Up, Up, And AWAY!

It all started when my drinks started tasting like shit.  Turns out, our ice maker was really, really old and it was time to replace it.  We called management.  Management sent over the one guy who helps us (we’re good friends with him, and he also happens to be head of the maintenance department).  The guy who helps us out is called C (well, in my blog that’s how I refer to him), and C never comes by just to fix things.  C comes by to hang out.

It was about two hours before Master was due to come home, and me and C were sitting in the living room shooting the shit.  I never know how our conversations travel around to these things, but before long, I was trying to explain to him about sub space, and top space.  Not long after that, C (of his own accord) brought up how his buddy got suspended by meat hooks once.  Cool.  I mentioned I’d love to be suspended, but I really want to be suspended by ropes (not that I’d mind meat hooks, but that’s for another day and place).  I mentioned that I was going to order a bondage frame, so that I could be suspended indoors without needing to poke holes in the ceiling.

C scoffed.

“Just poke holes in the ceiling.  We don’t care.  You have a right to live your life however you want.  Besides, it’s not like we can’t patch holes.”

My face lit up.

“For reals?!”

“Yeah.  Go for it.”

And then he went about explaining to me exactly how to go about doing it, and doing it properly.  He told us that if we did it right, we could probably suspend 900 pounds.  I’m just under 150.  That is 6 times my weight.  Perfect.

“So, what you want,” he asked me “Is basically some kind of rig that would allow you to be suspended by your ankles, right?”

“Actually, um.  No.  I’m terrified of being upside down.”  I blushed.  “I’d love to be suspended rightside up though, possibly by wrists, etc.”

“Really?  That won’t be hard.” he promised me.

When Master got home, C was still there, so I asked him to explain to Master how to do it so that we were all on the same page.  With both Master and C giving me the green light, I had to wait until the next time I got allowance to be able to buy the materials. 

Allowance day came, and Master took me down to Home Depot.  First of all:

Fuck each and every one of you who knew that you could buy ropes and chains by the foot at home depot for reasonable prices.  Fuck you all to Hell. 


Sorry about that.  I just can’t believe no one told me!  I’d never really been to a Home Depot.  Fuck.  I know where I’m going on my NEXT allowance day!

We bought a bunch of wood, screws, ceiling hooks, some tools, etc.  When we left there that day, we’d spent just under $55 on items for the rig.  Before the project was through though we had to go back and buy a couple of drill bits that we didn’t have, and a ratchet set.  Total cost of the rig was about $75.  Not bad at all. 

We brought everything back home, because C told us not to buy a stud finder.  He said he’d lend us his.  It was very hard to wait until Monday to borrow the stud finder.  I repeat.  It was VERY hard.  Having all the tools and equipment you need, and having to wait is always hard.  I did it though.  The chances we’d need a stud finder any time soon were small.  It made more sense.  Still though, who wants to wait?

It wasn’t until this past Wednesday night that Master was able to put up the rig.  I’d been sick for most of Saturday night into late Tuesday, so Master was more worried about me than a piece of gear.  (Thank you Master!).

He spent a lot of time hammering, sawing, and screwing bits of things together.  Before the end of the night, we went to Home Depot two more times.  Poor Master got called from work and had to work remotely for over an hour, setting things back a bit.  I was a lucky girl though because Master promised me that he’s let me stay up till it was complete.

I’m not going to make a tutorial for how to install one on your own.  It’s very difficult figuring out exactly where to drill, and I think it’s very, very important that if you want to drill in your ceiling you should consult someone who has that expertise in your area.  However, once it was up, we tested it a little bit.

During our Initial Home Depot run we purchased a six foot length of chain to run through the loops in the top of the rig.  This way, we can easily attach the sex swing or the suspension cuffs with ease.  Unfortunately, it’s that time of the month for me, so we didn’t get to do much beyond having me sit in it, and adjust the swing and testing out the suspension cuffs a little bit. 

Tonight, Master has promised me a flogging.  I cannot wait.  He has been taunting me all day with it.  Is it tonight yet?  🙂  Either way, I’m going to wait to publish this post until the flogging so that I can show you all a couple of pictures of me in the new rig.  Yay!

9 thoughts on “Up, Up, And AWAY!

  1. Lucky you!
    Yet more reason it tends to be called Dom Depot I suppose. I ‘m sorry I never told you about the chain. Once we got the 2 foot length we use to defrost meat I totally forgot about it.
    We’ve gotten rope at the feed store. They have an amazing selection of single and double end snaps in regular and break away & the like by the way. (They have the human safe horse bits too iirc.) I can’t remember how it compares to Home Depot. (Our local one closed about 2 years ago.)

    I love watching my Master be handy. It’s so hot. From changing a light switch, minor plumbing, or assembling furniture.

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