Clean Yourself UP!

The Beautiful Tie Masterofslavej Put Me In

Once again, this past Saturday Masterofslavej and jenpet came to visit!  Master and me were so excited and eager for their arrival.  The night before we had gone to see the new Pirate movie, and we knew this would mean rushing around a lot the next day since we have to vacuum a bunch because jenpet is allergic to kitties.  Not only that, but we hadn’t gone and done our groceries for the week.  The sort of things we do together sort of require food to be in the house.  No matter.  We made a plan to get up early (I hadn’t slept in about five days prior to this, anyway) and do some quick house cleaning, run Master to the doctor for his physical, and then still have time to run to the grocery store and buy some food before our guests showed up.  Should work out just fine, yes?

Actually, no it did not work out fine.  Though, it started out fine enough.  I crawled out of bed at maybe 5:30AM, we had gone to bed around 2AM the night before.  A combination of waiting for Jesus to show up during rapture, and my insomnia, I assure you.  I got out of bed much before Master and started showering, shaving, and cleaning up the house.  When he got up I had already gotten a banging start on the laundry and dishes.  I was thinking he’d be super proud of me, and he was!  Yay!

We ate breakfast, did some minor cleaning, and I put a couple things in the washing machine right as we were about to leave so it could run while we went out.  I had put my shoes on, and as we were leaving, Master decided he needed to make one more quick run back into the laundry room for something.  What, I do not remember.  I had my hands on the door knob with our shopping list in my paws when I heard an ungodly shriek behind me.  I panicked.  I ran back into the apartment and yelled:

“What’s wrong?!”

“There’s a flood in here!” Master informed me.

The Litterboxes Were Back With A Vengeance This Time!

Indeed there was.  It’s a damn good thing we caught it before we left, too.  There was about an inch and climbing of water on the ground.  I looked wide eyed at our tiny little three foot wide laundry room and I ran to grab as many towels (dammit, I just washed those!) as I could.  Master was already wet, so we just stayed in there to mop up the mess as best he could.  It became clear though that we didn’t have nearly as many towels as we needed to clean this up.  On top of that, we always sort the laundry as we put it in the laundry room and all my delicates were on the ground.  I was terrified they’d be ruined.  I had costumes from my chat room as well as from dressing up for Master for an entire week.  All sitting in dirty, wet water.  Ugh.

Master hopped out of the laundry room after it became apparent that there were not nearly enough towels and he called the front office, demanding emergency service.  They were not yet open.  *Head desk*  About fifteen minutes later, the office opened up, and about fifteen minutes after that C was over.  At this point, it was almost 11 AM, and Master’s doctor appointment was at 1:15.  We were hoping to have the groceries shopped for no later than noon so we could be back in time for last minute cleaning on the house before Masterofslavej and jenpet arrived.  No such luck.

C agreed that we could leave him alone in the house for what we thought was going to be about thirty minutes to go to the farmer’s market.  Either we got to the market too late, or the website was wrong and it wasn’t up yet.  Boo.  We wound up taking a detour and going to Sprouts.  We got mostly of what we figured we’d need for the weekend, and just decided that if we had to grocery shop on Sunday (we usually try not to go ANYWHERE on Sunday) then that’s what we would have to do.  Unfortunately, we wound up leaving C for about an hour, and when we got back he was already done.  He had even managed to fix the washing machine.  Perfect.  Unfortunately, now we had a nice big wet mess and no towels.  I set a towel load to start washing and we chatted with C for a bit.

After a short while, C left and we booked it to Home Depot.  One of the lightbulbs on my big light broke and we needed a new one.  After that, we ran to the doctor’s office.  I’m happy to report that the Dr. says Master is going very well.  His blood sugar is up .1, but for someone who had an injured back and is just now getting back to his cardiovascular routine even the doctor agreed that was pretty good.  All of his blood tests results were decent, with exception of the ones relating directly to exercise, which he had been unable to do.  We’re confident it’ll go down when he goes back in six months.

