Suntouched Candle

You guys already know by now that I’m a bit of a hippie, and while I’m no longer vegan, I still strive to use only products which are, whenever possible.  The Suntouched Skinny Dip Candle by Earthly Body is just that.  It comes in a cute hand-sized tin and has very simple ingredients, all vegan.

The ingredients are as follows: Soybean, coconut, cannabis, apricot, jojoba, and avocado oils, and vitamin E.  All simple to pronounce (with the exception of jojoba, which Master Pravus always gets wrong and pronounces “Joe-joe-bah” haha).  And it smells heavenly.

The scent itself is very soft and a bit difficult to describe.  It reminds me of the scent of beach sand and also a mixture of flowers.  Think “Bouquet at the beach”.  If you’re not partial to beach scents or floral scents, you may not like this.

There are directions on the bottom of the candle which tell you to trim the wick to one quarter of an inch.  We did this, and the candle burned fine.  The bottom of the candle also tells you to burn the candle until the pool of wax reaches the edge of the tin.  The first time we had intentions of doing this, we lit the candle, and started with our usual play.  About an hour later we went back to check on the candle, and unfortunately it still hadn’t burned to the edge of the container.  We finished up playing together and decided to just let the candle burn until it was bedtime to see just how long it would take.  Another three hours slipped by, and the candle had yet to melt to the edges of the little metal tin.

We decided to blow it out and wait for the weekend.  The weekend arrived, and I lit the candle first thing when I got up.  Unfortunately, even burning all day long the candle still had not burned to the edges of the tin.  We decided to use it anyway.  I dipped my fingers into the tin and got just the smallest amount of oil on my fingers.  It was silky and felt wonderful.  The oil itself was very smooth, and reminded me of silicone lubricant.  I never felt sticky but I did feel a tiny bit greasy even after rubbing this into my thigh.  The good news?  I smelled amazing.

We did not use this candle for wax play purposes, and I think it would be a bit expensive for that.  The tin recommends using this candle as a daily moisturizer, but again, it’s a bit of an expensive candle for me to want to commit to that either.  However, I think this is a wonderful little candle to have out to brighten the scents in a room, or to provide ambience and a good massage.

One word of caution: we had a couple of very hot days here recently, and the unburned portion of my candle got a bit melted.  If you use your air conditioning a lot, you probably won’t have a problem.  If you either don’t have air conditioning or if you don’t use it much you may want to put your candle in the refrigerator during the hot summer months when you’re not using it.  I will say though that upon re-burning, the candle looks just fine in the tin again.  So, the melting didn’t affect it too badly.

On the whole, I really enjoy this candle, and I especially love that it is vegan.  It does leave you a bit greasy though in addition to not melting to the edges of the tin, so I’m going to give this candle four paws.Thank you so much, Fascinations, for allowing me to try out this wonderful smelling candle in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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