Condoms For A Cause Sampler Pack

Safer sex is sexier sex, and sexier sex is HOT!

Being fluid bonded only with each other means that Master and me don’t usually have much need for condoms.  However, since we’re in an open relationship and play with others now, we thought we would give the Condoms For A Cause Sampler Pack a shot.

Condoms For A Cause Sampler Pack

Here’s a shot of how the condoms themselves arrive.  They are just in a clear plastic baggie with a cardboard cap on top.  I liked the minimal packaging a lot.

The Condoms Themselves

 Here’s what you’ll actually get.  Two Proper Attire Condoms, with proceeds benefiting Planned Parenthood!  These come in color, XL, and basic.  The ones we got were color.  One was yellow, and one was blue.  We’ve used colored condoms before and we enjoy the whimsical nature of a blue or green cock.  In use, we really enjoyed these.  I didn’t realize Master was wearing a condom, and I double checked with him to ask if he had put it on.  He had, they are just so thin and comfortable to use.  The condom does not say what kind of lubricant is on it, however, it feels a lot like silicone to me and Master.  Beware:  these are latex condoms, so don’t use them if you have an aversion to latex!

You’ll also get two Proper Attire Condoms in Keith Haring style.  We found these to be just as comfortable and easy to use as the colored ones, though without the color.  Sales of the Keith Haring Style of Proper Attire Condoms go to the Keith Haring foundation.  The foundation supports HIV/AIDS related research, care, and education.

Sir Richard's Pleasure Dots Close Up

The final type of condom you’ll get is Sir Richard’s Pleasure Dots.  You’ll get two of these, just like the other ones.  The condoms also come in other varieties such as: ultra thin, classic ribbed, and extra large.  For every condom sold, Sir Richard’s donates one condom to those in need.  At the moment, they are donating to clinics in Haiti. 

I’ve wanted to try studded condoms ever since I’ve heard of them, back when I first started using condoms.  However, I’ve never found them at a local store and didn’t want to order them online.  Babeland is a company that I really trust though, so I made the plunge.  While the condom is well made and didn’t break on us or anything like that, I found it to be uncomfortable.  When Master first slowly introduced his cock to my cunt, we had no problems.  In fact, I didn’t even feel the pleasure dots themselves right away.  It wasn’t until we started really fucking hard that I felt that these condoms were just not going to work for me.  To use the words I used at the time “It’s like fucking a cheese grater!  Owe, owe, owe!”

We took the condom off and finished up without it.  (See opening paragraph!  I do not recommend doing that with anyone you’re not fully fluid bonded with.)  Since I didn’t really like the condom (Master has no opinion one way or the other, he didn’t feel the little bumps at all) I opened up the second one, and just put it on my fingers to take a picture so you could see the texture for yourself.  If you like a lot of texture, you really may like these, although Master and me will likely stay away.  It is for such a good cause though that we may look into Sir Richard’s Ultra Thin or Classic Ribbed varieties.

While it doesn’t state the type of lubricant on the Pleasure Dots packaging either, Master and me both suspect silicone again.  These condoms are also latex, so again, if you have problems with latex, stay away.

Buying a Condoms For A Cause Sampler Pack is something you can feel good about.  At such an inexpensive price (About a dollar per condom!) you can ensure not only that you will have a safe and fun night ahead of you, but that someone else somewhere else is being taken care of.  Plus, you’ll get to try something new.  Win!

I’m going to give the Condoms For A Cause Sampler Pack 4 paws.  It’s only losing a paw for the discomfort of the Pleasure Dots.

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out this sampler pack in exchange for an honest and fair review.  (And also, for being cool enough to offer condoms that benefit more than just the user!)

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  1. I find ribbed condoms or ribbed and studded condoms to be better than just studded. Some of the studded ones are not bad as long as they are not mega studded, then it does get a little grating. Colored condoms weird me out a bit, but it’s good to hear that these are thin. Some of the colored condoms I’ve tried are usually much thicker and guys hate them.

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