Samantha Wumbles

We got word on Samantha’s condition the other day, unfortunately it isn’t her thyroid. It’s her kidneys.

The good news is that we caught this very, very early. Samantha is twenty years old, and to give you some perspective, the vet says that once a cat gets to be fifteen, it’s basically a question of when, not if, the kidneys will start to fail. Samantha waited five years after that for her kidneys to start failing, and the vet believes that this is very minor and as long as we take proper care of her, she has plenty more life in her. The best news of all is that none of her other bodily systems have been affected according to her blood work, which means that she’s definitely just in the beginning stages.

Unfortunately, taking care of her is going to be very expensive. Don’t get me wrong, we’re definitely going to do everything in our power to keep her alive. I will personally go without food before I see my kitty suffer, and I don’t think it’ll come to that either. I guess I just had sticker shock really. The blood work was a cool $300, her initial vet visit with IV was $100, and yesterday we brought her in so that they could teach us how to give Samantha an IV ourselves at home. It costed us $65 for the lesson, one bag of IV fluid, and ten needles for the IV.

Poor Samantha, we’re going to have to do this to her every other day for the rest of her life. Of course she doesn’t like it when we do it, but she’s a good cat and stays mostly still (a small bit of squirming, but honestly, if you had someone stick a huge needle in you and you didn’t understand why, I think you’d squirm a little bit too).

She needs special cat food now with high quality protein in it because protein is hard for her kidneys to process. She doesn’t seem to like the new food though. Ugh.

Master is worried sick because he had a kitty once with acute kidney failure who needed an IV all the time (24/7) and she died in a matter of days. I’ve tried to comfort him and remind him that the vet is very optimistic about Samantha and that Samantha only needs about a ten or fifteen minute IVs every two or three days. He said she could live for years and be fine, but just need this special food and an IV now and then.

Honestly? Samantha is my baby and I am so so pleased. I’m grateful that whatever is wrong with her is treatable, and that the vet doesn’t think this is an immediate death sentence. πŸ™‚ She’s going to be OK, and if that means giving her an IV every now and then, I’m OK with that.

We absolutely are not asking for donations for Samantha, we’re managing. However, if you’re planning to make a purchase from one of our sponsors anyway, we would definitely appreciate it if you’d click one of our links or banners first, that would help us greatly. Otherwise the only thing us and Samantha need are good thoughts and well wishes! Mew mew.

2 thoughts on “Samantha Wumbles

  1. Such a lucky kitty to have such a good Mummy and Daddy πŸ™‚ hehe I refer to our kitties as our kids. People think I am crazy when I say ‘my babies’ but hey they are my babies ^^ I hope Samantha lives for many more years to come. If you need any advice ask me or if I do not know I can ask my Master. His Dad used to rescue kitties and bring them to live on their farm. I know a little about cat nutrition as you know with Stella. Glad everything is looking a bit better. Good luck Samantha!

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