On Stilts

This past weekend, I managed to cross a couple more Day Zero goals off of my list.  The first one was #38: Learn To Walk In Stiletto Heels.  I’ve been working on this one for a long time, mostly in the house.  I finally managed to take a trip out of the house wearing a pair.  I had no problems at all, but I’ll admit that the heel on them was only about 2″.  Still, it wasn’t easy to walk in them at first, and I managed it.  Now I’m working on higher heels, and of course I’m still working on the Ballet Boots.  Those will be a while I think though.

#29 Buy Everything We Need For The Kitchen And Get It All Set UP is complete now too.  Really, we completed it a couple of months ago when we got the blender, but I guess I forgot to check it off.  Whoops.

There were a couple of things which we realized had to be removed and replaced.  One of my goals was to have my septum pierced.  I still would love that, but it’s going to get in the way of one of our newly found kinks, at least for a little bit, and we can’t have that.  Master Pravus has been really enjoying blocking my nose and mouth during sex and playing with breath play.  In his words:

“I love the way your nipples get hard when I don’t let you breathe.”


Either way, if I were to pierce my septum it would be 6-8 weeks before anyone could touch my nose, and then it may still be no fun to pinch my nose shut.  Because of that we took it off the list and replaced it.  It wouldn’t be the first time a piercing got retired or didn’t happen because it would get in the way of our play.  It likely won’t be the last, either.

While progress has been slower lately with my Day Zero Project list, I’ve still been working quite a bit on getting things done on it.  A lot of the things left require heavy time commitments, but I’m sure I’ll get there before the deadline.

63% Complete, 508 Days to go!

3 thoughts on “On Stilts

  1. You mentioned that your piercing got retired or didn’t happen and that you replaced it. What did you replace it with?

    Also at getting a blender, Yay! We are planning on getting a blender for our kitchen. I LOVE fruit smoothies. 😛

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