NOBODY Should Smell This Delicious

A while back, I reviewed Chocolate Massage and Body Oil, for Babeland.  Remember that?  I was so taken with how wonderful that the oil was, that I just had to try the Sweet Beauty brand Organic Chocolate Body Creme.  Not only was I excited that it was from the same makers of the amazing oil I’d loved previously, but it is also from the wonderfully sex positive people at Babeland.  Win.

Ingredients are as follows:  Distilled water, grape seed oil, shea butter oil, cupaucu butter and babassu seed oil infused with organic fair trade cocoa and nibs, cocoa extract, cocoa absolute, emulsifying wax NF, glycerin, stearic acid, natural chocolate flavor oil, honeysuckle extract, and citric acid.

The cream comes in two sizes, two ounces or eight ounces.  The jar pictured is the two ounce jar.  Both jars come with a screw-top lid, and the cream itself is so thick that if you were to turn the jar upside down, the cream isn’t going anywhere until you tell it to.  Nice, yes?

As for its uses, if you choose to use this like a regular hand and body cream, a little goes a long way!  Start out with a small dab, and add more as you desire.  If you put too much on at once, the thickness of the cream will make it hard to rub in.  Always put less than you think you need, and you can always add more to it.  If you put this on like I mentioned, just a little bit at a time, it absorbs into the skin quite easily and won’t leave you feeling greasy, but will leave you smelling like a chocolate bar.

Now, remember, smelling like a chocolate bar isn’t going to excuse you from anything you normally wouldn’t do.

“Like what,” you ask?

When we first got this, Master Pravus picked it up and slathered it all over his arm.  Then, he dangled said arm in my face.  Of course I tried to eat him.  He smelled like food!  Did I get away with it?  Nope.  As it turns out, I’m not supposed to bite him, even if he does smell delicious.  And trust me, I used every excuse I could think of to try to sway him.  Chocolate body cream doesn’t make it OK to eat Master Pravus.  Lesson learned.  ::sigh::

The consistency of the cream is almost like body butter, to me.  It is very thick and stays where you put it.  It doesn’t run or drip in this slightest.  I live in Colorado, which is quite dry and arid, and this cream is a wonderful treat for my skin.  My nose isn’t complaining either.

The little jar would be wonderful in a gift basket, in a stocking, or anywhere else you need a small present.  It is absolutely wonderful, and I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying it.  5 Moist Paws:

Thank you again, to the fabulous people over at Babeland, for allowing me the chance to try out this great cream in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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