Liberator Flip Ramp

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet…

Only, it was actually the Liberator Flip Ramp!

The Liberator Flip Ramp comes in several colors.  I chose the black, as it fits in with our decor very well.  There are also blue, red, tan, or purple ramps.  The Flip Ramp is 19″ wide, 14″ tall and 38″ long.  We chose the Flip Ramp as opposed to the more Traditional Liberator Ramp, because of its ability to fold up into a square for better storage.  We don’t have a ton of room in our apartment for new furniture pieces and thought this would fit along quite well.  If there is one thing to be said for the flip ramp, it certainly does store very well.

About The Only Sexual Position The Flip Ramp Works For.. Missionary!

  We were so excited when the Flip Ramp was due to arrive.  We went down to the postal center, and before we even got in the door the Mail Man told me there was a “Huge Parcel” for us.  Rock on.  He wasn’t kidding, either.  The package was about six inches wider than me on both sides, and came up mid-thigh on me when it was on the floor.  It wasn’t particularly heavy, just awkward to carry.  The on-site stats say that this is twenty two pounds, but I assure you, it is not.  I haven’t weighed it (I don’t own a scale!) however, it is very, very light.

Using The Cube To Aid Doggy Position

We were so eager to try out the Flip Ramp, so that night we tried it for doggy style sex.  This appealed to both of us the most because I always have a hard time holding myself up for too long in doggy normally.  I do have one gimpy wrist though.  Pillows work well, but they slide around and need re-adjustment.  I was sure that the Flip Ramp would work out wonderfully for us.

Comfortable For Missionary, And Similar Positions (Such as legs on his shoulders)

Unfortunately, it did not.  I have yet to read anyone else’s review stating they had the same problem, but if my stomach is resting on the Flip Ramp at all for any position, then while my partner is thrusting behind me, I get physically queasy.  I asked a bunch of people who own Liberator Gear if this happened to them, and they each said it did not.  At first, I thought it may have something to do with the fact that I’m a curvy girl, but I’ve heard pregnant women say that they love Liberator Gear, so that was out.  I definitely do not have a stomach as large as a typical pregnant woman.

As You Can See, However, I Can Definitely Reach

Other people told me that I was probably too short to use the Flip Ramp.  I am petite at only 5′ 2.25″, and I thought this might be the case.  However, after I heard that, I double checked myself, and as you can see above, I have no trouble reaching.  The trouble, I think, is the high density foam used to make the ramp.  It’s very, very firm.  In fact, I don’t notice it “giving” very much at all, unless I fold it into a cube and sit on it like in my first picture here.  When I am on my back, I don’t feel like the cube gives, however, it is very comfortable for me from that position.  Truthfully though, I would not have purchased this cube if I had known it would have only made missionary style sex better for us.  This is too much money to pay (in my opinion) just for missionary sex (which we had no issues with to begin with).

Great For Inverted Positions

Inverted positions on the Flip Ramp are great.  At least, they would be.  My biggest problem is that I am afraid of being upside down.  I don’t like my head being lower than the rest of my body.  While this will probably work out fine for most other folks, whenever I got into this position I panic.  You see that smiling face on me in the above picture purely out of a desire to show you the pose, and less out of enjoyment.  Still, that’s not the Liberator Flip Ramp’s fault.

Another Position For The Flip Ramp

If you’re flexible, you could rest your knees (well, one knee anyway) in the nook on the very bottom of the ramp and brace yourself against the top of the ramp.  Lift one of your legs up so your partner can rest it on his shoulder.  This is a fun position for us usually, but failed on the ramp only because I don’t seem to get along well with the high density foam.

Doggy Style, With Ramp Open

Now, after trying several different positions on the Flip Ramp, the truth is that we don’t even use it for sex now.  A couple of times, Master has put it on the floor in front of the TV so he could play with me while a movie was playing.  (Light stuff mostly).  Other times he has used it as a sort of “torture table”.  It fits on our massage table well so that I could rest my back against it and he could administer whatever he likes.  Overall, we find it to be much more hassle than it is worth.

Reading A Book

Truly, the ramp gets used now either as a place for me to read a book, rest my lap top (when I fold it into a square), use as a video game chair, or just as a foot rest.  I hate to say it, but for us this positional aid was a bust.  Whether or not it is for you depends highly on how comfortable you find the high density foam to be.  Another thing to note is that if you are plus sized, you might find the Liberator Ramp to be more comfortable as opposed to the Flip Ramp, because their original ramp is a little bit wider.

Flip Ramp With Liberator Throe On It

So, you either love it, or you hate it.  How do you clean it?  The Flip Ramp comes with a velvety cover which feels great on the skin, but unfortunately can’t be washed on high heat.  Anything like this which is going to be out where company and possibly play mates are needs to be washed on high heat in my opinion in order to kill anything that gets on it during sex.  If the cover gets washed on high heat, it will shrink, and you’ll be out of luck.

What we do to combat this is to put a Liberator Throe on it before we play naked.  This way, the Throe can be washed on high heat and nothing will get through to the Flip Ramp.  If you’re just using it between yourself and a monogamous partner then you could just wash it in the washing machine on delicate and put it on a cool setting in the dryer.

Overall, Master and me were really disappointed in the Liberator Flip Ramp.  It’s an expensive piece of equipment for something which works out mainly as a video game chair or foot stool.  I haven’t heard of anyone else having the problem we did, but I still can’t recommend spending your money on this when it didn’t work out for us.  Sorry Liberator Flip Ramp.  3 Paws.

Contoured furniture grade polyurethane foam – comfortable yet supportive for sex and / or massage. Lush microfiber cover zips-off for machine washing. Underneath a soft polyester water resistant linerPlushy and waterproof throeDual sided microfiber and satin sex blanket with moistureproof coreMachine washable plush and satin sex blanket with moistureproof barrier in the center

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The Flip Ramp was not given to us, rather, this is an item out of our own personal collection.  No compensation was received in exchange for this review.

12 thoughts on “Liberator Flip Ramp

  1. I’m sorry the flip ramp didn’t work out for you.
    You gave a really detailed review that I think will help us when/if it ever comes time for us to order liberator shapes.
    I finally figured out the size chart on their website with the help of my Master but it really is a huge investment for something that might not help us and won’t be used often unless it’s multipurpose.

    1. @Lada MacManus Yeah, I’ve never heard of anyone else having the issues Master and me had. 🙁 Which kind of sucks because it WAS a big investment. Still, what a mighty nice foot stool it is.. >:/

  2. Sorry it was no fun for you 🙁
    On the plus side you are, hands down, the cutest Miss Muffett in the world EVER! That is the most adorable I have ever seen you look!

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