things up, so they feel like regular panties, but when it’s time to play, you just part the cloth?  Very nice!  And, is that a bow I see peeking out of the back of those panties?  So cute.

Hey, could you show us the box?  I’d like to see what size these will fit.

Good kitty!  Thank you!  Let’s see, you got the size small, which fits up to a 38″ hip?  Hmm, I think my girl is a little bigger than that.  It also comes in a size large which fits up to a 42″ hip?  That is so good to know.  Those Peepshow Princess Panties are so cute.  That is so perfect.  Thanks, kitty.  I think I know someone special I’d like to buy these for.  Plus, that reusable box is so cute, and I love that it pulls out like a drawer.  This box would be just perfect for gift giving.  It may not be Christmas time, but I bet these would be an adorable stocking stuffer. 

How should I wash these?  Hmm, you’re saying that a lingerie bag will do the trick?  Oh, but I shouldn’t put these in the dryer, huh?  I’ll just have to let them drip-dry.  Those are so cute!  I love that you can wear them under anything comfortably.  Thank you Kitty, and Babeland, for sharing them with us.  5 Sexy paws:

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out these cute panties in exchange for an honest and fair review.

*The marks you see here in this picture are from some consensual BDSM play, and no kitties were really harmed in the making of this review.  Thank you!

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