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I’m probably the biggest fan of Tantus that there is.  If they had an international (AFF) Tantus Dildo Day, I’d buy a cake, balloons, and throw a party for all my closest friends.  No surprise then, that when the amazing sex toys store Vibrator.com offered to send me the Tantus Throb Silicone Dildo, that I jumped up and down and squeeled like a pig.

This realistic dong is made from 100% silicone.  That means that it is sterilizable.  You can bleach it with a 10% bleach solution, put it in the top rack of your dishwasher, boil it for a minimum of three minutes, use a toy cleaner, or even use plain soap and water if you’re in a pinch.

(AFF) The Throb is not remarkable in length or width, having only 5.5″ insertable, and 1.4″ in diameter.  The main event with this toy is, instead, its magnificent texture!  As you can see from looking at my picture, the Throb has a whole lot of very exaggerated veins running the entire length of it.  I’ve been enjoying texture more and more lately, so I thought the Throb would be a good fit for me. Unfortunately, I had very mixed results.

The first thing we did with the toy was to put it inside me, and then Master Pravus had me keep my legs together and roll onto my tummy.  He took one of the paddles we have and used it on my ass and thighs while I kept the Throb in place.  This felt marvelous.  I really enjoyed being hit, all the while keeping the toy there.  Every time the paddle fell, the toy would shift ever-so-slightly, and nudge my g-spot.  Many people talk about the “sweet spot” in regards to spanking.  This made my sweet spot all the sweeter.

I am sad to say, that is where the enjoyment of this toy ended for me.  When I tried to use it vaginally on its own, it was just too thin and too short to do much for me, and on top of that the ridges were uncomfortable.  I thought about perhaps using this toy for anal, since it has a good sturdy base, but that’s a no-go for me too.  The toy is definitely a bit too textured for me to enjoy that way, and it is also impossible to clean by hand.

As I mentioned previously, you have a whole lot of options when it comes to cleaning this toy.  If you choose to use any of the “by hand” methods, then cleaning this toy is going to be a pain in the ASS.  All of those little ridges hold onto dirt and make it very hard to clean.  I find that the best way to really clean this is to just boil it for that reason, even if you’re just using it by yourself.  And yes, because it is sterilizable, if you properly clean this toy (boil, bleach, etc) you’re welcome to share it.

Overall, this is a fun toy, but I only enjoy it during spanking.  While I think that many people who really enjoy texture will love this toy, I’m not a big fan.  This was my first Tantus disappointment.  I’m going to give it 3 paws:Thank you so much, to Vibrator.com, for allowing me to review this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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  1. i have a question of the stability of the base. in the picture it appears to be a pretty thick and sturdy base. was just curious if it was as stable as it looked. would it be suitable for use in a harness ?

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