We’re Moving!

Well, the actual process of packing and getting the ball going won’t happen for two more months, but we’re definitely moving when our lease is up, and possibly sooner if we can get out of our lease.  Basically, we’ve been living in a luxury complex somewhat near Denver, Colorado, and we’ve been becoming more and more unhappy with it as time goes by.  Sure, it’s a huge apartment (1200 square feet), and sure, it’s got a lot of cool things going on.  We have a washer and dryer, central air, huge bath tubs, a hot tub, gym, and a heated pool.  There’s also a lot of stuff we don’t use, like the movie theater, the tennis courts, the volley ball courts, the basketball courts, and more.

We were promised that problems would be dealt with within two business days of receiving the complaint. It was also important to us that we could make appointments since we have cats. I also work from home and can’t have people walking in on me!  For the first two times we had a problem they let us make appointments without a problem, and since then they have not.  They are never even here on the day they say they will be, and that the only amenities we use are always breaking down! To top it off, the heat system is absolute RUBBISH – and we’ve been thinking sort of vaguely of moving.

Don’t misunderstand me.  We don’t have “grass is greener” syndrome.  I’m sure wherever we move will have its own little set of problems as all places do.  We want to live in a place that the few amenities we use on a frequent basis are actually maintained.

We got word last month that the complex we’re living in has been sold to another company, and as we have no desire to be under the new company, we’re moving when our lease is up in four months.  Four months may sound like a long time, but for us it isn’t.  If you watched my recent YouTube video, you’ll know that we live sort of like “hobbits”.  We have never, ever had a smooth move and it’s mainly due to the packing side of things, though we have booked movers and had them not show up before!  Unpacking can take as long as it likes, but we always have a Hell of a time getting things packed and ready to go by any deadline we have.  And we’ve had as much as two months to pack in the past before, too.

Normally, we wouldn’t apartment hunt four months ahead, but since the new management company may be taking over at the end of next month (July) we may or may not be able to get our of our lease then.  If we can, we’re going to try to move out in August.  If not, we will be moving out for November first when our lease is up either way.

This past Saturday, we went to a whole bunch of other complexes, a bit further than we are from the city.  I’m not a city mouse, and Master Pravus likes the look of the other complexes too.  They all had the thing we care about the most:  a pool!  Some of them had hot tubs, and one or two of them even had wood burning fireplaces.  Awesome!  One more cool thing:  all of them were cheaper.

So that’s it.  We’re moving.  Whether it is at the end of August (two months!) or at the end of October (four months) isn’t decided yet.  But we’re not going to be here for too much longer.  We’re not going to pack or anything like that until we sign a new lease somewhere else.  But for now: we (w)horde boxes.  I’ll be glad when this is over.  I’m not a fan of the process of moving, but I do like the results.  And now, we wait and see when it’ll happen.

*     *     *     *     *

Last night, Master Pravus and me were laying in bed, snuggled up in each other’s arms.  I guess I was a bit panicky.

Me:  “But, what about my new dentist?  He doesn’t do weekend hours, and I just found one I trust!”

Master:  “It’s OK Kitty.  I can take a half day or something to drive you to see him.”

Me:  “But, what about all that packing and moving with your back and ankles not working so well?”

Master:  “It’s OK Kitty, we’ll just get movers.”

We laid there for a while, snuggling, and kissing.  Then Master Pravus told me:

“I’ll never leave you behind, Kitty.  You’re my kitty, and I’ll make sure to pack and bring you.  Don’t worry.”

I touched my collar a bit sadly and looked up at him.

“What if I get lost?”  I asked him.

“You won’t.  We’ll go to Pet Co, and have a special tag made to add to your collar just for moving day.  That way if someone picks you up they’ll know where to bring you.”

I purred.  It is so wonderful to belong.


8 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. aww good luck with moving and finding a better place! When we bought our unit we left our leese early. But they found someone within 2weeks of us telling them that we wanted to end our lease. Here in Australia you pay for the weeks left on your lease untill the renters find someone else to rent the home to. We have a housing shortage here so they had no proberlem finding someone. They found someone within 2 weeks (actually I think it might of been less). So I would search the internet or ask your management if you have a simalar rule.

    1. @MomoNoHanna We do have a similar rule, but we don’t think they’ll find anyone as quickly as we would like to move out of here, sadly. 🙁 This place is a smidge over priced for the area, so we’re going to just stick it out three more months.

  2. The story at the end is sweet and romantic. Awwww.

    Just an FYI. Uhaul has some pretty good moving boxes that they’ll deliver for free if you order enough of them. The really good thing is you can return the unused ones if you have your receipt. Also they have some neat tape and/or stickers for id’ing boxes by room using color and words.

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