A View Of The tie From The Back. Pretty, No? 🙂

We got out of the doctor’s office at about 2PM, and figured there was still time to run our errands and that if Masterofslavej and jenpet called we could always turn around.  Well, unfortunately we didn’t wind up getting to the apartment again until after 4:30PM.  We were expecting them between four and five, so we were worried that any second they would call and we wouldn’t have time to get the house put together.  Also unfortunate, was the fact that their car was having trouble so we didn’t see them until closer to six.

I’m not too ashamed to admit that I had been looking out the window to the Kitty Cave when I saw them pull up.  I’m also not too ashamed to admit that I jumped up and yelled:

“Master!  MASTER!  They’re HERE!!!”  Before running into the front room.  Taking a deep breath, saying “Ok.  Be cool.” And then crawling out onto the porch to watch them walk up the walkway and pretend that I wasn’t excited.

I started mewing when I saw them get close and greeted them eagerly at the door when they arrived.  Hugs and kisses were shared, and they gave us roses for our birthdays!  They are still alive as I type this, and very pretty.  They’re white with pink.  See?

Flowers! <3

I was just about to cut the ends off and put them in a pitcher,  (Hey, we don’t own a vase, OK? Lol!), when Master took them out of my hands to do it himself.  (He gets like that sometimes.)  He noticed that there was ONE stem with thorns on it, and he dragged it across my skin in several places.  My arm bled a tiny bit, and he felt bad because he hadn’t intended to make me bleed when we had guests over.  The good news is it was quite minimal and in an easy to avoid place.  Plus, it scabbed up fast.  (As I type this, I still have a couple of slashes from the thorn).

With the roses away, we all went out onto the porch to wait for the grill to cook our food.  I was very, very hungry at that point, and I know Master was too.  We had bought chicken, burgers, hot dogs, chicken dogs, and tofu pups.  There was plenty of food.  We hung around chatting and smoking (well, everyone else smoked, but jenpet let me use her cool electronic cigarette thingie!) the Masters having cigars and blowing the smoke everywhere.  It was fun and hot.  jenpet and me sat and kneeled on the ground waiting for our food or a chance to serve our Masters.  I got to do lots of “shuttling” from the kitchen to the porch.

After we all had eaten we sojourned to the front room, where the magic happens.  Things got fuzzy from here, mainly because we took far more video than pictures this time, and I still have not gone through all the videos we took.  Bad monkey, I know.  We did so so many fun things.  I know we started out with our own Masters.  I don’t know what Masterofslavej and jenpet did initially, but I scurried around the house following Master on my hands and knees for a bit.  He went into the Kitty Cave and my nipples wound up clamped. He told me to follow him into the front room, and I did.  Things got (admittedly) a bit silly around this time, at least for me.

Master and me. <3

 Having not slept in several days, I was a complete and utter fruit loop.  I laughed and made far too many jokes.  As if I wasn’t fruity enough, I had a hard time wanting to obey.  I kept nibbling Master in places and biting him too.  (There’s a difference in the amount of teeth you use).  I mewed and figured out where Masterofslavej and jenpet’s “spots” were too.  jenpet told me about Masterofslavej’s and vice versa.  Ooh, and I outed Master’s spot to jenpet.  (For those of you wondering, if you lick Master’s hip bones he thrashes around like a wet fish and screams.  It’s quite fun to watch!).  Somehow I whinged enough for Master to not tell jenpet and Masterofslavej my biggest tickle spot.  Okay you guys.  If you’re reading this, having had enough sleep – it’s probably only fair I reciprocate.  Tickling the back of my knees makes me thrash around and kick like a freaking donkey.  P.S.  If you do this, and get kicked, you’ve been warned!

