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Another toy to keep away from my devilish little Apple Pig?  Oh yes.  Yes indeed.  The Forbidden Fruit vibrator from the sex positive and woman friendly people over at Babeland is just too cool to behold.  If you’re looking for a discreet vibrator, it really does not get more discreet than this.

A Close Up Of The Forbidden Fruit

What you’re looking at here is a vibrator in the shape of an apple.  If you left this toy out in a fruit bowl, I doubt anyone would think anything of it at first glance.  In fact, just for fun, you might try doing that on purpose around some open minded friends and see if they pick up on it.  The toy is made from very smooth ABS plastic with a small seam that runs around the entire apple about a third of the way up from the top.  The seam is not noticed during masturbation or any other applications, although you can feel it with your hand if you drag your hand around the outside of the apple.

Box, Including The Charging Stand!

Because the Forbidden Fruit is made from ABS plastic, it is non-porous (Share it with a friend if you sterilize it well first!), and you can use any type of lubricant or massage oil that you like with it.  To clean it just use 10% bleach solution, soap and water, or a toy cleaner.  One thing to watch out for is the stem, you’ll have to be really careful not to put the toy under water since it is not waterproof.  What I do to be sure that no water gets in the apple is to turn the entire apple upside down and use a cloth dampened with soap and then water to clean the stem really well.  I feel like putting the toy upside down helps keep the water from seeping down into it.

It's Important To Always Have An Apple For Your Teacher

When the toy first arrives, you must charge it for eight hours.  Of course, having “shiny new toy syndrome” makes this hard, but you can do it.  I put it on the stand right before bed time, and took it off in the morning.  The coolest thing about the charging station is that it comes with adapters for those in the UK, Australia, or Europe.  I had fun looking at the strangely shaped  plugs!

If you live in one of those countries you may think to yourself that you have no need of the other plugs and want to just throw them away.  Don’t do it!  There’s another very cool feature to this Forbidden Fruit: it has a locking travel mode – so the toy will NOT turn on in a suitcase!  Once locked you will have to unlock it before it’ll turn on again, and that is no easy feat without hands.  If you love to travel, you can just put the apple in the traveling pouch that comes with it and you’re good to go.

Complete With Travel Bag

When you put the apple on the charging stand, the apple itself with blink red near the stem.  Once the light stops flashing, you’ll know that your apple is ready for some play!  Now, what are you going to do with this cute little thing?

I’ve tried masturbating with the apple, and I’m sad to say that the apple itself was not strong enough to bring me to an orgasm.  The apple feels pretty strong on its highest setting, but the vibrations are a bit too diffused to really bring me over.  You can put the apple between your legs during a spanking, and roll your legs back and fourth somewhat.  This feels so very good – but I just can’t come from it. 

Another thing Master and me have done is to have me squat somewhat on the apple while giving oral sex or while he plays with my breasts, again – while it feels amazing, it’s about one degree to low for me to bring myself off with.  Sometimes I put it between my legs while I’m watching TV and get extra turned on and juicy before we have sex.

I think that if I was able to put a dildo or vibrator in my cunt at the same time as I have the apple on my clit, that this might really work well, and the extra stimulation would be able to get me off.  However, due to the bulky size of the apple, this doesn’t work well at all.  The apple is just too big and makes it almost impossible to get another toy inside.

One thing the toy is wonderful for is massage!  Lube the toy up with your favorite massage oil, or apply the oil directly to the person – and off you go.  The round curves of the toy fit comfortably in the small of the back, roll this on the hamstrings or next to the neck.  It feels great!  There are multiple vibration settings and pulsation patterns, so have fun.

The Forbidden Fruit Vibrator does not excel (in my opinion) at clitoral stimulation, however, I love it for body massage and teasing.  The truth of the matter is that I’ve been unable to receive an orgasm from this vibe.  However, there is plenty of fun to be had with it if you use your imagination.  I’m giving it four paws:

Thanks so much, Babeland, for allowing me to review the Forbidden Fruit in exchange for an honest and fair review!

Forbidden Fruit

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  1. Nice review! Too bad the vibrations were just a bit too low, but it was great getting to read about this toy. I saw it in the “new” list and wondered what it would be like. Was there any particular angle you used to make it fit your body well?

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