Stronger Than I Think I Am

The offending water jug. Master drew a kitty face on it to entice me to drink. Sad to say, yeah, it worked. 😉

A few weeks ago, Master hurt his back, and at the time it fell to me to do everything.  For the most part, this was OK, but there were things I wound up having to do which included very heavy lifting.  Things Master would not normally dream of having me do.  I had no choice though, because Master couldn’t even sit up let alone haul heavy things.

In fact, we got to the point that I absolutely had no choice but to go outside and carry in a fourty two pound big heavy box of cat litter.  I had to change the cat’s litter boxes, and there wasn’t much to say about it.  Normally, Master would do this without even thinking, and I would get the smaller bags.  I took a deep breath, cleared my head, and went outside to carry this huge box.  And you know what?  I got it in the house.  True, it took me the better part of a half hour.  True, the stairs took me longer than walking the 100 feet to the stairs.  But I did it.  I didn’t think I could, and I did.  When I was down to my last five steps, a neighbor who I didn’t know, but just happened to be out walking stopped by to ask if I needed any help.  It was sweet of him, but at that point, I just laughed him off and said

“Well, I made it this far, I think I can get the last five steps on my own.  Thank you though.”

And that was it.  I was in the house with my ridiculously sized box of kitty gravel, and walking with it to the bathroom.

Flash forward to a couple days ago.  We always use a water filter on our faucet because for some reason we just don’t like the taste of the water around here lately.  The ice maker has been malfunctioning lately though, and it, along with the water out of the tap (which has a fresh filter, as we just changed it) hasn’t been tasting right.  Because of this, I’ve been drinking a lot less water.  Master decided the best solution to that was to go down to the local store and just pick up one of those giant jugs of water with a spout on it.

We get to the aisle, and of course I grabbed the water to carry.  It was twenty pounds.  I struggled with it only a little bit as I walked to the register.  Master kept asking me if I was OK, and if I needed help.  I kept telling him I was fine, and I could do it.

We get up to the register and pay for our water.  I’m about to grab the jug, when Master reaches out in front of me and grabs it before I can.  (You have to be careful of those trixy, slick Masters!)  I felt kind of dejected.

I asked Master why he had taken the jug after we got to the car, if I did a poor job.  That was the only thing I could think that would make him want to carry it instead of me.  He told me that I did great, but he was worried because it looked like I was struggling with it.

I sat back and thought about what he was telling me.  I talked to him about it and told him that I felt like I was much more capable since his accident.  Of course I was strong enough all along to do these little tasks, but actually doing them made me realize that there was no reason Master should have to do these things.  He told me he was glad I talked to him about that.  Of course it is still and will always be up to him to decide what he wants me to do, but at least now he knows I was doing it because I knew I could, and not because I didn’t want to tell him I could not.

2 thoughts on “Stronger Than I Think I Am

  1. I was considering buying one of those big boxes of kitty litter for our kitties to I think it was like $20AUD but it works out alot cheaper in the long run as suppose to the $11AUD one (next size down 4kg I think?) I can carry the 4kg one fine but not sure about the bigger one (maybe 8-10kg?). I am considering going up just for it, with my shopping trolly and dragging it down the street (we don’t drive) but then I have to carry it up 3 floors lol. Then again I can carry 2 weeks worth of grocceries up the 3 floors in my shopping trolly.

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