We switched up play mates, and I wound up with Masterofslavej and jenpet wound up with Master.  I am not 100% sure what jenpet and Master were doing, but it sounded hot.  Masterofslavej and me did a couple things, and I’m not sure which came first.  (Chicken or the egg sort of deal, I’m sure).  I know that he tied me into the gorgeous tie you’ll see in several of the pictures in this post.  It was fun to wear, and felt really neat on.  Not restricting at all, (unless I wanted to bend forward), but very pretty.  We went into the Kitty Cave and got some shots of me in the rope.  It was fun.  I enjoy posting for the camera, and for Masterofslavej.

We got back, and I was untied.  (Awww! :).  Masterofslavej had me lean against him in his lap and he rubbed my clit while covering my mouth and nose periodically.  It was incredibly hot.  The first time I thought I was about to cum, for some reason I couldn’t.  Masterofslavej told me that sometimes when your air is shut off it sort of “steals” the orgasm away from you.  We tried again, and it took me a couple minutes to work back up to my orgasm but when I finally came I came incredibly hard.  It was so erotic.  I didn’t take a breath through most of my orgasm, but had some air towards the end.  I laid in his lap for a few minutes and just breathed heavily before exclaiming:

“Shit!  Who taught you THAT trick?!”

Masterofslavej laughed and beamed.  It was really cool.

Birthday Spankings In My Birthday Suit! 🙂

More hotness ensured shortly thereafter.  Masterofslavej had jenpet give him a blowjob, and while she was blowing him I was to snog Masterofslavej.  It was so very hot, and reminded me of a session with Master, Me, and jenpet a couple months ago where I was fucking Master while jenpet snogged Master.  So erotic and amazing.  Well, we couldn’t keep things the exact same as last time, so I climbed on Masterofslavej’s lap and leaned far forward so I was more or less sitting on his stomach.  jenpet continued her blowjob while I kissed and made out with Masterofslavej.  It was so so hot.  I left a big damp spot on his shirt, too.  After he came, I climbed off of Masterofslavej’s lap and he told jenpet she had to keep his cum in her mouth and not swallow until told.  Of course she obeyed.

I could be wrong, but I think it was shortly after that that we went to the pool/hot tub.  We got there and started out first in the hot tub and moved back and fourth from the pool and hot tub.  At one point we were in the hot tub, and Master was kissing jenpet, and I was kissing Masterofslavej.  It was very late at night and we hadn’t expected anyone else to come down.  Someone else DID show up though, and I stopped kissing Masterofslavej briefly and whispered in his ear:

“Son of a bitch.”  And laughed.

Another View Of The Tie Masterofslavej Put Me In

He looked a bit uneasy at the prospect of kissing in front of some random chick who just showed up (or perhaps I read him wrong in the moonlight!) so I sat next to him and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.  I noticed that Master and jenpet had stopped kissing as well and we all were sort of just chatting with this mysterious stranger.  After a couple minutes, I sort of forgot my place and swam over to Master and started kissing him.  (I have no qualms with kissing in front of others, even in daylight.  It’s groping and more than makes me uneasy).  It’s funny but at the time I didn’t think anything of it.  Master pointed out to me later that the poor woman at the tub must have been so confused.  She didn’t know us, and when she initially saw me kissing Masterofslavej, she probably thought we were a couple.  Then, when I swam to kiss Master she probably thought:

“What the shit is going on here?!”

All Tied Up With Nowhere To Go

I don’t think couples in general share as well as me, Master, jenpet and her Masterofslavej. 🙂  I should have planted a wet one on jenpet too, just to confuse her further.  I wasn’t even thinking about confusing her though.  It’s just what happened, and in retrospect I’ll probably be a bit more careful in the future.  (Thank you, Captain Hindsight!).

After a bit we went back to the house for fourth meal.  I was getting hungry again, and Master made everyone some more food while we all sat and smoked on the porch again.  I’ve never seen Master smoke cigars before, but I have to say, it was fucking hot.  I think with my next allowance, I’ll buy him some more cigars!  I took a bunch of pics of him and Masterofslavej smoking, but only a few turned out decently.

