Simple, Yet Effective

I recently purchased (AFF) this gag because I thought it would be a great inexpensive gag to use in my chat room.  It looked as though it was easy to get on and off, and while I figured this wouldn’t be the best for our usual play – I also figured it would be absolutely fine for basically a quick on/off type of item for online entertainment.

As You Can See, This Has Such A Classic Look On

I was unsure if the diameter of the ball would be large enough to suit my needs.  I honestly did not even check the diameter as I was just wanting something for video chat.  Most ball gags are too small for me since I’ve got the biggest jaw ever in the history of the world.  True story.  This gag has a diameter of 2 1/4″ though and once I opened up the packaging I was completely shocked at how large this was.  Awesome.  I put it in my mouth, and while it doesn’t stretch my jaw as much as some other gags, I love this nonetheless.  It is quite mouth-filling as you can see from my picture and very sturdy.  I highly doubt you’ll be able to bite through this one.

Unfortunately, the string which you use to cinch this to your neck is a bit on the short side.  If I slide the cinch all the way to the end of the strings, I can get this over my head.  Once you take the cinch off though it’s a bit difficult to thread yourself with the ball in your mouth.  If you have a large head and/or are playing solo – beware!  I honestly just took the little plastic cinch off of this. 

I find it far easier to just tie the ball gag around my head than it is to work that little piece of plastic.  One thing this gag could have definitely benefited from would be a longer string.  The total length of the string is 24″, so unless your head is less than a circumference of 20″, this may be too small.  The string is also very stuck in the ball, so unfortunately there is no chance of replacing it.  Bummer.

The gag is constructed simply.  There’s a rubber ball with a leather thong threaded through it.  There are two leather circles which are glued down on either side of the ball.  I don’t know what the purpose of these might be other than the fact that they look cool.  The cinch is attached to the end of the strings like you see in the pic below, but it is very easily removed and is not glued or attached in any permanent sort of way.

When you have the ball in your mouth – there is a definite taste.  The ball has a strong sour flavor, and I think this will deter many people.  However, it doesn’t bother me overmuch because I kind of like it.  The ball smells about the same as it tastes.  If you’ve ever had a nerf ball right under your nose, you’ll probably know the smell I am talking about.  The sides of the leather thong that are strung through the ball are not particularly sharp, however, they cut into the corners of my mouth if I wear this for a long time.  This is especially bad if I am having things done to me that I have a difficult time sitting still for.  For me, this is a turn on.  For you?  It may or may not be.  Consider this carefully before deciding if you want this.

Cleaning the ball is relatively easy, you can just wash it with a toy cleaner or mild soap and water.  Bear in mind though that rubber is porous, so it’ll never get 100% clean.  Share this only with people you’re comfortable kissing and or fluid bonded with.  If the corners of your mouth get cut on the leather thong at any point it is absolutely NOT recommended that you share this with anyone.

A few weeks after I purchased the pink gag you see in my pictures, they announced that a black version will be available soon.  I was a bit disappointed as I would have loved a black one.  The good news is that for under $12, I can get a second one with no problem.  If you’re a beginner with a small head, but large jaw trying to decide if this is the right toy for you – then the inexpensive cost of this item may be worth it for you.  Carefully consider the pros and cons of this one (smell, taste, leather thong) because they will vary for each user.  For me, I’m not bothered much by the toy’s smell, taste, or the fact that the thong can cut me. I’m giving it four paws:

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Paint free ball gag made from rubber with sturdy leather adjustable strap and easy release cinch.

This item is a part of my personal collection, purchased by myself, and was NOT provided in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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