Tassle Fun!

Twirling My Pasties!

Sorry MyPleasure, but this time it’s really MY pleasure.  Recently, the cool folks at MyPleasure sent me these very sexy Hot Pink Nipple Pasties  to test out.  They are very shimmery, covered in dark pink sequins.  They also sent me a link to a video to learn to twirl your nipple pasties.  It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be, so I’ll teach you too!

Double Sided Sticky Tape On The Inside Of The Pasties

The first thing you’ll want to do is to line the inside of the pasties with double sided sticky tape.  You can get this in most craft or hardware stores.  Put your nipples inside the pasties and stick them on really well.  Hold the pasty firmly against your breasts for a couple of seconds.  Then, bounce from your knees.  Keep your face looking straight ahead and put one or both arms above your head to vary which way your tassels twirl.  It’s really easy!

My breasts are a D cup, and I find that it gets to be a bit uncomfortable doing this for two long.  I can go for a minute or two before I need a few seconds to take a break.  I usually jog with a sports bra, if you don’t like the feeling of your breasts bouncing (as when you do jumping jacks or run) you may not want to twirl for very long.  It would likely be more comfortable for someone with smaller breasts to twirl their pasties for longer periods of time.

What effect does my twirling my tassels have on Master?  Well, Master is definitely a “boob guy”.  It totally mesmerizes him for a couple of minutes before he gives up and grabs me to him. 

These pasties are like boobie crack for Masters.

When you are done with your twirling, the tape will come off pretty easily by just peeling it up from the corners.  Sometimes a small amount of the black lining from the inside of the pasty will come up.  This hasn’t affected the pasties in a poor way yet, and I’ve had no problems reusing these again and again.

Close Up

As you can see in my close up shot, these are beautifully made.  I am sorry to say that my camera doesn’t quite pick up the shade of pink these are.  They are a much darker and vibrant pink, like a deep magenta.  They are gorgeous, and they shine very distractingly!  From Baci, the makers of fine lingerie, I highly recommend these pasties and am giving them 5 shiny (and twirly) paws!

Thank you so much, MyPleasure, for allowing me the opportunity to try these pasties out in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Bonus:  For a six second video of me twirling my pasties for you, go HERE.  Please be advised that while my nipples are covered, it is unlikely that this is safe for work.

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