After that, I believe it was time for jenpet to experience airborne snu snu!  She climbed up into the swing (with the help of all of us, hey!  It’s harder getting situated in there than you’d think!)  I put my strap-on on, and after waiting a painfully long time to fuck her (each of our Masters was busy getting their own cam set up) I was finally allowed to penetrate her.  Andrew slid right in (with copious amounts of lube.  Actually, I may have added too much.  Whoops!) and it didn’t take long for me to figure out that we’d need to put the swing up a bit higher so I could reach better.  After we put the swing a tad bit higher, I was allowed to fuck jenpet with Andrew.  I pounded into her until she came hard around my cock.  Ooh how I wish that was a real cock so I could feel her cunt contracting!  (I think the silicone absorbs the contractions too well).  Ah well, I’ll save that for the genetic males, I suppose.  I’ve no choice anyway.

My New Favorite Picture Of Master. I Took It Myself. 🙂

Aside from having a lot of fun fucking her, I learned a valuable lesson.  I’d never fucked anyone in the swing, so I had no idea how difficult it could be.  Not from a “the other person makes this hard” perspective, but more from a “this is an awkward position to hold your body in, and it’s killer on the abs” perspective.  My abs were killing me when I was done (in a good way!) and I completely understand now if Master gets to the point where he’s too tired to use the swing one day.  It hasn’t happened yet, but Hell it could.  Master being a big, muscly guy though – I guess it’s a lot less likely than it is for me to have it happen.  Still, things you learn from the other side!

After I fucked jenpet, Masterofslavej got his turn.  They were having lots of fun (you could tell) and Master had given me a vibrator and a dildo to work myself over with while they did so.  So hot.  I was getting really close, and my vibrator died right before I came.  Boo.  Still, right as jenpet was begging to come, we heard three large bangs on the ceiling.  Whoops!  I guess we shouldn’t have been using the sex swing at 1:30AM while we had it attached to the spring.  Eek.  The vibrations go right through to the room above us, which is also a bedroom.  I don’t think any of us realized how late the hour was.  We had to stop (poor jenpet!) but we all moved down to the floor.  jenpet got fucked hard while I made out with Masterofslavej and Master went back and fourth between kissing jenpet and teasing her breasts.  Hot.

After everyone was done using jenpet as a cum dump, Master told me to get her a moist towellette.  I.  Could.  Not.  Resist.  I grabbed the towellette, and threw it down on her cum covered chest and said (in just the perfect tone that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to repeat again!):

“Clean yourself up.”

There was a very pregnant pause.  I was terrified that maybe I’d gone slightly too far, and shouldn’t have said that.  Then, everyone – jenpet, Master, Masterofslavej all started laughing.  I confessed that I’d always wanted to say that and had been saving that little gem for the right moment.  The phrase happened over and over again that visit after that.

When we were done with that, we went to the front room and relaxed for a while.  I rested under a blanket with jenpet and we snuggled up watching Invader Zim.  After a couple of episodes, we went back to the Kitty Cave to watch Masterofslavej put jenpet in a noose which he strung on our bondage rig.  It was pretty intense to watch, and I am not ashamed to admit that I wanted to try too (but I know it won’t happen, since Master will not allow it).  Still, you can’t deny the smiles on jenpet’s face, or the wetness my  cunt made.  Shortly after that we all went to sleep after watching more invader Zim.

Mew mew! Photo And Rigging By Masterofslavej

The next morning, I was awake but trying not to bother anyone.  I didn’t hear movement from the front room, so I wanted to be quiet.  What else would I do?  I decided to tweet.  I tweeted and formspringed a bit, and then Masterofslavej sent me a tweet saying that they were up AND playing in the front room, and I was welcome to join them!  Party on!  I crawled out to the front room with my catnip mouse and crawled next to jenpet on the air mattress.  I watched (a bit sleepily, it’d been nearly a week since I slept at that point), and snuggled my mousie.  About five or ten minutes later, Master woke up and came out as well. 

