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Sportsheets Brand Slapper

I saw this cute little slapper at EdenFantasys, and for some reason it called out to me.  It’s not the fanciest of slappers, but the leather looked really thick and heavy duty in the online pictures.  We have something similar to this already, but with a split down the middle.  I thought these might be similar in impact, but they were very, very different.

The strikes that the leather slapper makes are very “whippy” and barely hurt at all.  Even when you strike with some force behind the blows this can’t raise welts or blood dots.  My skin is very sensitive to impact play, and I seem to mark pretty easily.  Not so with this little device.  Master could hit me with it again and again and I never felt like I was getting the satisfaction I get from other similar devices.  While this implement has a bit of a sting, it really doesn’t penetrate at all, and gives very superficial pain.  The moment this impacts the skin you get a small sting, and some mild skin pinkening (which will vary widely on your skin and how sturdy or fragile it is), but nothing beyond that.

This is definitely not the sort of thing that an advanced user or masochist will be interested in, however, a beginner would find much to enjoy.  For one, the thickness of the leather makes the toy look far scarier than its bite.  This would be a great addition to a scene in which the bottom would like to be scared, but when it comes down to it, they don’t want to take a lot of pain.

A View Of The Leather Strips Themselves. You Can See They Are Quite Thick. If You Put Them Together, They Measure A Total Of A Quarter Inch.

The slapper itself is 10″ long, with about seven inches of “impact space” before you hit the handle part of the toy.  The top of the toy has eight grommits in it which all have the Sportsheets brand “S” etched in.  Unfortunately, I don’t think you can really tell from my pictures, but trust me, they are there. 

There is a big D-Ring on top which is about 1.75″ wide and 1.5″ tall.  This is wonderful if you’d like to hang this on the wall, but outside of that probably will not see much use.  There’s a small nylon strap that goes through the D-ring.  You can slide your hand through this and use it as a sort of “Wii-mote” strap to prevent the slapper from being thrown out of your hand during slap-happy sessions.  I have small hands, and find that my hand fits around the slapper comfortably.  Master has large hands and has no complaints about gripping the slapper either.

If you should get any fluids on this, don’t share it with others.  While it’s not likely you’ll draw blood or lymph using this toy, if you should use a hand (which in my opinion is much more strict than this slapper) and draw lymph to the surface or abraid skin, and then switch to this implement you’ll want to keep this for that partner only.  Leather cannot be 100% sterilized.  In order to keep the slapper looking nice you could use a leather cleaner on the polished outside strips.  Should anything get on your slapper, just use a very damp cloth to wipe away any mess.

Overall, this isn’t a bad product, but definitely one with the beginner in mind.  I highly doubt Master and me will use it again, unless someone happens to visit who does not like pain, but likes the idea of being hit with an implement.  I’m giving it 3 paws:

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This genuine leather slapper is addorned with metal rivots and metal D-ring.

Thank you very much, EdenFantasys, for allowing me the opportunity to test out this slapper in exchange for an honest and fair review!

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