A short while back, I did a review of the Go Girl, an STP device which I had been wanting to try out for a while.  I still think the Go Girl is pretty nifty, and I’ll probably keep it in the car for emergencies, but I was recently sent the P-Style, and to be honest with you all, I much prefer it.  While the Go Girl is far more discreet, small, and portable, the P-Style has a lot more going for it.
Here’s a view of the P-Style.  The one I got was clear, but they come in many colors, let Babeland choose for you.  They are not too big, and not too small, at 7 1/4″ long, and about 1.5″ wide.  It comes in a simple plastic bag which talks briefly about materials and how to use as well as care of the device.  The P-Style is made from ABS plastic, is easy to use, and should last you a good long time if you take proper care of it.

What exactly is a Stand To Pee (STP) device?  It is a device used by anyone who would like to pee standing up, but can’t for one reason or another.  Perhaps you are a female to male transgendered person, or maybe you’re a girl who just doesn’t want to have to squat when you’re camping or have to sit or hover on a toilet or port-o-potty out in public.  That’s where your friendly STP device will come in handy.

While you probably won’t want to just stick this in your pocket (it is rigid and will not fold or fit in most pockets comfortably) you could do it.  If you have cargo pants you may be able to fit this in a pocket.  Be sure to bring a plastic baggie to put this in after use if you can’t get to a bathroom to scrub it.  I recommend rinsing this very well at the very least before putting this in a bag of any kind.  Then, you can store it in the bag and bring it home for a good thorough cleansing.
What I absolutely love about the P-Style is that I have never, never missed while using it.  Unlike the Go Girl, there is no learning curve, there is no way for you to screw this up.  All you are going to do is spread your legs slightly, push aside your underwear (no need to remove your pants, panties, or shorts) and let go.  If you are comfortable doing so, you can use the back of the P-Style as toilet paper.  I didn’t feel clean enough, personally, so I just bring some tissues with me when I leave the house.  If it works out for you though (try it once or twice at home first before you try it in public) you’ll just need this little plastic device.
Mark a tree, write your name in the snow, or just go hiking without worry of finding a bathroom or a bush to squat behind.  Admittedly, I sometimes don’t bring water with me on long hikes because I don’t want to have to squat behind a bush.  Now, I can drink whatever I want and hike comfortably for as long as I have energy.
To clean your P-Style, I recommend an antibacterial toy cleaner.  Spray the cleaner on, leave it there for two full minutes so it can kill anything on your p-style, and then use plenty of soap and water to be sure the cleaner residue is completely off your STP device.  Since the device is made from ABS plastic it is NOT porus, so if you wanted to share this (after completely disinfecting) feel free.
Thank you P-Style, and thank YOU Babeland!  5 comfortable paws:
Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out the P-Style in exchange for an honest and fair review.

21 thoughts on “P-Stylin’

    1. @Lada If you’re bad at aiming, I highly recommend this one as opposed to the Go Girl. The Go Girl would probably be too difficult, (I still occasionally piss myself when I use it, but not too often) but this one doesn’t need practise, training, or anything. It just does what it says it will do. 🙂

      When I went from MA to CO, I bought some P-Mates. The only thing that sucks about those is that they are paper, which means you use it once and then throw it away. I like how this one is about the same cost as the P Mates, but it lasts until forever.

      1. Hi, putting this here in case it helps someone else.
        I did get one of these and have read your post and the directions.
        What do you do with your labia? I expected a learning curve but that’s the part I’m having the most trouble with. Do I put the pStyle between my labia or on top of them?
        I did a lot of reading and the pStyle (or similar) is supposed to be good for people with female bits who have disabilities so I made the plunge.

        1. @Lada Oh, I am so sorry! I hadn’t even really thought about labia, because my bits are more of an “innie” and I don’t really have any inner labia to contend with. 🙁 I hope someone sees your comment and has better answer than me, because I’m not sure. 🙁

    1. @Livi Nah, you’re not a freak. Know what’s weird? I can’t pee with one of these unless I *lean* on something. Weird, eh? I’m so used to sitting, I can’t figure out how to relax my bladder enough if I am standing unless I lean. lol. Weird kitteh.

  1. I want one so bad now! I can sometimes pee standing up without any help, but i need to remove all bottoms. This would be so good for hiking @_@~ thanks for the review!!

    1. @Angelica Yes, it is phenominal for hiking, I keep it in my purse in a plastic baggie when I go out and try to rinse it in the sink if no one is there, or else I rinse it with a bottle of water, before leaving the bathroom stall. I love mine! 🙂

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