We all watched Masterofslavej spank and tease and play with jenpet for a little bit before he had me and her switch places so he could give me my belated birthday spankings.  I jokingly mentioned that I was turning 45 this year.  I don’t think he bought it, but he did laugh and say he liked that.  (More excuses to hit a gal are always better, not that one needs an excuse.)  I got twenty five nice, firm spanks that brought me to tears and one more for good luck.  Thank you Sir!  I feel lucky already. 🙂

Afterwards I was belted up again and he finger fucked me hard.  It felt soo good.  I loved every second of it.  Unfortunately, I soaked through to the air mattress.  Oops!  One of the downfalls of being a squirter, I s’pose.  We had to stop sooner than we would have because I got a bit under the weather.  But after I rested up a bit, we moved on and I got titfucked by Masterofslavej.  I’m sad to say, I didn’t make it through the tit fucking without getting a bit sick again.  I’m tallying it up to not having slept in so long.  Here’s hoping I can make it up with a vengeance next time.

Master and jenpet had cooked up a breakfast of toast, pancakes, juice, and scrambled eggs, and we all ate it nomily.  Yes, nomily is a word now. 🙂  Afterwards, I took a shower with Masterofslavej before putting some clothes on (I know, perish the thought!) and helping them pack up.  They left shortly thereafter and Master and me spent most of Sunday lounging and being a bit lazy.  Got to love Sundays.

One note that I felt was worthy of mentioning:  I always get people asking me about the “parties” we throw for Masterofslavej and jenpet.  I assure you, these are not parties.  We’re just having two very awesomely cool people over to enjoy what we enjoy alone.

Parties?  Oh no, dear readers.  But, you should SEE our parties.


12 thoughts on “Clean Yourself UP!

  1. Love then ending. 😀 They really should see our parties. LOL Of course we’ll need to make more friends around here to get up enough fun people one of our parties!

    The poor women at the hot tub was cool enough. Even if we confused her. Jenpet and I didn’t really stop making out in the hot tub while you two swam in the pool. So when you came back and made out with me she got confused for sure.

  2. Aww sounds like alot of fun! The poor women was proberly thinking more along the lines of ‘did I interupt something?’ lol or ‘are they drunk?’ But she talked to you guys and didn’t leave streight away so obviously she didn’t mind much 😉

  3. Great post kitty, I had forgotten some of the details from out time together that you had listed. I’m so very glad that we were all mostly 100% for this visit, it was so very much fun! Thank you again for hosting us and for the delightful dog toy that you gave to the puppy girl, we both love it and she even sleeps with it at night. So cute. <3 xoxo…

    1. @Masterofslavej I saw that little puppy toy and all I could think was “I HAVE to get this for jenpet.” Master made me beg to buy it with my allowance for her in the store we were in! Lol! I am so glad she sleeps with it at night. That really puts a smile on my face.

      I’m glad we were all well too. Sure, I hadn’t slept – but outside of being a little extra.. Fruity – I don’t think that really caused too much mayhem. 🙂

      Is it next time yet? =^.^= XoXoX

  4. Kitty, i have to finally comment. i think i’ve read this about 20 times, and smile, chuckle and have tingles every time.
    i *loved* “Clean yourself up,” and everything else that we all encountered together last weekend. It was all-around, a really fun, really amazing weekend. (i am excited for the next!)
    And because i’m not sure that i’ve really thanked you properly, thank you for the puppy bone. I love it, find it hugely entertaining and comforting.

  5. very very hot! Makes me wish we had another couple to play with. We’ve tried with a few couples but our personalities never seem to mesh right. Forever hopeful, though!

    Always have a hard time reading your blog during the summer – don’t want the kids to happen by and see the pics 🙁

    1. @Patricia_Lynn Thank you Sweetie! I hope you find a couple that works for you two. I think we got really lucky with jenpet and Masterofslavej.

      Totally understand about reading my blog in the summer. 🙁 That stinks though. I guess I’m not exactly “kid appropriate”. lol.

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