On Tip Toe

First of all, apologies for the darkness of the two pictures in this post.  We weren’t actually planning on taking pictures but I reached another milestone in my ballet boots, so we took a couple last minute pics to mark the occasion.

It was Sunday afternoon, and Master Pravus and me were hot as Hell.  We were relaxing on the porch, Master Pravus was playing Fallout: New Vegas, and I was just playing some Neopets on my little laptop and giving Master plenty of upskirt fan service.  (As it turns out, unbeknownst to me, he was seeing an upskirt reflection of my panties through the TV he was playing New Vegas on.  Ha!)

Master Pravus paused his game, and asked me if I’d like to do some ballet boot training.  I’ll admit it – in eighty five degree weather, that was the last thing I really wanted to do.  I agreed though, and went into the dungeon to get my boots and some (xxx) socks on.  It’s no secret that Master Pravus has been daydreaming about me being good enough in my boots that he can tie me to our bondage rig standing only in them and have his way with me.  Well, I think we might be there!

I put my socks on, and we cut a regular foam stress ball in half.  I’d read somewhere online that this can help you if your toes don’t quite reach the bottom of the shoe.  (Sorry!  I don’t remember where I saw this!  It does work though!).  For some reason, we wound up having to cut one of the foam inserts a little smaller than the other.  Strange.

I tried to put my shoe on and could NOT for the life of me get it on.  I put my foot back in, took it out, put it in.  What was the matter?  Then, I figured out that I was trying to put my shoe on the wrong foot.  Moral of the story?  If you’re graceless, ballet boots will not help you. laughs

Once I got the right boots on the right foot, I put my legs up on the massage table so that Master Pravus could (xxx) lace them up for me.  Master Pravus loves lacing things up for me.  (It’s part of one of his kinks where he likes to pretend I’m a little dollie and he can dress me however he wants to.  Of course, he can anyway.  But, I’m not much of a doll!)  Aside from the fact that Master Pravus enjoys lacing them up for me, I truly have a difficult time getting them tight enough.  They aren’t hard to lace, but you do need a bit more hand strength than I have.

Once my boots were laced up and ready to go, I admit I got a bit nervous.  We haven’t really practiced since Master Pravus hurt his back a couple of months ago, because he needed a lot of time to heal.  Still, I jumped right up off of the massage table with very little issue and only had to very lighty hold on to Master Pravus for support.  Feeling feisty (and with an extra boost of confidence!), I asked Master Pravus if he’d help me walk a couple of steps.  Of course, he obliged.

As he began to walk backwards, I realized that he was moving slower than me!  I asked him why he was going so slow, and he said he had to because he was moving backwards!  I giggled!  I have outrun Master Pravus in my boots at last!  🙂

The best part was that, while we were walking around the house like this, I wasn’t holding onto Master Pravus that much at all!  I was just holding lightly onto his forearms.  Really, I was so proud of myself you just can’t understand.  We walked out of the dungeon, and then almost to the laundry room, and back to the massage table.  Once we got to the massage table, I collapsed in a bit of a heap for a couple minutes as my legs were starting to shake.  Good kitty!

After a few minutes I asked Master Pravus if he’d take a couple quick pictures.  I needed a picture of two to go with my soon to be blog update.

As it turns out, I didn’t have nearly as much trouble banging out a couple of poses as I thought I would.  Sure, I’m not walking on my own yet, but that will come in due time.  I’m so comfortable standing in these things now that I really think I could stand in them for at least a twenty to thirty minute beating (I can’t wear them for much longer than that yet, but we’re working on it!) so long as I had something to hold on to like the triangle bar on our sex swing.

Woo hoo!  Progress for the mother fucking win!

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7 thoughts on “On Tip Toe

  1. Ghods,

    so hot! Murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! love the second picture.

    I would love to be able to where some shoes like that, but with my anckles, i dont think i could.

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