Birthday Spankings And Other Birthday Fun.

My birthday weekend was so much fun!  It started off on Friday night when our friend TamingMichelle came over.  We had gone out a few hours earlier and bought soo much grill food.  I think we were standing in line at the checkout line, when I looked at Master Pravus and laughed and said:

“You know, only ONE person is visiting tonight.”

Really, we always buy enough to feed an army when we have people visiting.  I guess that’d be the Italian in Master Pravus.  He won’t let anyone who visits get hungry.  He he.  As I like to jokingly say “We don’t *do* hungry in this house.”

Master made me a cake. 🙂

A bit before TamingMichelle came over, Master Pravus actually put the cake in the oven.  I must say though, that when we got around to tasting it, it was SO good. 🙂

Flowers from TamingMichelle

I got flowers!  See! 🙂  We spent most of the night just relaxing inside the porch and out.  I used my (AFF) Flip Ramp for the only thing I find it to be much good for.  Drinking.

Drinking On My Birthday 🙂

I love that picture.  My knee pads somehow look like fashion socks or something.  I was actually laying across it for a good while before Master accidentally knocked over my orange creamsicle when I got up to use the bathroom.  No matter.  It was a PARTY now! 🙂  Lol.  Master Pravus always says it’s not a party until something gets spilled.

There Were Lots Of Pics Of Us, But I’m Only Posting The Ones Which Were Posted To Twitter Here. 🙂

As our house is a “No one goes home hungry” home, it also seems to be a “No one keeps their clothes on for long” home.  I know I usually give you all the juicy details, but TamingMichelle is a bit more private about those things than we are…  So you guys can just use your imaginations.

This Was About Mid-Way Through The Fun. And Yes, There’s Alcohol In My Sippy Cup. It Has Vanilla Vodka And Orange Soda. 🙂

We did have a fantastic time.  It did eventually lead to me getting my spankings.  Mmm.  Every kitty needs spankings on her birthday!  I got about double the usual amount.  Okay, maybe triple, but we stopped counting after we got to my birthday year.  You didn’t hear me complaining.  In fact, I was loathe to stop!  I always am though.  I’m such a glutton for the paddle, Master Pravus’ hand, crop, whatever. 🙂  I just like being hit!

Birthday Spanking

My spanking started out with hands and then moved on to an (AFF) leather slapper. 🙂  It was fun!  A bit after that, we all had fourth meal, and then watched some Invader Zim before TamingMichelle had to go home.  Really though, she stayed well past midnight!

The next morning, we were hoping to get our errands done quickly so we could just have some fun and relax since it was my actual birthday.  I didn’t wake up until nearly ten A.M!  That is very unlike me, but I suspect the alcohol was behind it.  I was slightly hungover.  Not enough that I didn’t want to move or do anything, more like regular body aches and pains on top of feeling a little bit tired.

We went out on our errands and forgot things at home, twice.  It took us four hours to get everything done, and by the time we got home the day was pretty much gone.  On the way back from our errands, Master Pravus decided we should stop at Applebees and get a couple of appetizers.  While we were there I got a Mudslide.

Birthday Mudslide!

I don’t think I’d ever had a mudslide before, but it was very tasty.  It made me a little sleepy though. After Applebees, Master Pravus brought me to the local art store and let me pick out one gel pen and one colored pencil.  Fancy colored pencils and Sakura gel pens are always a special treat for me.  I don’t get them very often.  Then we went home, and I played a bit of video games and enjoyed a hot bath with Master Pravus before we both fell asleep a bit earlier than usual.

The next day Master Pravus let me do what we were planning to do on my birthday, except for all the errands.  I got to sit around a lot and play video games, eat my favorite foods, and fuck until I couldn’t feel my cunt anymore.  Hehehe.

Master Decided To Suspend Only My Legs. Hot.

It was just an awesome weekend!

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  1. Such a pity I couldn’t help with giving you your Birthday Spankings. Your ass is so lovely all reddened and/or bruised. Not that it isn’t lovely normally anyway 😉 The cake looks fantastic too. Also um, what’s a mudslide? >_>

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