Inner Vibe Erection Ring

Master Pravus and me already found our perfect cock ring a while back, but when the cool people over at MyPleasure included the Inner Vibe Ring with a recent order, we figured we may as well give it a whirl.

The ring comes in a blue shimmery looking pouch.  Nothing too discreet, and also nothing recyclable, which is unfortunate.  The pouch has a little notch in the top so that you can just tear the package open.  It is obvious that the ring is meant to be a one time use product.

The Inner Vibe Erection Ring is very cool looking as you can see from the photo!  It is completely see through, and mine has a very light bluish tinge to it.  The ring has a gummy sort of feel to it, and many fun textures to explore!  On the inside top there are a bit of ridges which are supposed to add a bit of texture for the wearer of the ring.  Master Pravus said he didn’t really notice them though. 

On the front of the ring there are a bunch of little squishy dots.  I really liked these because when Master Pravus was fucking me, they helped add a bit of padding to the hard bullet vibe so that my clit never felt like it was being hurt in a bad way.  The ring is firm, yet stretchy, so when it snaps back into shape it really holds its shape and also still feels snug.

The ring is reliably waterproof, and made with opulux material.  To be honest, I’ve never heard of opulux, and when I emailed the company to inquire about it, they said they’d email the maker of the ring and get back to me if they had any news.  They didn’t have any news, though.  Because of this, opulux is a bit of a mystery material to me, and I don’t know whether or not it is porous.  I’d recommend erring on the side of caution with this one and not sharing it with anyone who you’re not fluid bonded with.  I’ve used antibacterial toy cleaner on this, as well as soap and neither have damaged the material.  I would not recommend trying to boil or dishwash this though.

The material is dense, yet quishy and has a very, very light smell if you put it right under your nose.  It isn’t anything you’ll notice, and I found the smell to be pleasant as opposed to other factory-ish smells other toys can have.

The vibration of the ring is about a two out of five, five being the most powerful.  While not super powerful, I found that when Master Pravus positioned the ring so the bullet was over my clit it was more than enough to help bring me over.

Our ring has lasted through several uses, and I think the battery in the bullet vibe will die before the ring becomes unusable.  The battery is supposed to last for thirty minutes, but ours has definitely lasted longer.  One good thing to know is that the bullet vibe could always be replaced with something else if you have other bullets sitting around going unused.

Master Pravus and me were both really surprised with the quality of this ring.  Most cock rings which rely on a “stretchy” system wind up being too stretchy and tear easily or are too loose to make a tight seal once you put them on.  Not so with this ring.  It stretches quite a bit, but is still quite snug once you put it on.

If you’re looking for a vibrating cock ring, and maybe just want to test the waters before you spend the money on an expensive one, then I think this is a wonderful starter ring.  We both like this and we will likely continue to use it until the vibrations runs out at the very least.  5 Paws:

Thank you so much, MyPleasure, For allowing me to review this cock ring with bullet vibrator, in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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