Masochism Tango

This past weekend was full of win again, as Masterofslavej and his beautiful jenpet came to visit.  We didn’t get as many pictures as we normally do, so this will be more of a “highlights of” post than an actual run-down.  So much of what we did was a blur, as always.  A happy, awesome blur.  If you would like to see pics of all of us together please check out my fetlife profile. 🙂

We did a lot of fun things, and I know Master Pravus and me both had a blast.  One of the first things Masterofslavej did with me was to tie my nipples up.  I’ve had my nipples tied with chopsticks before, but they were four separate sticks, not two that were long enough for my nipples.  It was awesome.  First I was tied so that my tits were nice and purple.  Hot.

As I felt him cinching the ropes around my tits – I’m not even sure I can describe that feeling.  I just adore ropes.  I love how they bind, and I love how (tied correctly) they don’t “give”.  Good ropes.  He he.  As I was holding the ropes, Masterofslavej went into his bag of tricks (I love his bag.  Mostly, I love not having any clue what’s in it.) and pulled out a couple of wooden sticks.  I had a good feeling about this.

Before long, there I was.  Bound and feeling pretty fucking floaty.  Nothing in the world beats the feeling I get from being bound.  Nothing. 

In the background, I could hear some delightful noises.  Master had been giving jenpet her first experience with the Hitachi.  I am pleased to say that she loved it.  (Um.  It’s the (AFF) Hitachi.  Of course she loved it.  *cough*).  I had the pleasure of being able to go kiss her a couple of times while she was having Hitachi orgasms.  Fuck.  Yes.  But not at this point in the evening.  At this point, I was laid on my tummy and had my ass beaten.  Wonderfully.

He used a new cane he had on me, the Delrin cane.  I liked it here and there, but it’s so stingy that it was a bit hard for me to take.  He also used his hands on me, and the Clackers (a favorite of mine).  I love their heavy thumpy-thuddyness. 🙂  At one point Master Pravus gave Masterofslavej the heavy wooden paddle, and Masterofslavej went back and fourth between it and the Clackers asking which I liked better.  I couldn’t pick! 🙂  They’re both so awesome!  It was cool to feel one then the other like that though.

I also got to experience a flogging for the first time in a long time.  While we do have three floggers, they all just sort of collect dust since Master Pravus prefers to wield stiffer implements.  The first few strokes I took with the flogger felt like going home.  Feeling the strokes harsher, faster, thump, thump, thump…  Mmm, happy Kitty.  I don’t think I cried until Masterofslavej took out his Victor Tella single tail whip.

The single tail was fun, but MUCH harder for me to take.  It’s very stingy, so there were only a couple of strokes that I was able to really enjoy.  That whip made me cry plenty.  Hee hee.  I think Masterofslavej had fun making me cry though.  At one point, while he was whipping me, he heard me crying.  I didn’t see his face, but you could almost hear the smile in his voice. 

“Are you crying kitty?  That’s OK.  You just go ahead and cry.”  Very hot.

One of the many, many highlights of the night was getting fucked by jenpet.  I was scared (only a little) at first, because we don’t have a lot of harness compatible dildos and the ones we do have are either too big or too small.  Too small doesn’t scare me, but too big does!  Lol.  Well, once we got into it, and jenpet mounted me, my fear went away, and I melted into a happy puddle of Kitty goo.

I couldn’t help myself and I started working my hips back against her.  I felt her lovely teeth find my shoulder (with Master’s permission) and we stayed on the floor in doggy for a while before Master had me mount her and ride her.  I climbed on top of her huge cock, and I rode myself to orgasm (with the help of a vibrator on my clit).  I asked Master for permission to cum, and he said I could, but only if I kissed jenpet as I did.  I gladly did this.  Her kisses taste so good that it is just so hard to pull away from her though.  I kissed her long after I came.  After a while, Master let me climb off of poor jenpet.  Such an amazing night.  I’ll never forget being fucked for the first time with a strap on.  <3

The following morning, I got up to cook the bacon, and Master came into the front room with a raging hard on.  He had me kneel at first on the pull out couch and kiss jenpet while he fucked me.  Then, he laid me on jenpet and fucked me.  Then, he put me on the floor and fucked me with my legs folded across my chest.  And there I was in nothing but an apron.  Hee hee.  Lucky kitty!

Overall, an amazing weekend again, and Master and me are both (not surprisingly) looking forward to next time. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Masochism Tango

    1. Thanks @Lada If you scroll down to the picture where my legs are tied with a belt and you can see my butt (fourth pic down). The Clackers are right next to my ass in the top of the picture. I just nicknamed them that because it’s like two long pieces of wood, and when they smack your ass they make almost a “clacking” sound. 🙂

  1. Thanks @Faete. I really couldn’t figure out how you’d give a good spanking with two acrylic balls on strings. But I really wanted to know because I far prefer thuddy over stingy. (Not that I can take much anymore.)

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