Seamless Crochet Bodystocking

A View From The Front

Master is a huge fan of lingerie in general, and I’m a big fan of fishnets and other similar items, however, I can’t stand it when my lingerie tears or gets a hole in it which shouldn’t be there. One thing which I love about pothole style and crochet style items is that they don’t seem to get holes in them as much as normal fishnets do, and they also seem to last forever.  This body stocking was so inexpensive that I just had to try it out.  I figured that in a worst case scenario, I wouldn’t have wasted much money.  In reality, this is actually a great investment – especially for under ten bucks.

The Back View

To give you some stats on myself – I’m petite at only 5′ 2.25″ (and yes, that quarter of an inch matters!).  I have a 34/36 (depending on brand) D bust, a 33″ waist, and a 40″ hip.  This really fits me perfectly and I have no doubts that it would easily fit someone a bit wider than me or a bit taller than me.

Pattern Detail

The (AFF) Seamless Crochet Body Stocking is a one piece body stocking with no seams!  It has a low back (see my picture for an idea of what this looks like on me), and an open crotch.  I really love body stockings with an open crotch because it means you won’t have to take the stocking off to have sex.  Usually, I like to put the thong on top of the stocking, especially if out in public to make using the restrooms easier, and in the case of sex because the whole point of the stocking is to have easy access to your bits.  However, in these pictures I wanted to showcase the body stocking and felt that a thong on top would distract from the pattern of the crochet.


This arrives in a typical flat cardboard stocking package.  The body stocking itself has one piece of square cardboard in the leg to keep everything square for shipping.  On the front, there’s a picture of a woman modeling the stocking itself and she’s not wearing anything else.  There aren’t any spreads or anything, but everyone will know what’s in the package.  I didn’t save my package, I think it’s just easier to put this on a hanger and hang it with my other lingerie.  You could also store this in a drawer if you wanted to.

Master Is Silly And Made Me Do The “I’m Sorry” Pose From South Park. Geek. <3

To put this on, scrunch it up like you would any other tights or stockings, and slowly pull it up.  I’m pretty short so I didn’t have any problems getting the crotch where it needs to go.  Even though I’m curvy, I also had no problems with this stretching to fit any part of me.  My hips, thighs, butt, and breasts were all comfortably covered and were even five or six inches wider on any of my measurements this would still fit me fine.

I’ve read other’s reviews of this stocking, and many of them said that if you’re above a “C” cup that you may not be comfortable in this.  I wear a D cup bra, and I was fine.  Plus, Master Pravus thought it was kind of cute how my nipples poke through the netting.  No, the stocking isn’t going to offer you any support, but it didn’t mash my tits down either.  I think it all boils down to how tall and slender you are.  If you’re thinner than me, but also much taller than me, the stocking may not stretch upwards enough for you to not squish your breasts down.  However, it would still stretch upwards to fit you most likely.

Really, this body stocking is labeld as “One Size Fits Most”, and I find it difficult to give out an exact size chart to help you choose whether or not to buy this.  I know that’s not very helpful, but if you’re within the 90-160 pound range, you usually fit into one size fits most items, and you like the look of this, I’d say go for it.  Different body proportions make it too difficult for me to sit and give exact measurements, but this is one very sturdy fun piece to wear. 

It’s also very warm!  This would be a fun piece to wear by the fire in the winter with your partner, or even cleaning or doing laundry or something around the house.  The heavy duty crochet will keep you warm, and the crotchless stocking will make sure your partner has easy access whenever they want.  This is not going to bust on you any time soon.  I’m giving it 5 heavy duty paws.

Crochet Body Stocking

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This item was purchased by me, and is a piece from my own collection.  No compensation was given in exchange for this review.

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