Extreme Compliance, All In One Convenient Kit

If there is one thing that I really love, it is the objectification of being able to be human furniture, for a time.  The Extreme Compliance Kit by Pipedream is one such way to turn your partner into a sexy piece of furniture.  It also works quite well for humiliation and maid service!  I’ve seen other versions of gags like this, but they were very, very expensive, and not accessible to your average kinkster.  Thankfully, the wonderfully kind people over at Fascinations sent me this set for review!  Thank you so much!

The Gag Itself

Here’s a close up view of the gag without any attachments on it.  There are things I like about it, and things which I don’t like.  First off, the straps could be much, much more secure.  Instead of being a buckle, they are neoprene and nylon, and you use D-rings to secure the gag in place.  The ball itself is very big, at 1.75″ in diameter.  Personally, I found this to be a bit on the small side.  Keep in mind that I am an advanced gag user, and am used to wearing ball gags which are 2″ or larger.  I also have a large jaw.  Master Pravus tried to put the ball in his mouth (to test for size), and he had to force it in.  Your average jaw isn’t going to find this a comfortable stretch, so keep that in mind.

The front of the gag has a very heavy duty metal piece, which you’ll use to attach your attachments to.  The front of the gag itself is some sort of fabric (I’m not sure the type) which is over some sort of harder material (possibly plastic).  The package doesn’t say.  Because of the fact that the gag isn’t made of sterilizable materials, I wouldn’t recommend sharing it, unfortunately.

There were no instructions with the gag, and it took both me and Master Pravus some time to figure out how to attach things.  Let me save you the trouble though.  What you’ll do is take the outside metal piece on the gag itself, and push the outer metal layer back.  Then, take whichever attachment you want, and push it gently into the gag.  You’ll hear a soft “click” letting you know you’ve done this properly.  Let go of the outer metal ring, and you should be good to go.  I recommend taking the gag off your partner each time you’re going to change out the attachment.  This way, you’re not pushing into your submissive’s face and putting excess pressure on their jaw.  Now, let’s check out the attachments.

Leash Attachment For The Extreme Compliance Kit

Here’s the leash attachment.  The leash itself has the same “click in” base as the other pieces, but the very bottom link of the chain has a clip you can use to attach something a bit longer.  As you can see in the picture, the leash provided is very short.  It is a bit longer than 12″, which means you won’t have as much versatility with it as other leashes.  Any leash you have should clip in nicely instead though, if you desire.

Using A Different Leash Allows More Versatility

Be very careful when you are leading your “pet” around though.  Bear in mind that their jaw is being stressed out a lot with the weight of the gag, and you don’t want to pull too much and cause too much stress on their teeth.

Dildo Attachment

The dildo attachment is 6″ long, 1.5″ in diameter, and doesn’t feel entirely solid when you squeeze it.  I’m not entirely sure what it is made out of, but the box says it is made from jelly.  I’ve had plenty of jelly toys in the past, and this looks and feels unlike any jelly toy I’ve ever owned.  In either case, jelly is very porous, so I wouldn’t share this with anyone you are not fluid bonded with, unless you put a condom on it first.

The box shows the dildo being used by a male switch and he is pretending to penetrate his female partner (they don’t want to show nudity on the box, clearly).  I really don’t know how well fucking someone with a dildo attached to your face would work in real life.  That would be a whole lot of neck strain (and if you are like me and have a wonky neck anyway, you won’t even want to attempt it).  However, it could be fun being the “human dildo” and letting someone climb on your face and ride you!  I don’t think we’ll be using it for that purpose, but just wearing a dildo on the other end of your gag is pretty humiliating in itself, and gives new meaning to the term “Gag Kisses”.

The Toilet Bowl Brush Makes My Toilet Duties A Bit Easier

The toilet brush attachment is softer than most regular toilet bowl brushes I’ve seen.  You can use it just like you’re meant to, but you’ll have to throw it out after a couple of months because you won’t be able to sterilize it after use.  You can also use it (like the dildo) simply to humiliate the person who is wearing it.  That’s what we have done with it so far.  Although Master Pravus does like to put my face pretty close to the toilet bowl to increase the humiliation further, as you can see.

Brush Attachment

On the box, the brush attachment is recommended for either sweeping up small piles on the floor, or for tickling your partner with.  I highly recommend you choose one of those tasks and stick with it.  The brush isn’t exactly sterilizable, and you wouldn’t want your partner to get covered in dirt.  That’s not sexy at all.

Ashtray Attachment

My absolute favorite part of the set, is the little bowl.  You can use it for all kinds of things, but my favorite is to be Master’s ash tray.  This isn’t a great idea for anyone who has allergies, or other problems with smoke.  However, I found it incredibly hot to be able to serve Master Pravus in this way.

Human Snack Tray

Alternatively, if smoking isn’t your thing, you could use this as a snack container.  We have pretzels in ours above, but you could put anything in there you want.  Just be sure to wash it very, very well if you also use it as an ashtray.

Overall, there are a lot of very cool things to love about this set, but there is one major drawback for me.  The fact that the strap which holds this to your head just isn’t made very well really detracts from the piece as a whole.  In order to keep the set on, I basically have to hold it in place by the ballgag between my teeth.  While the pieces are each plastic and painted to look like metal (with the exception of the actual piece on the front of the gag which is quite heavy duty, and definitely metal!) they still add an extra weight to the gag, and make it more difficult to hold in.  Basically, I find that this is not a long-term gag for that reason, and have to take breaks with it every twenty or thirty minutes.

Still, anyone interested in the extreme humiliation factors that this piece has should check it out.  I’m giving it four paws.

Thank you so much, Fascinations, for allowing me to review this set in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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